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  1. Norvic

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Paul was the fellow that introduced me to the Hipstick, in fact sent me one. Since then even with the 14 it is always on the belt, like the pick it is a necessary MD accessory of nugget hunting. Thus I`m going to reinforce what Fred says, Hipstick & Swing-arm is the go with the 19, Paul. Back to our friendly big nugget challenge, my batteries are charged, just spending a few quality days with the grand kids a Deus, a CTX and a Nox chasing a few coins in their parks and having fun in the big smoke. Now that exposure to the big smoke no doubt will get me longing for the bush and into nugget chasing mode. May the biggest nugget win and may we have a few drinks and a good old brag wag around a camp fire to celebrate and repeat it all again in 19. Regardless is going to be a red hot, no pulling punches, blood & sweat challenge. For the first NQ punch put the toys away, grab the Hipstick & Swingarm and go with the big gun Z.
  2. Norvic

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Crikey, that certainly was very fortunate to get over there without that bearing failing, just let me know when the starting shot is fired, I can hear a bigun callin me, got the taste for it.........😈 Trent on ya, keep him occupied away from the Z.....................
  3. Norvic

    Small Nuggets Vs Big Nuggets

    Gotta agree Fred, the Z to me is the detector that comes closest to getting all sizes, specimens, deep, shallow, the works. Of course not right down to those specks the GB2 and now the Monster vacuum.
  4. Norvic

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Crikey Fred your a hard task master, but I sent him a new pair of flip flops and a pick sharpener as a peace offering. I`m also sure that strobe light on his vehicles dash is flashing indicating BBs drone has a lock on him.
  5. Norvic

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Good stuff, Trent, just a word from Qlder to Qlder , you can loan Paul whatever no drama, just don`t loan him your Z. He`s misplaced Zs all over the US I believe, misplaced em in QLD, he`s probably the only bloke in MLs history that has a direct contact that will mail him a Z overnight wherever in the world he is, gratis no questions asked. Plus I don`t want him to use a Z as we`ve got a challenge going for 18 to see which one of us scores the biggest. Give him your SDC, your X anything but your Z.πŸ˜“
  6. Norvic

    GPZ 7000 Aftermarket Coil

    I found with the PIs a 14inch coil is around a good size for general go to in my area, I`ll be grabbing an approx 14inch if they are lighter in no time once available. I have some deep ground the 19" proved itself on, would love to run a lightweight 24inch over those areas, then there is those tight places a smaller elliptical would be the go. I don`t care who makes it as long as it produces.
  7. Norvic

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Better fit it out with anti-drone tech. Paul, BB will have its image locked in his drones memory, once across the border...............
  8. Tis a magic journey, congrats RR on hitting the 50 which my better half tells me is coincidently the golden anniversary. I`ve a bit to go, hitting 40 MD years next year, still have to bend down a wee bit to drag the right hand on the ground. Just love those adds and the memories they bring.
  9. Norvic

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    On ya, your talkin now.
  10. Norvic

    GPZ 7000 Aftermarket Coil

    Many thanks davsgold, now I`m getting excited proper.
  11. I suspect as ZVT tech matures and Minelab implement this via software updates, accessories like the ferrite or an updated Z, we will as users adapt by adjusting the Z to suit the ground we prospect in the way we as individuals prospect. Like you Phoenix, sweeping over the ferrite ring does not register at all on the ground I prospect thus (lazily or KISS?) I don`t use the ferrite or even the quick track button (unless forced to by setting changes) instead I let the tracking handle ground changes, also I too prospect in semi-auto mainly. As the GPZ7000 is the first MD with ZVT tech then we are in for some treats as Minelab iron out the bugs and answer our questions with future refinements as they did with the SD2000 refining it into the GPZ5000.
  12. Norvic

    GPZ 7000 Auto, Semi Auto, Manual ???

    Yeah is interesting but the ferrite made no diff in my ground, buh.....regardless as long as ML keep coming out with MDs that put the weight in my pocket as they have for........ crikey tis getting onto 30 years................tis great to have an Oz Co. that is a world leader, their MDs have enriched my life, may they keep progressing.
  13. Norvic

    GPZ 7000 Auto, Semi Auto, Manual ???

    Dunno whether it is the "halo" or just the Z liking undisturbed ground, which in a round about way is the same difference.πŸ™„ But I do know in quiet flogged ground where you can use normal over difficult, manual GB can be the go especially with the 19. But for me semi-autos the go for new ground so far, never can one be totally sure but. Tis a powerful machine no doubt.
  14. Norvic

    GPZ 7000 Auto, Semi Auto, Manual ???

    I have not used an auto ground tracking detector that doesn`t track out some gold, the Z auto tracking is miles ahead of the SDs-GPXs which I found you could not trust to run in auto tracking, but even the Z tracks out some, not much but (unless as Fred suggest there missedπŸ˜‰). Most signals it tracks out are mineralisation, just a very odd one gets through. Set your user button to manual GB and switch to it each time you hit one of those iffy signals easy to do and soon you`ll gain confidence and go mostly with the repeatable signals. This is one of the features that sets the Z out from the PIs, it allows you to cover ground without being held up checking too many iffy signals. Now if only ML`d get rid of that pesky quick track button and replace it with a GB alternate between manual/auto button as per the PIs they`d make it even better, give us the option of taking that crappy process out if we wish.
  15. Way to go, my 3D printer is a Geeetech Acrylic which is more basic then the Anet A8, over the years I`ve modded it and it now handles PC, without modding the Anet I suggest you go with ABS, more UV friendly & flexible but a little more difficult to print with then PLA. 3D printing is a mind stimulating hobby that has massive potential, I suspect they will be a common household appliance in the not to distant future.