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  1. phoenix

    Nugget Scoops - Do You Use One?

    Thats not a yes/no/rarely answer for me. Spoked coils I always use a scoop. I never use a scoop with the 7000 and 14" coil, I just push the dirt around on top of the coil till I locate the target. With the 2300 if its a nice loud signal I push the dirt around on the coil, if it`s a small target with the 2300, I use the scoop. Steve am I allowed to select all three answers? 🙂
  2. phoenix

    Small Nuggets Vs Big Nuggets

    Hey JW. Over the years I could have won a lot of money with this speci. Everybody that has ever seen it has informed me "of course I`m going to be able to hear that" and they are stunned when they can`t hear it. One of them even asked me was I sure it was gold 😯 I don`t think he even believed me when I showed him that the 2300 and the 7000 could hear it clearly 😯😯😯 And mate I laughed when I read your suggestion there was one sure way to see how much gold there is in it. . While it`s mine, that aint ever going to happen. 🙂 cheers Dave
  3. phoenix

    Small Nuggets Vs Big Nuggets

    I`ve got a speci I found maybe 30 yrs ago with a Whites GoldMaster that sg`s at 13 grams gold, I don`t believe there`s 13 grams in it but that`s what it sg`s at. Even though there is gold clearley visible, my GPX4000 cannot hear it, a gpx4500 cannot hear it and the GPX5000 can just barely hear it with a 8" Commander. None of the new flat wound coils on the 5000 can hear it. Both my 7000 and 2300 can hear it at 6 or 7 inches. I expect JW will be able to hear your nugget no worries with his 7000. cheers Dave
  4. phoenix

    Small Nuggets Vs Big Nuggets

    This is my understanding of why one detector will get bigger deeper gold over another. A detector transmits a signal into the ground and then switches to receive the signal coming back to the detector. Think of a opening and closing gate. The longer the gate is open the further into the ground the signal will travel before the detector switches over to receive the signal. With the likes of the sdc2300 the gate opens and closes very quickly, doesn`t travel into the ground very far, so with the high frequency switching, it will find way more small gold than most other PI`s. The slower switching detectors, the signal goes way deeper into the ground where there might be a bigger deeper bit. I hope I`ve got that right. Please correct me if I am wrong. Dave
  5. That`s a terrific collection you`ve got there JW, well done 🙂
  6. phoenix

    A Little Quartz Speci

    Thanks mate. I was very happy to get it, it`s always satisfying for me to get those super small ones. I took the photo with a 150 power usb microscope. cheers
  7. And I mean little. The 2300 could just barely hear it and I had it the scoop 4 or 5 times before I could hear it in the scoop 😯 I`d say it`s a 0.05 g max. Dave
  8. I don`t own a Equinox and probably never will, but I read it out of interest and the Equinox is pretty amazing stuff. Terrific finds Steve 🙂
  9. For the first time in many months I fired up the 2300. The first spot I went to was birdshot alley and I only lasted there about 30 mins. I then went to a spot where I knew there wasn`t a heap of birdshot and I got these 15 from digging about 30 targets. The smallest 5 here weigh 0.14g and the whole lot goes 0.85g. This lot took me 6 or 7 hours over two days. It stll amazes me what the 2300 is capable of finding. Dave
  10. I have noticed since I have been detecting in semi auto tracking, at the start of the day when I drop the ferrite ring on the ground, I can never hear the ferrite, but I do the thing with the quick track button anyway. My question is: Once I have set up the detector to the ferrite ring in semi auto tracking, if I NEVER touch the quick track button ever again, and never take the detector out of semi auto, do I ever have to use the ferrite ring again? It seems to me if you dont touch the quick track button in semi auto the detector always has the correct ferrite balance regardless of ground conditions. Dave
  11. phoenix

    GPZ 7000 Auto, Semi Auto, Manual ???

    Hey JW. I`ve always put this down to when you move the target you change what the detector sees. Maybe when it was undisturbed the detector could see a bigger or smaller cross sectional area. Most of the time when this happens, I find if I move the dirt around that came out of the hole I can re locate it. I`ve also found when chasing those sub sub grammers that I can no longer hear, turning Target Volume up to max helps re locate them. I generally run a pretty low Target Volume. Dave
  12. As always JW, good story and pictures. I had never heard of a electric mountain bike and had to google it and one of the results that came up was this one and way less than 6K. I`ve no idea of the quality but apparently has a 2 year warrenty. And good stuff getting some gold 🙂 cheers Dave https://www.leitner.com.au/electric-fat-bike.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0puy35L_2gIVgR0rCh24yAgpEAYYAyABEgJKZfD_BwE
  13. phoenix

    Winter Season Wrap Up

    What a amazing array. Well done mate
  14. I haven`t been putting up any finds lately because I`ve been in a bit of a drought but I like posting pictures of gold so here is a couple of quartz specis I found about 200 yards and 4 years apart out at Moliagul. The one on the right total weight 980 grams with about ½ gram of gold and the other 250 grams with about 1 gram gold. Dave
  15. Hey Hispana. I`ve got one and used it with my 5000. I found it to be a increadably stable coil with good sensitivity. Back in those days it used to feel like I was swinging a barbeque plate because of the weight, but I`m guessing if I were to use it today it would feel light compared to the 19" coil on the 7000. Dave