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  1. IdahoPeg

    Detecting Old Claim In Alaska

    I carry my 357 when roaming the wilderness here in Idaho....more to protect my little pup from wolves or coyotes, than anything else(or perhaps from 2 legged weirdos!), but luckily never needed it. In big bear country I prefer a good bear spray. To get this topic back on GOLD, here’s some Gold Monster fun from a new spot I found this week! πŸ™‚
  2. IdahoPeg

    Big Specimen Little Gold

    Wow, cool find with the 800!
  3. IdahoPeg

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    And I see only 2 pairs of boxers there....gonna get awful ripe downunder lol! 🀣
  4. IdahoPeg

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    What an incredible adventure....we are all envious! Hope you get on some good gold, but more importantly have a great time! 😊
  5. IdahoPeg

    4th Equinox Beach Hunt

    Wow, just wow. You are doing great!
  6. IdahoPeg

    A Great Weekend With The Equinox

    What a great hunt! Thanks for sharing. :-)
  7. IdahoPeg

    Some Beach Finds With The Nox

    Wow! Very nice finds....congratulations!
  8. IdahoPeg

    Best Day With The Equinox So Far...

    Thanks for sharing an incredible hunt with us! Great finds and great story! What mode and settings on the Nox had you dialed in with? Thx. :-)
  9. Amazing finds! Congratulations! :-)
  10. IdahoPeg

    Equinox - The Eagle Has Landed!

    What an incredible hunt! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us....congrats!
  11. IdahoPeg

    Gold Ring #2 And Silver Jewelry

    Wow, that's a productive 8 hours! Nice job. :-)
  12. What a great day! Thanks for taking us along!
  13. IdahoPeg

    Equinox Finds Spanish Treasure!

    Incredible find! Was that up by that 18th Century ship's hull that washed ashore recently? I knew I should've taken a trip up the coast from Melbourne Beach lol! Congrats to your son!
  14. IdahoPeg

    Eq800 5th & 6th Hunts Field2 & Park2

    What a great hunt! Thanks for sharing. :-)
  15. IdahoPeg

    Ammie's Travel Blog

    Safe travels Ammie! We never did meet up this season. I did get acquainted with Terry S though....super nice guy; and have you been over to see his finds?! Impressive! I found my 1st silver ring up at Canova a few days before he found his gold one recently. I'll be heading back west in a month or so; looking forward to my more familiar nugget hunting. Good luck in Montana πŸ˜„β›