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  1. Latest expedition - pocket gold hunting in Oregon. Rough gold found with White's Metal Detectors. Can't be more specific than that. Total weight for the day around 1/2 oz.
  2. You guys have good requests. I just want to be able to see through iron (especially chunks of tin roof). Ghost towns would be 10x better with a feature like that!
  3. tboykin

    TDI SL Battery Pack Up Grade

    Hey guys. Not much I can say on this other than we looked into it, and it seemed the best option was to leave it up to 3rd parties like Reidman (or users themselves who don’t mind tinkering). I run a 16 volt pack in my SL. I accept the risk due to the performance gains. Up to you if you want to do the same, but it’s not something he company can directly promote.... if you catch my drift.
  4. tboykin

    Frying Sound When Turn On Sport W/6” Coil

    Hey Chuck can you post a video of the problem? Maybe I can help.
  5. This is the 3rd year we're doing this, and the tokens this year are huge, thick collectible ones worth $25 for the silver and $100 for the gold. Details here: https://www.whiteselectronics.com/whites-easter-egg-hunt-2018/?lang=us
  6. There are times when 6" is more than enough. I could take those jokes further but this is a family forum. https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/mx-six-shooter-6-concentric-coil/ P.S. - Sorry this took so long Chuck. Been out of the office a lot lately.
  7. tboykin

    Brazilian Gold

    It depends on how much gold you'd like to find.
  8. tboykin

    Brazilian Gold

    Bob, the TDI SL did not find the sub-grainer.
  9. tboykin

    Brazilian Gold

    You guys with your conspiracy theories! We just went there for the food and sunny weather. Luckily I was able to check out the mystery rock with some delicate hammer work... Very happy we were able to find a specimen this small. Fly poo... more like gnat poo. I like hearing the words “there’s nothing left at that site, don’t bother.” That just means you need to slow down and pay attention.
  10. tboykin

    Brazilian Gold

    That is not information I can share unfortunately. It was really cool to work with people who depend on detectors for their survival. Really a different perspective than the traditional hobbyists. The gold was left in Brazil. These people depend on it for their survival and it belongs in its mother country, putting food on the table of the guys who work the fields.
  11. tboykin

    Brazilian Gold

    Bom dia! I had the unique opportunity thanks to my job at White’s to do some work in Brazil and wanted to share some pictures from our trip. First things first, ouro! The soil here is nasty. Even the most expensive PIs struggle to balance out the mineralization. Add the humidity, 120 degree heat, and blazing sun and you have a great area to challenge a gold detector. Garimpeiros make their living off the gold they find. Some are dangerous but most of the ones we met were friendly enough to talk about gold and detectors. Just don’t get between them and their gold unless you want to disappear in the jungle. One of the places we went that was “hunted out” gave up a chunky rock that was just a whisper of a signal. When we cracked it open we found this tiny crystalline nugget. After breaking the tiny tree nugget off I could see that the gold continues down into the rock. Sad to be leaving but I made some new friends while working in the Brazilian sun. -T
  12. tboykin

    White"s TDI SL Coils ????

    Miner John or Coiltek are the way to go. My favorite is the 8 x 12 folded mono - http://razorbackcoils.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/6277945
  13. Expect to see flat bottomed coils in this housing this year... For current and future products.