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  1. PhaseTech

    New Gold Monster Headphones Coming Out

    Yeah the GM speaker is very loud, but do you really want to alert others when you are onto a patch 😊 I just use the Quest wirefree mate. Transmitter unit with 3.5mm plug straight into the monster, and then you can plug whatever 1/4" headphone you prefer into the receiver.
  2. PhaseTech

    Upcoming New Gold Nugget Detectors

    YES!! To be able to switch between different setting combinations would be great. The GPX is good to a point, but you still have to switch mode and timing, so two switches and maybe a menu tweak. With the GPZ interface you could as an example have: 1. General search mode: General/Difficult/Low Smooth/Sens 9/Ground Smoothing Off etc etc 2. Low mineral mode: HY/Normal/Smoothing Off/Sens 6/Patch etc etc 3. Z19 mode: Extra Deep/Normal/Low Smoothing/Sens 8..... Be a lot easier to flick between 1, 2 & 3 than it is to go through and make all the changes individually
  3. Yes, but you will get 2 coils as standard and wireless headphones in that price, which means the fact that the whole unit is waterproof is just icing on the cake.
  4. PhaseTech

    Goldseekers VLF 12000

    Wow, thanks for that.
  5. PhaseTech

    GP 3500 Current Status In The Line Up

    Oh for sure. In very mild wash, you can put a new gen spiral coil on the 3500, run it in Sens and Deep and it will pretty much match what a GPX can do, minus the extra bit you can squeeze out of a 4500 and 5000. I hope you didn't just leave your 3000 in Sensitive though, as Normal has a clear advantage over the more conductive bits. Even some as small as say a flat half gram piece.
  6. PhaseTech

    GP 3500 Current Status In The Line Up

    The tracking has always been good, it is just the danger of tracking out a target is always greater when using a mono coil. Small low conductive targets, and the higher the mineralisation, the greater the risk! On the SD2200 series, the tracking was a slower rate, and as the 2200 hates mono coils (except for really mild ground) most people never took it out of tracking. On the GP extreme and 3000 it was a faster rate, I guess it had to be because the machines were more sensitive. The Level adjust allowed the user to control the tracking to some extent, but most found this confusing, so 3 x speeds were introduced on the 3500 (with the Level Adjust being pre-set). Using a DD coil, I have never had a nugget track out (that I've noticed), but have noticed several times using a Mono. Not instantaneous, maybe 5-7 sweeps and the target was totally gone. Re-balance off to the side, check again, and yep target still there. Dig it up, and sure enough it's gold. This is reduced with the slower tracking speeds, but the only way to remove the risk all-together is to use Fixed and re-balance as often as you can remember.
  7. PhaseTech

    GP 3500 Current Status In The Line Up

    Here's what worked for me when I was swinging a 3500. These settings will work equally well with small - medium mono coils and the stock DD coil. Set your controls to the following settings: Signal control - just off maximum (in noisy environments you may need to turn it down to 2 o'clock) Tone - the highest setting you are comfortable with. My preference was 3-4 o'clock Volume - 4 o'clock Threshold - just audible, but smooth - if it is breaking up it is too low Coil - Mono Soil - Sensitive Ground - Fixed If the ground allows it you can use Deep boost, but if it upsets the stability of the threshold, use Normal. Ground Balance as often as practical, and avoid running in Tracking if at all possible. Perform an Auto Tune as often as necessary. The most important aspect to the tuning process is to ensure the coil is held motionless. The easiest method I find is to turn the coil at 90 deg. and find the loudest direction of interference, and then place the whole detector on the ground, with the coil still vertical. With the GP 3500, you can keep the detector tuned by using the Manual Tune control. When you get a faint signal that you suspect may be a small nugget, play with the audio controls and see if a few small tweaks improve the signal response.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to post that. I see some users talking about doing an Auto GB in beach mode, then flicking to 2-tone for better depth. I've done a few hunts now with the Multi Kruzer, and am really seeing no difference between the two modes on the wet sand, when both set for useable sensitivity levels. What has been your experience? Beach mode, 19 kHz, Gain 76, GB slightly positive is super stable in the water. But I do like 2-tone on the drier sand, where you can set your GB pretty much anywhere you want.
  9. PhaseTech

    GPX Coil Opinion Request

    Thread recovery! Just had to bring this back up. What Dean says is spot on. Especially on the new generation of spiral wind coils, you don't want to overcook your Rx Gain. Smaller coils, and lower Rx Gain are you two best combats against EMI. Oh, and the old DD coil that most seem to have abandoned
  10. PhaseTech

    Gpx 5000 Question

    Excellent. What settings were you using?
  11. PhaseTech

    Gpz-7000 Rookie Here. Initial Settings?

    A bit of light viewing for you
  12. PhaseTech

    Gpx 5000 Question

    Many moons ago I found a 0.06g nugget on my GP extreme running an 11" mono. The GPX5000 and modern coils are much more sensitive, so capable of some very small stuff. 6" Detech mono, 8x6" Sadie and 14x9" Evo are the best three coils I've tried on the really small stuff. 8" Detech and Commander monos are a very close second. The older 8" Super Gold Search mono's are also a great coil, particularly in hotter ground. Re timings, on the very small bits I find Fine-Gold has an edge over Sens Extra, but Sens Extra will punch deeper if the ground isn't hindering it. With any of the new spiral wound coils, Fine Gold and Enhance are so good, that I only ever try Sens Extra if the ground is really mild.
  13. So you might not be beach PI'ing for two years potentially No consideration for the Tesoro Sand Shark or Whites Surfmaster PI, or do you strictly need GB? The SDC is an excellent beach PI, especially if you wish to work narrow gutters slowly, rather than gobble up big swabs of ground, as the SDC needs a very slow sweep. I think most seem to forget that the SDC is waterproof, and has 3 x Salt settings. The main drawback for me and why I don't use it more often is that on 70% of my local beaches the EMI can be pretty severe. There is no Cancel switch or DD coil option or other options to tame it. GPX5000 in Salt-Gold timing is a beast, but you have to be really careful with the water, and obviously can't hose it down after a hunt I do like the sound of the Manta - it sort of reminds me of the SD series. If FT can put it in a good package it will be a winner.
  14. PhaseTech

    New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    I have no issue with S-rods as long as the handle angle isn't way off. I nearly always change my hand grips as my hands are quite large, but if grips are too hard to remove I normally just wrap padded tennis racquet grip over the existing handle. I did that with my Gold Racer and felt just right for me. The Kruzer external battery slides into the armrest assembly, so this would be easy to adapt to other shafts. You'd just need to drill out and tap the right size hole as the armrest is held in by a screw. But the bracket that holds the control box on, that I'm not sure about.
  15. PhaseTech

    New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    Yes, indeed. Also would help if the water has good clarity, so you can see the target ID. ID and Vibration would be all you need, but be interesting to see what underwater headphones Makro come up with.