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  1. Reno Chris

    Emergency Jump Starter / Charging System

    I remember that..... Good Times!
  2. Reno Chris

    Visiting With Jim Straight

    Yah, I never knew Jim when he was really heavy. I think he is like 5'7" or 8" and one of the guys we chatted with said he was up over 300 lbs at one time. Its been a good long while since that was the case. Chris
  3. Reno Chris

    Okay Time Travelers Back To The Early70’s

    Fall '70 and early 1971, I would have been in grammar school, in the 6th grade........
  4. Reno Chris

    Visiting With Jim Straight

    Looking forward to it.
  5. I was at the GPAA gold show in southern California (Pomona) recently and had the pleasure of having Jim Straight sit in with me in the ICMJ booth for some hours on both days. It was fun, though at 88 Jim is slowing down just a little. Otherwise, he is doing fine. Jim was not the oldest prospector at the show, Pete Pederson was there and he is 90. I hope I can hang in that long! For those who dont know, Jim is one of the early day metal detecting prospectors, I think he got involved in the 1970s or something like that. He is well known for the books on prospecting that he has written. Some of the members of the forum might like to know that he is still up and at it.
  6. Reno Chris

    Cyanide Tailing Piles

    Part of this problem is that a lot of different things get called "tailings" by prospectors and some are worth detecting and others not. True tailings from a cyanide plant are crushed to be like fine beach sand, usually tan colored and will have no gold that can be found with a detector. Mine "tailings" such as broken rock that is the waste from the workings of an underground hard rock mine (normally dumped out near portals and shafts) are not crushed, they will have all sizes of rock from small sand to boulders. These can be very worthwhile, I've found some nice gold in them, it just depends on the mine and the type of gold they found. Some mines only produce very fine dust sized gold, while others can produce coarser, chunkier gold that is easily detected. Placer "tailings" are the materials that have been run through the sluice of a gravel mine. They may or may not have some nice gold depending on the type of sluice they ran and how much gold-quartz was in the gravel. I made my first trip to Montana this last fall.......
  7. Reno Chris

    GM 1000 Question

    I own and have used both the GM1000 and the MXT, and will tell you that the GM1000 is much more sensitive to smaller gold. That said, all the gold in your photo should be something that your MXT could have heard if the gold were shallow enough. There are various factors as to why you might not hear the gold with either detector. Some possible problems (but not a full listing of every possible issue). 1. The gold is down deep in crevices, too deep to be heard with a detector - small gold is detectable at shallow depths and you will not see this size of gold at the bottom of a 6 inch crevice; 2. You are not listening close enough to the sounds your detector makes and are ignoring signals - small nuggets do not boom out like a coin or other big target; 3. The bedrock is highly mineralized and is making a racket on your detector - you may need to turn down the gain to hear the nuggets over the noise.
  8. Reno Chris

    New BLM Lr2000

    Well. after much delay, I have finally gotten around to using the new LR 2000 portal or interface. The drop down menus stink and are amazingly slow - makes me fell like I am back in college using a 300 baud remote Teletype in the basement of the Mackey Mines building. You have to remember that the LR in LR 2000 means Legacy Rehost - a throw back to central computers and running programs on cards. It is the definition of kludge. I quickly figured out I could paste a line into the search box and bypass waiting for the drop downs, and this made a huge improvement. So I paste a good line of data in, then change the township and range as needed and run it. It then runs about the same as the other, but when running whole townships, gives all the claims without having to go an extra step of exporting it as a pdf. So in that way it is better. At least it is functional and you can get the data out.
  9. Reno Chris

    Equinox First Gold Nugget Photos

    JP - I assume you left that nugget right where it was because, well, its not a relic.
  10. I know we had a recent thread on this but I wanted to say I had two broken pairs of UR 30s and because of that other thread, I sent them in to Koss for repair. I got them back about two weeks later. I am very happy with the repaired and refurbished headphones, they are just like new. Some may think other types of headphones are better, but its very good to have spares as they do break sometimes. Broken headphones are not good for much, but these refurbished ones will make sure I always have a spare pair or two for a long time to come.
  11. Reno Chris

    2 Good Days In Gold Basin

    Hi Chris - good to see you are still out getting some gold.
  12. Hey I want to come by for a visit and a tour next time I am in Vegas. I will contact you and make arrangements in advance so the times are all arranged. I hadn't come by your old office in a long time because my old bullet proof vest doesn't fit anymore and I'm too cheap to get a new one...... Plus I got tired of being repeatedly carjacked. So I am looking forward to seeing your new place. I'm sure I will be suitably impressed.
  13. Reno Chris

    Gold Monster Training At Nuggetshooter Outing

    Debbie is very knowledgeable and I am sure that she will be able to answer any questions asked of her. She is also at the GPAA shows as well.
  14. Reno Chris

    New BLM Lr2000

    I'll try out the new system in the next couple days and post back here with my thoughts.
  15. Reno Chris

    The New Coils For The 2300

    What a lot of Aussie prospectors don't get is that conditions are wildly different in the USA. Steep slopes, rocky outcrops, uneven terrain and hunting among dense bushes, big rocks and boulders are the order of the day in many US locations. A lot of Aussie goldfields are almost as flat as a pancake - a big hill is 15 feet tall from base to peak. So, yup, based on my experience in WA, I'd use a 14 or bigger coil too if I hunted over there. But many guys here use coils that size only once in a while on certain occasions when conditions warrant it. The coil for the SDC is plenty large enough and I have no interest in anything larger. The coil for the GPZ is more than plenty large and I wish for a smaller GPZ coil. So what works fine in Australia may not be so great in the US.