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  1. Relichunter

    New Nokta Au Gold Finder?

    Nice looking unit, I do like the knobs better than the push button controls. I have tried some of these multi tone detectors and after a while I feel like I am playing slots at the casino. Just way to much noise blips, blurps, pings and just digital noise. Hopefully this unit will be available in the U.S. in the near future. Looks solid....just have to see how well it disc and pulls out the goods among the ferrous.
  2. That was great, you may have a shot in Hollywood....what happened to the gold?
  3. Relichunter

    Cheap VLF Detectors Do Find Gold...

    Hey Nenad, Yes I was very surprised how well the T-U max supressed the ferrous targets . I basically scanned pretty fast and wanted to cover as much ground as I could. I dug clear signals and eventually landed that 5.5 gram nugget. In all metal mode I got plenty of deeper targets and was very happy with the results. In the past I only used it for beach hunting once a while, it was a inexpensive spare detector. Californiagold, The tailings are old diggins from the 1800's, lots of square nails and tin cans....I hunt year round and wear snake guards all the time, Just this past summer I ran into three rattlers, they let me know they were in the area very fast.
  4. Relichunter

    Cheap VLF Detectors Do Find Gold...

    Good point Fred, I am going to hit some major tailing piles tomorrow and see how it goes. To be honest, most of my gold comes from piles such as that. Once a while you get lucky and find a patch...but as I see it, the old timers dug the material for us, sure they got most of the gold, but left us some too Steve, I do plan on buying one this year. I , like many others on this forum have been researching these new ones coming out in 2016. Hard to make a choice because I am sure we all want the best one that would perform the best in the trashy areas. But from what I have seen, they are all pretty similar. No easy way but to work those piles and dig all targets.
  5. Just an observation I had this week, I been working some tailings with my PI, well as some of you know it can get crazy with iron. My only alternative was to use my Tesoro Umax with stock coil and give it a go. So the next day I went and scanned some small piles and within 15 minutes got a nice signal. The sound came in clear as I scanned left and right. Within seconds I recovered a nice 5.54 gram nugget! So for those coming into nuggethunting...don't despair if you only have a cheap vlf as you can find gold with it. Just get out there and scan those piles and eventually you will find that little fella..
  6. Relichunter

    294.10 Ounce Nugget - Alaska's Largest

    Is that what 157,000 dollars looks like in one hand?
  7. Relichunter

    First Day Out This Butte Tifal Year

    CaliforniaGold, I am considering adding the Forsgold + to hunt some heavy ferrous trash sites. Would love to hear a little about the new Forsgold+ ability of picking out the non ferrous targets ( gold ) in iron infested areas. I have read Toms review on Dans site, but you seem to have the most experience with this machine in real world. Been hitting those California tailing piles but my PI just goes nutz....its come time for me to add a new vlf, what I have read so far seems like it in the top 10% but would love to hear your opinion.
  8. Relichunter

    Shovel Full Of Gold

    Great couple days work !!! You got one thing going for yourself , and that's that your in NZ and far away from all us claimjumpers.....lol.
  9. Relichunter

    Please Help- Got Poison Oak

    Poison oak sucks ....I have some to but its a mild rash. I figure its part of the job and the price we have to pay. But I also found those products don't help much so I don't use them. You may have a severe reaction best to go to the doc and get a shot. One thing I do before i go to sleep so i can sleep without the itch is take a hot shower. I sleep right thru the night, and than in morning same thing...for an itch free day. Also rub alcohol or vinegar so it dries out faster, typically a week and a half its gone. I know some of you may shreak to this idea, but seems to work for me. Good Luck !
  10. Hey folks, just throwing this out to some who maybe struggling with this topic of crystalline growth patterns and terms. I know many of you like myself enjoy the detecting gold. Over the years I am sure some of you have collected and added a number of nice specimens to your collection. My question is how do you determine what you have? If you look at some of the high end mineral dealers web sites and the high price they ask for some rare specimens, I believe its important for use "field collectors" of this mineral to educate ourselves in identification of crystalline forms and their potential value. The thought of anyone of us letting go a beautiful rare specimen for spot is not a pleasant one. So as it rains, snows and the weather keeps me indoors, I am studying this topic. I do have to admit, I feel like am in school all over again.... time for coffee! If any one has any thoughts, or good resources for the layman please add to our knowledge. Thanks and good hunting to you all this year.
  11. Relichunter

    The Z Is For Sale

    Bigfoot is real, don't joke about it.
  12. Relichunter

    Norm Tyers Big Nugget

    Yes thanks for sharing this video, I have seen it before a few years ago but always nice to watch it again.
  13. Relichunter

    The Z Is For Sale

    Yes different environments for sure...lots of trash and I think a PI/VLF hybrid is what would do well here. So most of our hunting is digging every piece of trash and clearing over many weeks, months and years. As long as their is ferrous theirs gold hidden. In one instance found 33 grams in 17 pieces below a square nail....
  14. Relichunter

    What Do You Think I Found?

    I wont participate in such savage mind teasing !!!! this has got to be worse than water boarding......ok I will guess......a gold pocket watch.