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Found 90 results

  1. I am selling a Minelab GPZ 19" Coil. Aftermarket coil cover is on it, and comes with stock coil cover also as shown in pictures. $1,000 Free shipping within the U.S. only. Message, Text, or call 702-544-0575 Dave
  2. riden2low

    Coil Compatibility

    Any one know if the ctx coils interchange with the equinox beside the mounting on the shaft?
  3. Steelheader

    Whites New 10" D2 Coil

    Does anyone here know what the weight is for the new slimmed down D2 coil. I know the old one was really heavy. Is the new one much lighter?
  4. On a safari what is the best coil for coin shooting in hi trash areas? Thanks Bill
  5. This is a little premature perhaps since we are still waiting to see any accessory coils at all for the Equinox detectors. First up will be the 6" round DD followed by the 12" x 15" DD coil. What next? I think the Equinox has genuine potential as a gold nugget detector, but that the open spoke coil designs slated so far are not optimal for that purpose. Plus, some relic hunters etc. want something narrower than the stock 11" coil but do not want to give up the ground coverage as much as the 6" round coil does. Minelab has a couple molds for elliptical coils. There is the 5" x 10" DD coil for the X-Terra but that coil is not fully waterproof and too buoyant for water use even if it was. The better option in my opinion is the newer 6" x 10" coil made for the Gold Monster. The Minelab Gold Monster uses the exact same lower rod/yoke size as the Equinox, meaning the coil, coil bolt, and even the coil connector are already the proper size to fit perfectly to the Equinox. Here is my Gold Monster 6" x 10" DD coil mounted to my Equinox 800. As I said, a perfect fit. The Equinox version might weigh more due to more windings required for Multi-IQ but the coil as is weighs less than the 11" coil. My Equinox with this coil mounted weighs 2 lbs 13 oz or 2.81 lbs, slightly less than the 2.96 lbs with 11" coil. It does make for a little better balance. For nugget detecting in particular a solid bottom coil helps prevent snagging on rocks and stubble. I imagine the farm field hunters would love the coil for similar reasons. Anyway, I have no hints that this will happen but I am going to be referring to this thread over and over until it does. With a mold in hand half the work is done, and with the extreme popularity of Equinox no good excuse for this not happening. I personally think it is a requirement for Equinox to be all it can be as a prospecting detector and for many other uses also. Nope, not going to turn it on to see what happens!! Anyone who thinks this is a good idea and wants to aid in the lobbying effort has my express permission to use these photos in posts on other forums, etc. The direct link to the first photo is http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2018_04/minelab-equinox-with-6-x-10-dd-coil.thumb.jpg.07f2d166da68ca4c6e39bf21759c7c4f.jpg Click photos for larger versions....
  6. I own both a Garrett Recon and an ATX, can someone remind me what was found to be best 10 x14 Infinium coil to be used on each? I was thinking someone found the Infinium 10 x 14 mono coil was best for Recon and Infinium 10 x 14 DD coil best for use on the ATX Is this correct or are all interchangable?
  7. I just bought on eBay this coil minelab "super goldsearch 18". I bought it as a project for the tdi. I showed it to a friend with many years in the hobby, he told me that he had seen it many years ago and that he remembers it for the "beautiful design". It looks like the lid of a garbage can. According to when it was manufactured, it was a very expensive coil, designeg for the SD, but it has no more information. Does anyone know anything about this coil?
  8. Five new coils for the Kruzer and Multi Kruzer (but not Gold Kruzer) from Mars MD Website... 7” Round DD 6” x 10” DD 10” x 13” DD 13” Round DD 15” Round DD
  9. guys for several months I'm using my minelab etrac with white coil of the old explorer xs, incredible but true, the depth has increased compared to the standard pro coil, there is a real increase of about 2 inches! has any of you tried this?
  10. Saw this listing. The prices for all Equinox coils was set at zero until recently but seems now a price is reflected on the smaller coil. Don't know how much stock to put in this here, but thought I would share. https://www.bigboyshobbies.net/minelab-equinox-06-double-d-smart-coil https://www.bigboyshobbies.net/minelab-wm-08-wireless-audio-module https://www.bigboyshobbies.net/minelab-equinox-bluetooth-headphones
  11. I tested the 14x9 evo on a 2.5 gram nugget i was abel to barley hear it at 9 inches is that normal. Setting was general.sens extra mono fixed everthing else was fp except target volume was at 13
  12. Hard Prospector

    NEL Coils

    Looking for a good retailer for NEL coils , any input would be appreciated..........Thanks!
  13. Greeting everyone I was looking for a coil to use on the beach with my TDI SL. Mainly I was looking for stock 12 "dd but I did not find anything used, I have the 7.5dd and I consider that for hunting on the beach it is too small. I found online the" scarab mono 18 "x14" from pmcoils. I have not seen any information on this coil, I was mainly looking for a DD because I had the dual field of surfmaster for a while and it went very well with those coils, but I could give the mono coil a chance if he found any positive information. . If some use this coil or know some information, I would appreciate your opinion. Thanks
  14. Jackpine

    Equinox Coils

    A friend sent me this image he made showing the Equinox coils to scale. Good job Rick!
  15. Good News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! According to Bill Southern: "Small coil (6") will be available in late May or early June." http://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/31978-first-equinox800-gold/ Mine is already ordered. Mitchel
  16. Indiana Mark

    Sunray X-12 Coil

    Anyone use the Sunray X-12 coil on a Safari/Etrac? Thinking about trying one on a recently purchased Safari for coin hunting in low to moderate trash. Would like to hear opinions and experiences regarding this coil. thanks!
  17. I would like some opinions on what my next coil selection should be for my GPX 5000. I have my Vlf unit (Eureka Gold) with 3 coils to cover the smaller gold. Presently for the 5000 I have a 8" commander mono, 11" commander DD, 11" commander mono and a 16" Nuggetfinder Mono Advantage and I would like at least one more coil. I'm thinking to maybe get an even larger mono. Maybe the 22" Coiltek Goldstalker mono, Or the New Coiltek 18" round Mono Elite. But the Coiltek 24X14 goldstalker sounds interesting. Then of course there is the Nugget finder 25" mono Advantage but it's much more expensive than any of the others. On the smaller side there is the 14X9 Blitz said to be developed for the 5000. So what would you all think I should buy?
  18. Goldgetter

    Dd Depths

    this has been bugging me for awhile, and I can't find any info on it. so I totally get how a bigger mono coil gets better depth over a small mono, but I don't see how there's any gain from going big on a dd, the ground coverage is obviously gonna be more but I don't see how there's much depth gain if any? looking at minelab web page here. thanks https://www.minelab.com/go-minelabbing/treasure-talk/gold-detector-coils-explained-for-minelab-s-gpx-and-gpz-series-detectors
  19. All of them! Every new release comeswith a DD coil stock. Do they think we all have hot ground? What's the advantage for me... not a darn thing! Notka/Makro and Minelab both have new waterproof detectors that are seemingly made for me and what do I have to use but another dang DD coil. Blasphemy I say. Give me a 9" concentric PLEASE! Sign me Mad in the Great Lakes State
  20. What is the biggest coil that you have used? I have an 18" Nugget Finder that works very good. I don't need a sled. It is light. The 19" Z coil is a beast. Many of us know what it takes to wield that monster over good ground. Reg's Gold Album thread has several pictures of prototype coils that were very big. Here is a picture I found on Bill and Linda's site for John Bowles. http://www.billandlindaprospecting.com/johnbowles.html What are some of the other ways to use and mount coils?
  21. Hi everyone , I am new here , I joined this forum hoping to find some tips and guidance on gold hunting because I am really confused , frustrated with so many information and resource on the net , and I dont know from where to start on how can i be a really a gold hunter . Background : My Journey with gold hunting started in 2010 , when I heard from a close friend of mine that there are gold in sudan ( I am from Yemen by the way ) so I decided to give a try , so I bought GPX 4500 at that time it was famous gold detector device + I bought the big circle coil to give me more detecting depth . Why I went for this trip : 1st : Get Rich , 2nd to having fun and go on an adventure . 6 months past , we were expecting to find 1 kg gold at least to cover at least our expenses on this trip , but we found 180 Grams in total , it seemed like we were out of luck may be because we just rushed things up without guard our self with knowledge about gold prospect , we just used the experience of people who went on this trip before and good guy who program the device for us . And that is how round 1 ends in 2010 . What kind of advice I am seeking from you guys , I am looking for that advice which comes from experience : I am going back for round 2 in 2018 , I have my old GPX-4500 device unsold and before going to Sudan again I need to start fresh this time I needed to gain some knowledge on areas such as: 1- What book / blogs should I read to start my gold hunting education ? 2- Should I sell my old device and buy another one ? 3-How to tell if the device find gold from the the sound it produce how to tell the differences ( talking about GPX 4500 ) , this question is connected to Q Number 2 ... I hared that low sound means gold , high means steel .. I have experienced this myself before , but I think it is just 60% true , I am not sure though , need your input on this . 4-How to tell if one area has gold ( with 10 - 20 % chance at least ) and it is worth the time to spend on searching , geologically before going for search ? Do I really need the help of Google earth to scan the place ? 5-Is it true that only places where people find gold is the best place to find gold , what about exploring new area ( this question connected to question number 4 ) . 6-Is it true that long range gold detector are fake ? Please see this link for more information : http://raregoldnuggets.com/?p=5095 7-When gold detector will fail to find gold ? 8-Do advice me to try looking for gold in the Nile ? Thank you for reading my post and I am looking forward to hear from you . Khaled
  22. Another coil question. Given that a mono coils sends a signal that is cone shaped into the ground what would the field of detection be on say a 12 in mono at say 10 inches vs a DD coil that has a blade shaped signal. Say this is in mild ground. Just how much depth is actually lost using a DD coil in the same soil conditions. Would a broader signal at that same 10 inches of depth have an advantage with coverage at that depth?
  23. https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/6-concentric-gmt-coil-micro-tireur/ DETAILS Previously only available in Africa, this 6 inch “Micro Shooter” coil for White’s GMT has been made available for the general public as requested. It’s been called “The Patch-Killer,” “That French Coil,” or “I Can’t Pronounce the Name,” but tireur is French for shooter. If you are after every bit of gold in an area, this shooter coil belongs in your GMT’s arsenal. Specially-tuned for mineralized ground, this nugget-sniping loop is a beast on small gold. Coupled with the GMT’s high 48kHz frequency, it’s highly sensitive to the smallest flakes of gold your machine can detect. The small profile makes it ideal for detecting in brush or rocky hill-sides, and with the small detection window you can more easily pick through tailing piles and areas with bits of iron from past mining operations. SKU: 801-3250-1 $149.95
  24. I may have said this before but I'll say it again. I really like First Texas Product's coil selection. They have one of the best, if not the best, OEM coil offerings on the market today. 7.6 and 7.8 kHz concentric coil offerings include the: - 4" round concentric - 7" round concentric - 8" round concentric - 9" triangulated concentric - 10" elliptical concentric - 11" triangulated concentric 7.6 and 7.8 kHz & 19 kHz DD coil offerings include the: - 5" DD - 5.5"x10" DD - 11" Biaxial DD 13" kHz concentric offerings are: - 3"x6" elliptical concentric - 10" elliptical concentric. 13" kHz DD offerings are: - 5" DD - 5.5"x10" DD - 11" Biaxial DD - 15" round DD. These are just the OEM offerings. This doesn't include the myriad aftermarket coil manufacturers. I say kudos to First Texas Products for giving us so many coil options to help us be more successful in our detecting pursuits. If I could just get a 4" x 18" DD coil out of them for sports fields I'd be a truly happy 1st Texas treasure hunter. HH Mike
  25. I'm absolutely amazed -- and disgusted -- that Garrett Deepseeker Coils for its ATX are priced at over $500. The coil probably costs the company less than $25 to manufacture. For this reason alone, along with the fact that the ATX only accepts proprietary coils specifically made for it, I'm boycotting Garrett. If I did buy a Garrett product it would be a used unit, as I have no desire to subsidize price-gouging companies. (For those who plan to reply, "Well, it's a free market, they can charge whatever they want" save your breath -- I get it.) By the same token, I refuse to buy a MineLab PI detector new and would only buy a pre-owned model. $7,000 for the ML 7000? Are they KIDDING? Again, look at the size of a metal detector box -- the electronics they contain is pretty minimal. I strongly suspect that people with good electronics/electrical engineering skills could make a killing selling PI detectors that rival anything Garrett and Minelab manufacture for a FRACTION of what those companies' products sell for.