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Found 103 results

  1. I used baking soda and water to clean the coins since I don't plan on selling them.
  2. Had a chance to test the Makro Multi-Kruzer with wireless headphones this weekend. I found most of the coins in Three-tone, 14kHz, with minimal notching. My oldest was a 1901 Indian Head, and my deepest was a 1941 Wheat penny on the deeper side of 11-inches! I thought I had a sliver of Spanish silver for a heartbeat, but no. I really liked the 4-Tone mode, in 5kHz, in the high iron and trash areas I hunted. It really helped me avoid a lot of trash signals. Recovery is fast, depth meter is accurate. Ergonomics are good, and the weight is tolerable for a five-six hour hunt. I like it!
  3. I have been detecting for 10 yrs now and my total count for Indian Head Pennies stands at 3. My area was settled mid 1850’s. I have found numerous barber’s, V nickels, shield nickels and a couple of seated coins have been found. A bunch of teen Wheaties but the Indians are still hiding from me. I see a lot of you guys finding them on nearly every hunt and one guy in Ohio they just seem to jump out of the ground for him.😁 i think of the ratio of coppers to silver in finds but with all the coins I have found minted at the same time as the Indians I just wonder what happened to the Indians in this area.
  4. Steve Herschbach

    A Couple Firsts

    I did a thread recently where I was hunting local park areas and wanting to experiment with "cherry picking" settings that would net me the most coins the fastest without bogging down into overly serious detecting. I normally hunt 50 tones with no items rejected, which works well but which requires me to work slowly analyzing targets sounds. Time is limited so I wanted to get out and cover some area. The settings worked well enough to get a pile of coins out of some trashy modern park settings. Park 1 - Multi-IQ 50 Tones Iron Bias 0 Detect Speed 6 unless in dense trash, then 7 Auto (Pump) Ground Balance Sensitivity 21 or 22 depending on EMI All items from 21 on down rejected except for 13 For nickels I was being really picky, just digging good, solid 13 readings. I do know nickels can also read 12 but I did not want to recover too many pull tabs so kept this very narrow. And I have to note - I am experimenting!! There is nothing magic about these settings, just something I am trying in modern trash. Anyway, it worked halfway well and I was able to readily skim coins out of a modern trashy park area with minimal trash, and nearly all that being square tabs that read 13 like the nickels. Very little high end trash. I was getting quite a bit of ferrous high tone squeaking but only a couple that tempted me enough to dig them anyway, and got a couple nails. This weeked I wanted to try an area I had cherry picked before for copper/silver range targets, but my ear is better tuned now so wanted to give it another go with more open settings than above but still not wide open full tones. I employ different levels of intensity in my hunting that varies by location, time constraints, and my mood. Sometimes I want to recover all non-ferrous targets. Sometimes just copper/silver. And sometimes varying levels of in between. This next round I opened up the discrimination a little. Park 1 - Multi-IQ 50 Tones Iron Bias 0 Detect Speed 6 unless in dense trash, then 7 Auto (Pump) Ground Balance Sensitivity 21 or 22 depending on EMI All items from 16 on down rejected except for 12 & 13 This time however I rejected everything from 16 on down except 12 & 13. The goal here is zinc pennies read 21 and since I hate them it makes for my regular cutoff point in areas from around 1930 and newer. However, in older areas there are two things in particular to pay attention to, assuming you still want to reject some stuff. Indian Head pennies overlap the zinc penny range. New zincs come in at 21 but corroded ones will read lower. Indian Head pennies can read in that same "high teens / low twenties" range. Also, a $5 gold coin will normally read at 18. Ground and age can pull readings lower, and so I decided on 17 on up as being good, but 17 is debatable. I will decide on that later after digging enough 17 targets. But 18 on up has to be open because I am determined to find a $5 gold coin with Equinox. I also wanted to open up the nickel range as older nickels seem to hit around 12 and newer ones more in the 13 region. Again, just experimenting! I also need to note that I am using Park 1 - target id can vary depending on mode and frequency. I told myself I would skip shallow zinc signals but I have a real problem passing on clean sounding targets, and so dug most of these since they are shallow and easy to pop. I did finally make myself stop though as it is a time waster - zinc pennies were the most common "trash" target followed again by some square tabs. Like I noted, I detected this area before, so once I pulled the about 20 zincs aside I ended up with 10 copper pennies, 4 dimes, and 3 nickels, none all that old. However, I got three special signals. The first was as nice a 12 reading as I could hope for, just a nice clean, mellow tone. And down about 8" appears my first ever Liberty or "V" nickel, a 1909. Some time later and maybe 100 feet away another identical, mellow 12 reading - I just knew it had to be another nickel. This one was down under a tree root at about 8" and popped out of the ground dry and green - another V nickel, 1898 this time. My first Liberty nickels, and two in one day! Some time later, with time running out, I got a messy 19 reading. It was trashy sounding but just good enough to get me to dig, and my first Indian Head penny pops up next to some ferrous trash. So after 45 years of detecting, why am I only now finding my first old coins of these types? I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and lived there my entire life up until 5 years ago. Anchorage was founded in 1915 and most of that area is paved over core downtown. Most of the town is far newer. I considered 1930's coins to be the great old finds, with only a couple ever from the 20's, and never anything from the teens or earlier. The bottom line is these types of coins just did not exist where I lived. And then I got into nugget detecting...... So anyway, a couple firsts for me, and that alone made it quite fun. I used some cleaning tips mentioned on this other thread (steel wool) on the 1909 Liberty but left the other alone as cleaning it would probably make it worse. The IHP has a couple weird corrosion blobs on it so have not messed with it. Anyway, opening up the extra notches did not get me into too much trash except for the zincs I did not resist digging. The big lesson is that deep Liberty nickels, or at least these two, were the most wonderful mellow 12 signals one could imagine. So my current working theory is newer nickels will tend towards 13 and older ones 12 while in Park 1 mode.
  5. Steve Herschbach

    Why Dig Nickels?

    Aside from the fact you might find gold jewelry in the nickel range, why do you hunt for nickels? I also am a detector nut myself and do understand the concept of detecting for anything just for the fun of it. When I do coin hunt however the fact is most older nickels I find are in such poor condition that it’s doubtful they are even worth face value. Yet most silver coins I find look as new as the day they were dropped. Many silver coins found will grade out decently, but that is very rare for old nickels. This means the chance of finding high value silver coins is vastly better than the chance of finding high value nickels. Or so I believe. Newer nickels are in better condition, but key date Jefferson’s are not exactly worth a fortune, and they are few and far between. Then there is the fact that going after nickels usually involves more trash per coin, at least in my experience. If I focus on silver dimes and higher there is very little trash that ends up in my pouch. Anyway, is anyone digging nickels for any real reason other than that finding an old Buffalo or V nickel is a fun find? What’s the highest value nickel anyone has found? I have some War nickels that might be worth a few bucks, but that’s it for me.
  6. Hey Everyone...I hope you all had a great weekend hunt. At present time, I'm chasing buffs & V nics. I did enough silver and wheats since last year and I want to focus on different things one category at a time. This morning I was able to spend approx 3 hours at a 3-4 acre 1920's park until they took over the field for soccer. Got 6 nics and other goodies. There were just as many quarter signals as there were dimes and pennies signals. Tells me that it isn't getting hunted much, if any... right? In my quest for nics, I'm blocking out everything except 12/13 and 18+ and I have been doing well with the nics this way. If a silver gets in the way, then it's icing on the cake. What prompted me to write is this morning I dug a nic with an erratic signal and it got me wondering. It rang up as a weak 12/13. Threw it in AM and a 16 pops up, then a 14, but then drops back down to 12/13. Threw it in 10khz and the numbers didn't move much. I decided to dig which I normally would not do if it isn't a steady 12/13. But I did anyways, then out comes a bent, slightly cut Jefferson. There was nothing else in the hole after a 2nd sweep of the coil. This now makes me wonder if I need to open up the numbers a little more... like maybe 11 - 14? I don't want to miss that V or Buff. Thanks for stopping in and giving your feedback.
  7. For almost 5 weeks I had been hitting a park for about 2 hours a days and raking in the clad and a few rings. I averaged $3.50 - $4.50 everyday and found a little over $150 in that park alone. The last 3 hunts I went through to clean up on targets I had passed over when I was collecting 9 to 15 quarters in each hunt. I finally got it down to finding only 50 cents during the last hunt so I started looking for a new place. I hit a few places with littles success and a cpl where I found 5 cents or less. Well I found this place I had been eyeing for two years and it was finally open so I hit it about 5 days is a row and collected $40+ in clad plus a rubber duckie..lol On the 6th day I went back and it was locked up again so I couldn't hunt and moved on to places I knew were hunted heavily if not hunted out. So for the past week I been struggling to find $1 in clad on each hunt and a cpl times nothing at all. Yesterday morning I drove past my new honey hole and the gates were unlocked so I drove in. It was already getting hot about 86 degrees when I got there but I decided to hunt anyway. I started where I left off and as soon as I put my detector to the ground while adjusting the head phones I had a 30 signal dug my 1st quarter before I even swung my coil once. In 1 hour and 15 minutes I walked out of there with $5.72 in clad. I went back this morning and in one hour I found $4.75 in clad. I also found a way to get in without going through the main gate. Yes I have permission to hunt there. The beauty of this site is I am the only one that has hunted it.. I have about 50% of the place hunted and I think maybe I have at least one more week to get it pretty well hunted out. I still hit a bottle cap or two but I can usually tell what it is even with a flattened bottle cap. I can't explain it but they give off a different or even multi tone even though the target id is 29 - 30. There is a lot of trash there but the Equinox ignores 95% of it unless a bottle cap or tab.
  8. Hi everyone I'm fairly new to metal detecting and am using the Fisher F22. I would like to give it to my daughter to use with me so im in the market for a new detector. I like to hunt mostly parks for Canadian Clad but do vacation in florida and would like to hunt the beach. I was thinking of getting the Equinox 600 but read it does great in almost everything except Canadian clad, can anyone recommend a detector my max budget is 1000. Thanks guys.
  9. Hi all! I have been out doing some night hunting the past few nights, as this is the time I have available right now due to my shift schedule! The first picture (of the UGLY war nickel and the wheat) is from my local park that after too many years of hunting it WAY too much, it's become VERY stingy at giving up good finds. The second, is from the following night, from a site that was an old golf course. I've hunted one small part of this site heavily with my Explorer (a sidewalk next to where the pool used to be), as this small section gave up a large number of wheats -- probably about two dozen, but never a silver coin from this part of the site. However, there are a lot of nails in this little area as well, so I thought that maybe with the Equinox I might be able to scare up another wheatie. Well, I underestimated the Equinox's ability to find partially masked targets! Nearly every one of those coins (plus several Memorial pennies not shown) had at LEAST one nail in the hole with them, and the ones that didn't, had nails nearby enough to foul up the signal, to varying degrees. After several of these digs, the Equinox and I got on the same page, and I became really confident in what I was hearing -- and when it was trying to alert me that there was a coin hidden in the iron. Let's just say I'm EXTREMELY impressed. EVERY one of these coins was passed over with the Explorer, multiple times. To say I am a bit shocked, is an understatement... Steve
  10. It is rare I would dig a nickle on a hunt let alone 3! Was a quick 3 hour hunt in a very small 1800s park I have hit for many years. Most of this stuff had to have been previously masked by screw tops and iron. More than a few of these had a nail come out of the plug first or after I retrieved the target. One wheat has iron oxide on the obverse from where it has been resting on a nail, cant get a date off of it. I had such a great time! I had to share, thank you for your time and looking! What a day! 1941 Jefferson 1909 V Nickle x2 1916, 1919, cant see date Wheat 1903, 1893, 1890 IHC Sterling Ring 2 piece great seal button 1951 Canadian Cent and other tiny non FE stuff!
  11. Hi Guys, Just joined this forum when I saw all the great info. Have found some some nice finds but no silver yet, mostly wheaties.. (the places I've hit I haven't found silver in at least the last 5 outings anyway so wasn't expecting much, plus a couple new spots I wanted to check out that I figured were hit hard, but still got something from each.) Still reading through older posts, but wanted to see if anyone has live dig videos of iron trash areas or ghost towns? I'm curious what a good target amongst the trash would sound like. I'm moving from an Explorer to take advantage of the speed of the Nox in these areas. I have been digging mostly clean signals in trash for now, and hitting nice on nickels and wheats, but still looking for some masked silver the Explorer might have missed. The watch was 6" and the token 2" in trash, from different locations.
  12. My neighbor has been coming over my house asking for a snow shovel I have since he knows I'm moving. Saturday he came over and I gave it to him and asked if I can detect his front yard quickly. My neighborhood was built in the 50's and I've found silver in almost every yard I've been to. My first target was a 28/29 and sounded like it was right on top of the ground. I dug down a little and saw a silver edge and grabbed the coin and I didn't realize what it was at first but I saw the queen and a date and realized it was a Canadian quarter, 1963. That's all the good stuff I found there Later that night I went back to the baseball field that I found the white gold band in and got this horrible sounding signal (Park 1, 50 Tones) I thought it was just big iron so I dug it to see if I was right. It was down pretty deep and when I got it out it was still not a great sounding signal but then I realized why. It was on edge and I was catching it off the edge of the coil, not in the center. Again I pulled it out and saw a silver rim, this time it was a 1952 Washington quarter. I also found 2 junk earrings about 3 feet apart, the first one I found rang up as 18 and I swept around that area and got another solid 18 and dug the other earring. Pretty funny that I found both but I used the ID from one to determine where the other one was. On Sunday I went to an old baseball field (on the 1940's map) that's kind of overgrown now. My cousin just got an equinox 600 and I was helping him out trying to learn it. He yells over to me "What's a 17" I said I have no idea but if its solid dig it. He did and yelled over that is was a 1943 P nickel. I was telling him how awesome it was that he dug that and that it was a coin that was still eluding me. Then right after I said that I got a solid 14 and dug it and it ended up being a 1942 P nickel, sweet! About 5 steps back I got a 25/26/27 signal and was hoping for a silver dime and out popped a 1924 Merc. After that I walked to where I thought the infield was and got a solid 12. I thought maybe an older nickel but out popped another 1942 P war nickel. Now that's 3 that all rang up different. We were both in Park 1. He was in 5 tones and I was in 50. Later on I got a solid 18 and got a shield with a cross, fleur de lys and lions on it. I typed that into google when I got home and it turns out it was part of a brooch from the 60's. Last, I got a 20/21 but it was reading deeper so I dug it and it ended up being an old toy car. Here are some shots...If you've read this far and are interested in the car it's all yours. Otherwise I'll probably toss it...Oh, my cousin also found a flat button with loop on back (shank I think it's called) that rang up a solid 22 he said. I dont have a picture of that though
  13. Spent another three hours hunting around some foundation slabs of demolished homes on base this morning. The 600 is really starting to talk to me! Unbelievable how many dimes I pulled out on both hard and wispy hits today. I also am really beginning to like 50-tones vs 5. The final learning task today was starting to understand the language of target masking. It's becoming real for me, and I was able to dig some coins today in the middle of trash. WOW! Park 1, NC, GB, 25 vol, 50-Tones, 22 sens, all non-ferrous open, speaker today. Being the conscientious and honest person that I am, I know that GI Joe is probably apoplectic about losing his dog tags, so if anyone knows how to contact him, or his girlfriend Barbie, I'd be happy to send them back to him! Today's take: Yet another 30cal cartridge in a housing area!!?? Added three more cars to my growing Matchbox and HotWheels car collection. A cufflink (first), and a Belgian pin of some sort. Participation coin made of some light non-ferrous metal at 13". 13 Dimes, 14 Copper Pennies, 2 wheaties (1944 oldest), 4 quarters. Poor GI Joe! Needs his DogTags! Misc Coins
  14. So...started working the second block of demolished housing on base, but the pickings were slim on that block. Too much debris from the homes that were torn down. Worked it for about two hours, and got a severe headache, so I headed home to Ibuprofen, and some rest. Couldn't go back due to my son coming home from school in an hour, so I decided to just hunt a couple of the vacant homes right across the street while I looked out for his bus. Surprise! The two front yards yielded their hidden treasures. So many more homes to go and the demolished areas as well! Changed up a bit today. Went with the factory setting for Park2, and only switched to 5 tones while I still get used to the 600's quirks. Today's take: Copper Pennies: 19 Clad Dimes: 5 Clad Quarters: 4 Nickels: One 1961 Fishing Lure: Side Winder in great condition Find of the day: 1957 Silver Quarter....found in the median strip between the sidewalk and street. BIG surprise seeing that silver color in the plug! Tomorrow it's family hunt day with my wife and son learning their ACE 300's and me swingin' the Nox! Surprise find where least expected:
  15. As previously posted, I am currently located on Eglin Air Force Base in Florida and have only one month left here before moving to Tinker AFB in Oklahoma. I have been working on finding the oldest demolished family housing areas, as well as checking various older locations on the base to see what they produce. I have narrowed it down to the best Paydirt! It also helps that when I don't want to get in the car and drive, I can step out my front door in our family housing area, and within a few short paces, I can hunt vacated homes that are scheduled for demolition in the coming months. They don't produce the value of the "good" locations, but plenty of coins and misc in those yards. Monday, I hunted one yard across the street from our family quarters. Two hours produced: Interesting Cubscout Button that I determined sells for between $8-15 as a collectable. Also a token and Bahamian Penny in that yard. Tuesday, I hunted a sparse field where some buildings once stood. Surprised at the number of clad dimes I pulled out of the ground there, and all three wheaties, from different locations in the field were all 1953D's. Wierd. Well, that was fun, and really helped learn the 600's features and quirks. So then it was on to the suspected real paydirt. The picture below is of a large family housing area that was built from the mid 50's to early 60's. It was demolished to open fields in 2008. This picture was taken in 2007 and is the last one showing the houses that existed. So, starting yesterday, and continuing until we move, I will hit this area HARD. Coin dates are right for what I'm seeking, and at the end of my hunt, I validated my research by finding my first silver with the 600! Much more in the grounds I think. The red circle is the area that I hunted for three hours yesterday to produce the results shown. Excited by the potential of this virgin, untouched area! Hunted in Park2, Auto-GB, Noise Cancelled, 20 sensitivity, 3 recovery, Notched 3-9, 14-17, 19, 5-tone, 0 bias, and hunted on phones due to heavy F-35 Fighter traffic overhead! Continuing that block today. Results to follow...
  16. I have had the 800 for about 2 months but the weather has been unfavorable. 10 inches of snow last week again but was gone by the weekend. I have played around with it in my test garden but last night was my first official time out with it. My go to place is an old picnic grove that was a 7 acre tree claim when it was homesteaded and was cut down in the late 20's and has been farmed ever since. This grove was used for Labor Day Celebrations from 1897 to 1925. It is deep ripped in the fall rearranging any coins that are there. I have hunted this for about 5 years but last spring was the first time on the other side of the creek. Some of the old timers said they were told that they heard that is where most of the activity was. Any way I hunted for 45 minutes because of darkness setting in. I set the 800 up so 12 &13 were loud and the same tone and loudness as 18 and up. Park 1 reactivity 5. The first 3 coins were nickels that hit mainly 13 and sometimes 12. These were dead giveaways. The 4th coin a 1910 wheat at 22-23 the 5th coin another nickel and the last coin a 1897 dime at 26-27. The 3 V nickels go with the other 17 I found last year. I read today where there was a carousel assembled there for the annual Labor Day Celebration and rides were 5 cents. This also marks the 41st barber coin here. There is an electric fence right next to this. My CTX will null with each charge and my Deus will give a high tone. The 800 nulls like the CTX. I don't mind this but the high tone with the Deus makes it difficult. Can't wait to spend more time there. I need to add that these nickels do not come out of the ground like this. They are dark, crusty and red. I start with Andre's pencils (Google It) to scrape away crud to get to the date to make sure it isn't a key date. Then soak them overnight in water and clean them more with the pencils. I have a liquid cleaner called Santeen toilet descaler that you can get at a hardware store. Use a Q-tip and apply it to the surface and the rust will come off. Be ready to rinse and dry the coin. I then use a coin preserving liquid I bought at a coin shop and apply it to the surface. Try not to get the descaler on your skin and do this on a glass surface. Do not try this on silver or copper coins as it will destroy them. I found out the hard way. Sounds like a lot of work but I did the 4 nickels in about 10 minutes.
  17. I hunted the worse park I ever hunted for trash today. Honestly I could not lay down my pinpointer because it would beep no matter where I put it. I had so many 13 signals with every sweep it sounded like a phone ringing. There were bottle caps at least every foot and can slaw everywhere. I did manage to pull $1.65 out in clad. 2 quarters 10 dimes and 15 pennies. I got a didproportante amount of dimes because they were ringing up at 23 and I think other guys passed over them thinking they were pennies. It's a very old park and hunted hard. I had a lot of mixed signals that bounced from 35, 31, 29, 23 17 and all over which turned out to be bottle caps after 2 or 3 I quit chasing it. As soon as I hit the horseshoe I knew it was a bottle cap. I was using park 2 and it ran fine with no chatter or interferences. In one case I thought I had a good 28 signal and after I pinpointed I used my hand held and in a diameter of 6" I had 4 bottle caps and when I pulled them out the 28 signal was gone. I also had a deep 29 signal and pulled out a gold tab at 11" I will go back and try again but I do know what I am up against. I have a gut feeling there is some deep silver in that park because of how old it is.
  18. Copper non-key date pennies are now worth more than double their face value, according to Coinflation copper valuation. I have a big water cooler bottle about half full of 'em. Getting rich! LOL!
  19. Thought I would show the Wheat Penny a little respect today and post my finds.. The lowly Wheat Penny is usually only givin credit to be an indicator of possible silver in the area, so we are happy to dig them.. Today was a no silver kind of day but a couple of Wheat Pennies helped save my otherwise lackluster hunt.. I had a moment of excitement when I saw a 1914 on one of my Wheats with a little mint mark on it..I was hoping I had finally found the rare 1914 D.. After I pulled out my magnifying glass I realized it was a San Francisco Mint version which is still a respectable semi key date coin at just over 4 million mintage.. I also found semi key date 13 S Wheat at just over 6 million mintage.. Other Wheats found today were 1911, 1925 S, 1928 S and three Wheats from the mid 40s.. The two Semi key date Wheats are probably worth far more then any silver I might have found today so I thought I would show them off.. The Equinox did a great job finding these today.. A couple of them were real close to iron or had iron in the hole with them.. This area has been hit multiple times with my CTX, E-Trac and friends V3i.. Only thing left is the tough signals.. Bryan
  20. Stopped at a park yesterday because I saw they had removed some grass from an area. First target within 3 minutes was a 56 rosie, the only coin in the spot. I went to the zoo today where they had dug up an old dead tree, only target within 5 minutes was a ugly old Merc. I was running Park 1, 2-tone, tone break set at 23, recovery 7 and iron bias 1 It was great to swing faster than I ever could with the CTX, I had to cover ground fast because my time on both days was very limited. Both dimes were hitting at 26-27 and were very shallow.
  21. Tnsharpshooter

    Little Nox Action Today

    Nice weather today for a change- actually spring like. Park 2 speed 7 used to locate all.
  22. I dig a lot of ring tabs and their decapitated brethren -- beavertails, and thus my avatar. Since those were used between 1965 and 1975 and likely dropped in that time window you get both an upper and lower bound ("someone was here drinking out of a can as recent as 1965"; ditto "...as long ago as 1975") on a site's usage. (Like always there are exceptions, such as a site being backfilled with material from another location). I'm wondering if a similar conclusion can be drawn from crown caps. Of the (not nearly as many as you, Strick) bottles caps I've dug I recall one specifically still having the inner cork seal, many with the plastic seal, and a moderate number with neither. 'Neither' could mean it never had one, it had a cork one that decayed over the years (my gut feel for most likely explanation), or a plastic one that someone intentionally removed. Does anyone know the time window of usage for cork inner seals and/or the initiation of the plastic liners? I recall when I was either in elementary school or more likely, high school, a Coca Cola promotion where the plastic liners of crown caps had NFL emblems (teams, players, can't remember details) and that sending in a complete set would return a (American) football as your reward. (I still have mine....) So that would have been 1970 or earlier. Still, there could have been multiple years when both cork and plastic were simultaneously in use. Addendum: The football I received from that promotion had an imprinted (not ink-signed) autograph of Tom Moore (the running back, not the coach) and I justed looked him up on Wikipedia. He retired after the 1967 season.
  23. I went on an easter camping trip to try prospect for some gold, there was a lot of unexpected overnight rain so the creeks I was going to detect with the GM1000 were a bit flooded so I didn't bother creek detecting, I went up into the hills for a day and found one tiny spec in an old tailings pile with my Monster so I decided I'd head down to the post office and send it away for the repair as its speaker has an issue. This forced me to use the Equinox 800 for the rest of my trip, I hadn't really used it since I got it, other than playing around for 5 minutes or so here and there as I was just doing so well with my Monster. I detected around the area a bit with the Equinox and found no gold so I decided I'd give it a try coin hunting after seeing a couple of tourists in the playground the night before using their phones as torches trying to find something they'd obviously dropped in the gravel and were unable to find, I went down to the lakeside the next morning at 5am before the crowds of tourists arrived and run the Equinox over the playground and the lakeside beach trying to find good targets. There was just an unacceptable amount of junk there, I was terribly disappointed, not so much I couldn't find any good targets, but just how many bottle caps and pull tabs and screwed up tin foil wrappers were scattered in the beach gravel in what should be a pristine beach, damn litter bugs. I spent a couple of hours in the area trying to work out how to block out all the bad targets by lowering the sensitivity and notching out bad targets as I was finding them but I just had no luck so I decided the area was too difficult for me to detect with a detector I'm not overly familiar with using. I wasn't going to give up as I was staying in the area another day so I used that next day to go coin hunting again, thinking of where to go was the problem but my wife suggested I go to one of the Ski fields and detect under the ski lifts, surely people drop a lot of stuff from their pockets on the ski lifts. Seemed a good idea so off I go. In only two hours of hunting I managed to get a good haul, $13.65 and a silver ring. There was virtually no junk except a solid 33 on the Equinox which ended up being one of the blades off a snow maker gun which snapped off, I wouldn't want to be around when that went flying off the thing, probably shot itself into the ground Myself and my daughter detecting for coins, she's only 7 and she got stuck into it before I'd had time to adjust the length on the GBP. The Equinox just slammed hard on $1 and $2 coins, a solid 22 every time in Park 1, the only mode I used, I was able to max out the sensitivity up there the entire time, one coin was at least 25cm deep, I was ready to give up digging and then it popped out. I didn't remember to take my Garrett Carrot so I had to rely on the pinpointing of the Equinox, it seemed to work extremely well, usually always directly in the center of the coil. I need to work out how to use it better in trashy areas but in nice clean areas it's brilliant at finding coins. I also need to get better at using it to find gold, but at this stage I'd have trouble picking it up over my Monster if I was going out prospecting. All of this was only in a small area, I only spent about 2 hours up there and it was all within about a 35 meter by 10 meter area under a ski lift. I can imagine if I spent the entire day I could come home with quite good collection of goodies. I also tested the Equinox on the Arrow River, A place that seems only suitable for PI detectors, the riverbank is absolutely full of black sand, all my other detectors struggle to work there, the GBP and GM1000 are useless there. The Equinox on the other hand worked quite well, it handled the black sand no troubles at all. I was very surprised by this but happy just the same.
  24. Steve Herschbach

    Some Coins And A Ring

    I am hitting some already hit park areas but going about it a bit more methodically cleaning up stuff I missed. The areas are not particularly old and so the last couple hunts I have rejected everything from 21 on down except for 13. I am in Park 1 but pushing sensitivity a bit too high probably at 21 or 22 so I am getting quite a bit of very high tone ferrous falsing in the high 30s. Iron bias set at zero. I have been half tempted to either block 39 and 40 or set them as a low tone ferrous. I do like hearing them though as 39 in particular is a “tell” that an item is ferrous so I may have to try the low tone experiment. Or lower my sensitivity. Or maybe even try iron bias! Still I am not getting hardly any ferrous fool me enough to actually dig it. The high tone, high 30s signals are very wishy washy whereas a coin signal tightens up and normally hits in the 20s except for those quarters coming in around 30. I am basically cherry picking the copper penny/dime/quarter results and “hard 13” nickels. I am hitting some not particularly old but quite trashy locations and don’t want to get too ridiculous chasing targets and so far this is working pretty efficiently. If the areas were older I would open it up down to 17 and include 12 for the nickels. What I am using now makes a nice cherry picking mode for newer picnic type areas. Been running recovery speed at 7 or maybe 6. Getting very little trash fooling me at this point, especially in the high end. Probably more square tabs at 13 faking me out due to digging nickels than anything else. Only a few bottle caps. The areas have been hunted but I can tell people have passed on the nickel range due to all the trash, so even going for real hard 13 hits only is still piling up the nickels. When I say "hard 13" I mean a target that hits real hard at 13 and exhibits "roundness". The only other target tends to be newer square tabs, which being thinner and square generally do not sound as solid to me. The ones that trick me are less than an inch deep and at that point just easier to pop them out then spend time trying to figure out if they are good or not. 24 quarters, 35 dimes, 31 nickels, and 46 pennies. Eight were wheatback pennies so silver coins were possible but did not get any this time. I did get a nice little sterling silver and opal ring however so I guess that counts! Interesting these days since copper pennies are no longer dropped that with clad dimes still being dropped dimes have caught up to copper pennies numerically as a find these days. Sure was not that way when I took up coin hunting over 40 years ago! Of course wheaties came out of the ground practically new back in those days. Seems the coins and I are both aging.... Been kind of fun coin hunting again. I normally do gold nuggets and jewelry with coins more a bycatch while jewelry detecting. Right now though I want to take advantage of wetter spring weather to hit park areas that get too dry later to be doing much plugging. Easier digging now and much better chance of the ground recovering well. Once the summer heat starts I will get back to my regular detecting but for now this is a lot of fun as a change of pace for me. Park 1 - Multi-IQ50 TonesIron Bias 0Detect Speed 6 unless in dense trash, then 7Auto (Pump) Ground BalanceSensitivity 21 or 22 depending on EMIAll items from 21 on down rejected except for 13 Follow Up Thread
  25. I was invited to a permission by my hunting partner and friend Flysar yesterday... a turn of the century Rodeo Grounds and Picnic area. He has hunted this location a few times previously, and has found a Barber Quarter, a Barber Dime and a Buffalo, but warned me that the targets are sparse and the ground is loaded with iron. We were both very curious about what the Equinox could do in this environment. There were three of us hunting, I had the E600, he had his Deus and the third was swinging an AT Max. We started by marking a few targets.. I set out in Park 1, 50 tone, Recovery 3 and Iron Bias 0. I marked 6 targets and he marked about the same with his deus. As I mentioned in another thread, the Equinox was deadly on deep rusty iron. In a few cases, it was even giving me id's in the high 20's-low 30's and never bouncing up to high 30's. The Deus on the other hand, marked 6 or 7 old rusty bottle caps (a few of which the Equinox showed in the zinc range... 18-21). I will say, when comparing the marked targets between the three machines... we usually ended up with 1 "I would dig it" (and usually from the machine that marked the target), and 2 "I wouldn't dig it" by the other two machines. So, with the testing results ending inconclusive, we decided to break off and hunt. Over all we spent a solid 3 hours around the entrance and stadium of the rodeo grounds and other than Flysar finding a wheat, no old coins were found, only a few pennies, a clad dime and a clad quarter between the three of us. We decided to call it a day... mostly discouraged. As my friends drove away, I decided to take one more pass on the outside edge of the grounds, near the horse trailer entrance next to a large pasture. My first target was the penny with a cross stamped out in the middle. I thought to myself... "well that is a good sign". Within 30 minutes, in an area about 20 yards square... the other 5 targets in the picture along with the cross penny were in my pocket. I had spent all morning chasing iffy and sometimes repeatable high tones, digging all manner of iron bits (one square nail, which I was happy to find), working hard to try and make good targets out of the clicks and wheezes... and boom! these targets came in with roundness of tone and clarity. No doubt they were diggable. The three silver dimes all presented at 26-28, the war nickel was 13-14, the wheat was 24-26 and was the deepest at about 5". The other targets were 3-4". Interestingly enough, the ground in this area was dense and hard packed, but not dry... it had plenty of moisture, but it nearly took a digger to break the plug. All three dimes hid inside the plug from my Carrot on '3' with not response. I had to break open the plugs to find them with the pinpointer, and only after standing up to re-sweep the hole and plug with the 600 to find out where the target had gone. My takeaway is to never give up on a site, especially that has old ground. The targets are out there. Thanks to Flysar for inviting me along and giving me my best silver day to date. Tim.