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    How To Ignore Users On The Forum

    I think this is a pretty awful title to greet me every time I open this forum. Is there any way to get it off of the top and the first thing I see?
  2. When I read the title I thought you had been laid up ... 😁 Glad to see you getting out there and getting more. Mitchel
  3. mn90403

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Paul, Good catch on the mechanics of your rig. You can get to know them pretty good so you stay safe. Now for that body of yours ... you said: "While I was out yesterday evening with the 19 I realized I am not up to speed with it yet... My shoulder was killing me in no time. Not the perfect starter coil for the season. Think I will break out the ZEQ 800 today and see how she goes...." You must work your way into things. (Fred's advice.) I'm here to tell you the worst thing about the 800 is its weight. (What? The 7000/14/19 is the heavy beast you say.) I've been using the 800 90% of the time lately (100% on the beach) and I've gotten a few aches and pains from it and my digging arm for sure. Yesterday I stuck in an overnight-er with the 7000/14 and I now know why many 'dislike' it for the weight. I've lost my edge over it and it has an edge over me. Given a few trips I'd be back in shape but by the end of the day I could only swing the 800. Slow out there big man. You'll have to work your way into Norvic's condition again. It's too bad you couldn't do some yoga while doing all that driving. You would be more ready for the weeks ahead of you. Muscle pain goes away with time and a good massage but don't look for Trent when you need that one! Good luck. Mitchel
  4. The web is an ever changing thing. If your website remains static then it can't be dynamic and then as Steve says it becomes relegated to a lesser site just based on the site's technology. When that happens information is lost and not used. Thanks Steve for taking time out of your searching to keep things up to date. Mitchel
  5. mn90403

    Rye Patch Nugget Shoot Sep 15, 2018

    Chris Ralph's website is where I first read about Rye Patch. http://nevada-outback-gems.com/prospect/Expedition_to_N_Nevada/prospector_to_nevada.htm
  6. mn90403

    Holbrook Arizona Meteorite Hunt

    Ok. I used the 800 in Gold Basin but I didn't hear any and yes I would know not to use discrimination. I tried in Gold Mode only. I didn't have a meteorite with me to hear as a sample. Mitchel
  7. mn90403

    Holbrook Arizona Meteorite Hunt

    What were your 800 settings? Were you in Gold mode? Mitchel
  8. mn90403

    NZ Gold

    For Sale These are a few unique nuggets. Are they found in a particular place there? Mitchel https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1656424654
  9. Fragments of meteorites fell in southwest China’s Yunnan Province on June 1 and two pieces fell through villagers’ house roofs while one fell on the dry ground and another one was found in a cornfield. https://www.shine.cn/viral/1806045767/
  10. mn90403

    Holbrook Arizona Meteorite Hunt

    Right 😉 What did they get?
  11. mn90403

    Holbrook Arizona Meteorite Hunt

    Dave, Dave, Dave ... I just saw this. That is way out of the ordinary. Great job. How many days were you there? I've been there and near the RR tracks a few times to no avail. My finds are very small. It just shows it takes a lot more than just location often times. Mitchel
  12. Here is a good video of the meteor striking the ground turning it into many meteorites! https://www.amsmeteors.org/videos/?video_id=1222 Mitchel
  13. mn90403

    Still On Cloud 9

    Fred, No telling what you have 'lost' in your yard or the previous users left for you to find. In no time at all you will have hunted every house in the neighborhood! Mitchel
  14. mn90403

    Noxie's First Hammy

    Thanks for the good description of settings. Mitchel
  15. I use the setup you have shown there with my WM8, WM10 and WM12 and connect to JP's booster if necessary or any other volume device. Mitchel
  16. mn90403

    Still On Cloud 9

    What are people saying? I have found my best silver ring ever. I have found my best gold chain ever. I have found specimen gold. That is what I am saying. Mitchel
  17. Instead it was a Gucci! My first one. A couple of days ago we had some low tides and it was time to get out. When I say get out I mean at 4 AM with my light on my cap. There are a few beaches you have to get to when the tide is low and BEFORE someone else. This was one of those mornings. When I get there I head directly to the wet sand and the spots where I've found stuff before. This pattern I repeated the other morning and I got a strong target on the Nox about 2 minutes in to the hunt. I was in Beach 1 just about standard settings. When I heard the target it sounded like a quarter (30) and then a little bit higher (31,32). The only targets I have heard this high have been the miniature cars and cell phones. This had to be a cell phone. I have a big scoop with an 8" diameter and the first couple of half scoops didn't get it. It was still chirping at me. I was now down 8" and it was one of those broad signals. Got'a be a cell phone. I had to set the Nox down and dig with two hands and I flipped out the dirt and the target was out of the hole but no cell phone. I pushed the mud around with my boot and I saw silver! This is the heaviest silver ring I've found so far. It is a Gucci Bamboo that weighs 18.4 grams at 10-12 inches and I think it could have seen it deeper. Mitchel
  18. mn90403

    The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    Would there be anyone here who has a connection to these nuggets? What ever became of them? http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/country-victorian-family-struck-it-rich-with-backyard-gold-rush/news-story/728bbaf9ee22dad77a01b2694fa9b39b
  19. Now that you are in OZ ... http://resourceworld.com/index.php/novo-resources-bulk-sample-returns-10-4-grams-gold-tonne/
  20. It seems they are still finding a few little nuggets out there Paul. I doubt they will let you detect there but maybe you can go near? http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/gold-fever-in-wa-as-miner-digs-up-big-nuggets-20171102-gzdgmf.html What say the Prospectors already over there? Mitchel
  21. Well written JW. The King's English lives! (It is suitable for reading to my young son and readable by many old gold miners.) Much of it has died or been butchered but I can depend upon you for a good tale. Your tales live because there is a beginning (head), middle (body) and end (tail). Thank you. Mitchel
  22. mn90403

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Paul, I know you have plans but here are some ideas for the Western Trip! (It turns out to be a good read for the rest of us also.) https://thewest.com.au/opinion/inside-cover/five-days-following-the-footsteps-of-paddy-hannan-through-was-goldfields-ng-b88847047z Mitchel
  23. Thursday I went out to a Southern California gold location with a couple of friends. The intention was to prospect hard all day but things didn't work out quite that way. We did get a chance to hunt on an old patch that had raked hills and then another area where a quartz stringer had been chipped at many years ago. My friends attacked the raked hills which they thought had been detected with GB2s. They had 7000s. (I had my 7000 with me but I wanted to swing something different!) I started out on some of the same little hills but quickly tired of nothing good and I headed for some areas that had not been raked. We spent about an hour at this location and we were about to leave when I got a signal on my 800. It was a 1. I did a bit of a foot scrape and pick scrape and it was still there. This time it was not foil. I scrapped a bit more and was encouraged by its depth of 4 inches. I came upon a piece of quartz and got it out of the way and the signal was gone. I swung and the signal was in the quartz but the rock was dirty. I put it in my pouch with the other trash. It weighs about a pound and a half. We left. About 2 hours later we stopped at another place to explore and I had time to pour some bottled tea on the quartz. I looked and tested and my friend had a loop and he said it is definitely gold. I looked and sure enough it is. I haven't been able to do a specific gravity test on it yet but I don't think there is much gold. Upon further testing the 7000 can see it from about 15 inches above on an air test and the 800 can see it about 8 inches. There are a couple of more dense masses in it somewhere but I'm just glad the 800 could see it. I was in Gold 1. Mitchel
  24. mn90403

    Big Specimen Little Gold

    I have now given thought to my measurements and weighed again with a fixed scale position. This took out the motion of holding and I now have a more accurate estimate. The dry weight is 691g. The water weight it 431g. This makes the estimated gold 5.1g without changing the sg for quartz. Who knows? Mitchel