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  1. Hey Everyone; I watched a couple of youtubes on "Equinox coins on edge" which prompted me to do a test on my own. Honestly, I really don't know what to make of it and I don't have anything to say positive or negative other than, I hope the percentages of coins on edge are low. Yesterday at the park I laid a silver dime flat on the ground and ran the coil over it in Park 1. The signal was loud and clear. I then stuck it in the ground on edge so the rim was barely showing. Ran the coil over it and the signal came in scatchy and broken up with VDI's bouncing around between the low and high numbers but nothing above 20.....mostly low single digit numbers. And in many passes, no signal at all. I wouldn't have dug these. Did the same with a silver quarter, wheat penny, '40 nickel, and the same scratchy broken signal on all or no signal. This morning out to my test garden.... did the same again with the Nox and the same results as of yesterday at the park. Cranked up the Safari..... hit them loud and clear whether flat or on edge. Do I really need to be concerned about this? Any words of metal detecting wisdom on this? Thank you
  2. bado1

    Wall Charger?

    Steve, Someone mentioned that the EQ does not come with a wall charger but can be purchased separately. I'm assuming that a basic USB Iphone wall charger will work? Dean
  3. Well guys it isn't often that I can't figure out and find a solution to a metal detector problem myself but this time I must admit defeat. I have a permission where there is an annual outdoors 3 days music festival and over the past five years I have used my CTX-3030 with my home made "Coin Shooting" program whereby on the CTX VDU I blacked out (Discriminated) the whole screen then I took the signals from our £2, £1, 50 & 20 Pence coins also some gold and silver rings and accepted them on the VDU the reason I did this was because this festival field was covered in thousands of ring pulls, crown caps and wine bottle tops and when I used my coin shooting program I wouldn't find a single one of these discriminated junk finds but I would end up with £100's & £100's as all of the good losses were in the top grass and I used a small hand rake. Now here is my problem and although there is a vague guidance in the Equinox Manual I just cannot achieve a similar program with the Equinox 800, I have rejected the whole signal spectrum using "One & Two Tone Break" then tried to get a signal from my selected coins and rings but it is a case of nothing happening on the screen when I press the Accept / Reject (\//+) button, I know how to reject a find on the open default Equinox VDU screen but I need to operate the other way around I need to accept the good find signals on a fully rejected screen as the only other method is I would have to take hundreds of different types and twisted /bent pull tabs and crown caps and twist caps off wine bottles and carryout individual rejections. Another thing which I must consider is that these ring pulls can show up as different conductive numbers for similar pull tabs when on edge. If I can't find a remedy to do the same with my Equinox 800 I will revert back to using the CTX which is much heavier on this festival field with thousands of fresh losses. Your thoughts on this matter would be gratefully received. Good Hunting Randy Dee ( IN UK )
  4. I used baking soda and water to clean the coins since I don't plan on selling them.
  5. ..it finally arrived - happy like a little boy Will probably hit the beach with my son for some first tests this evening
  6. Stephen newell

    Gold Walk With The Nox

    So today I chose to test another aspect of the mighty Nox. So to set the stage I had 4 to 4.5 hrs to detect. It was out in the Nevada desert around lovelock/ rye patch area. The area is dry for the most part. Which means we can run hot on the settings. I ran the Nox on gold 1, all metal, 22 on the sensitivity. So I also had my Gold Racer with me to test my replacement 7.5 x 4 coil. I started with my Gold racer as a way to test the new coil and find a target to test the Nox on. I found a target in about 3 mins. Was a 1.1 grain gold nugget. I then tested this nugget with the Nox and it hit on it hard. Now I did have to put it back as I first recovered it with the Gold racer. The ground was dry and not really packed so putting it back was the same as finding it with the Nox in the first place. The area was dry and the nugget was about an inch down maybe a little less. Now this area has been hit hard by me and others with my gold racer sniper coil, the gold monster sniper coil last time I went out. Plus gold bug2 and a SDC2300. In the hands of people that know how to use them. This is our claim so we know it well. Yet this one was missed after 2 seasons of heavy detecting. Right near the surface. The Nox hit on this nugget harder then my Gold racer did. I used this target to test the other modes on the Nox. I found that park would not hit on it. Nor did beach. I tried out the fields as well. They didn't really want to hit on it solid like. Last mode I tested was gold 2. It hit on it but was kind of weird on the sound side. TID bounced around a little, but so did the gold racer. Fact is i dug the target only because it repeated and on this claim you dig what repeats period. That is about it for this target. I placed the gold racer in the truck and went full time with the Nox. I scanned the rest of the hot spots on the claim, finding nothing. So I went over the ridge to our other claim which has been pounded harder then the first. Got down in the wash and on the bedrock. It is shist bedrock. Think thin Domino's shoved against each other standing on edge. I got a good hit. The TID was hitting -9 -8 with a 2 mixed in. But the sound was a clean zip, both directions. I cleaned the over burden of the top, taking it down to close to clean bedrock. The sound got louder and the TID stayed the same. I was starting to wonder if it might just be a good hot rock. But I cleaned a few grains of dirt out of between the schist and there was a little yellow flake. It weight .5 grains. That is a flake (check the pic). It was an inch down and between schist fingers. After taking out the nugget I scanned the area again and still had the hot rock signal. The nugget was sitting on top of a section of hot schist. That is impressive. Remember I said this was a heavy detected area. I personal used the gold monster over the top of this area. As did my gold buddy with his SDC2300. Less than a month ago. A few other things I wanted to note. I found that you can tell a hot rock by moving the coil slow in two different directions. A hot rock or mineral ground will zip only one of the two directions. But a nugget will zip both directions slow or fast swing speed with the Nox. Bottom line, would I replace my gold racer with the Nox probably not. But if I could only keep one detector I own, it would be the Nox no question. If you are truly looking for a one detector unit it has to be the Nox. If you want to be able to swing on the beach one day in the water, the park that evening and the gold fields the next morning, all with the same detector the Nox fits that bill. The fact that the Nox can hit on a .5 grain flake in schist under an inch of overburden, Is awesome and it was not a weak sound ether.
  7. This morning at 5am i had a few hours to do the beach with the Nox before going to the Hospital to meet Mum who was having a scan and biopsy on her right Lung which is likely to have Cancer. At 5am the tide was almost out and as the tides are long at the moment i wanted to only do the sand which exposes only at long tides mostly . 3 weeks ago i heard of a 14k Gold ring lost by a foreigner from Germany and i was hoping to find it . But today the weather has been windy and the sea has been running a bit higher than wanted . As soon as i got there i knew it would be hopeless today so carried along the beach on the sand that was exposed further up . Mostly it was quiet but no long before i got to the end of that section of beach i had a very high tone in the mid 30's TID and thought Silver or Aluminium ? so i dug and out came a 13.3g Silver band . In the same area i found £2.40p of coinage including 2 old style Pound coins . I started back along the beach again and then i came across a target reading 17 in a mid tone , i thought Aluminium again as many of those number between 17 and 20 are Aluminium but as i was on the sand i would dig anyway . And was i glad i did . In the first spade full in saw a glint of Gold , i picked it up and it was a 22k 8.8g Gold ring . After that i found only a Lead fishing weight and as i was around 7.30am i thought time to go , the tide was coming up and the sand was covering quickly . Tomorrow i will go again for low tide and take the Nox and this time have my chest waders on and a scoop with me . Time to find that 14 k , i wont be going for coinage so if i dont find the ring or a ring i wont have a report but i will be going into the water up to my knees at least , would go further but the current is strong and wearing waders is risky . I cant be sure but i think i was using Beach 1 in my settings for the rings and swapped over to 2 in the water . I checked on my E.Trac and the Gold ring read 12 27 . I have now had 2 Gold rings and 15 Silver rings so far .
  8. Just when I started to learn more about the AT Pro my buddy recently gifted me, I received my 600 from Fedex. I brought it out in the backyard after charging it and buried a penny down 8-9" deep. I heard a good signal up to 4" above the ground. I went over it with the AT Pro and 8x6 coil and heard it an inch above the ground. I am armed and dangerous now :-). It has been a long time since I've had a top-of-the-line detector and now I have two of them. Life is good 🙂
  9. As some of you may know I am almost completely deaf and cannot manage without my hearing aids and a while back I bought a couple of Phonak FM Receiver shoes for use with my Phonak Hearing Aids and I later bought a Phonak Roger FM wireless transmitter so as to hear music and TV wireless direct to my hearing aids. Today I took it into my head to try connecting my Minelab Equinox WM08 wireless unit with my Phonak Roger FM transmitter and I then paired the WM08 unit with my Equinox then paired the Phonak Wireless transmitter with my Phonak Hearing Aids and low and behold the Equinox signals came belting through spot on and loads of volume, see photographs below.
  10. I'm a former XP Deus user and have been searching around for aptX LL headphones similar to my old Deus WS4 wireless backphones so that I can wear sunhats. I purchased the 66 AUDIO BTS Pro's last week and was pretty disappointed after syncing them up to the Equinox 800 and no aptX LL!!! I contacted their tech support and didn't hear anything for a couple of days. I boxed them up to return to Amazon and just as I was heading out the door to the UPS Store I received an email from them saying "We will send over a manual firmware update in 1-2 days to resolve the aptX-LL issue." Two days later (today) I got the firmware update. The update went smoothly on my PC, I synced up to the Equinox 800 and aptX LL now works GREAT!!! I tested them out around my garden and they're awesome. If anyone needs the firmware update file without having to wait four days send me a PM. These headphones sound great, loud, are comfortable and have some pretty impressive specs with a 40 hour battery and 100 foot range. https://www.66audio.com/bts-pro https://www.amazon.com/66-AUDIO-Wireless-Bluetooth-Headphones/dp/B01M8M4R7K
  11. I went out this morning actually to try out my new Quest Xpointer. I haven't been out in a cpl because of getting my truck ready for my fall road trip with tuneup, tires and battery. I went to this field I hunted really hard last year with my Etrac and early this spring with my Equinox 800. I was pretty confident there wasn't much left to find with the exception of a few pennies I knew I had passed on and I knew about where they were because I was going use them for trying different sensitivity and recovery settings. When I got to the park I thought why not try field 1 here just to see if I can find any more clad. I set it up leaving open 12- 14 and 21 - 38. I set the sensitivity at 23 and recovery 7. I also used 50 tones. I started to wander toward a spot I knew where a penny was and try out my new pinpointer. The foot traffic area of this old field I had hunted really hard with my other detectors knowing I had left a cpl pennies. 1st off I found 3 pennies and expected to find them and about 5' away I got a solid 30 and found a quarter and not far away another one. Well I ended up finding 9 quarters in an area 50' x 450'. I couldn't believe it because I had hunted the exact same area very hard with my Etrac and this spring with my Equinox. I hardly believe that using Field 1 is why I found that many quarters but the evidence seems to point that way. All the quarters were 6" or less deep. I also found 2 dimes. I hunt areas in Park 2 I have hunted in Park 1 and have never found much more in Park 2. I am going to try Field 1 in a cpl other places I have hit really hard just to see if maybe I am onto something but I really believe I just missed the clad I found today during my other hunts
  12. First two pics are from previous hunts at a fresh water beach with the ID Edge. Found an area where the sand moved out a bit and made some older finds. The 2 large rings had been in the water quite a while the small one is a newer drop probably from last year all marked 925. and today's very first finds with the Nox. Small Sterling Silver bracelet and the usual stuff. The melted car looks a bit like a Delorean that perhaps did too many time travels and the large metal ball.. I have no idea what that's from. Perhaps a weight from a fishing net?
  13. Thanks everyone for the amazing information and for taking the time to write it all down. Today I went back to the same spot that I had iron falsing and now I know the difference in tones. The main green is littered with iron too but there is a distinct difference in tone that was mentioned in your responses. The tone is higher and more abrupt. I walked into the spot where I found the 44 merc and got a nice tone and 24-26 vdi using park 2 with the minimum sweep and recovery speeds and a sensitivity of 22. Amazingly I got my first seated in many years, an 1872. There are a lot of signals with park 2 so I tried field 2 and it is awesome. There is less lag time with responses and signals are narrowed down more than in park. I hunted with field 2 and then switched to park 2 to see if the signal is still there. They are similar but field 2 is easier on my ears :-) I then found a 1902 barber quarter and later on an 1899 Indian down 9 or 10". The compact or watch or photo frame was from another area and was at a similar depth. I do not find much silver anymore and never found a lot to begin with so finding silver 2 days in a row has made me a believer of all the rave reviews I had read and seen about the Equinoxes :-)
  14. Here's some pictures of things I've found on my last few hunts with the 800. First is a small 925 earring that I found at the beach. It rang up about a 15/16 I think. Next is the first silver coin I found at the same beach, one where I've found plenty of wheats. It rang just like a silver dime and maybe dropped to 26/25 a few times. These next 3 dimes made me really see the ability of the Equinox. I found them all in my neighborhood. The first, a 1914 Barber I found in my neighbors yard. All the yards are very small and easy to grid. I had been over his yard a few times with the AT Pro and I even told him that I thought someone had most likely detected there before because there wasn't a coin signal to be found. On the third pass I got a nice high tone, 27/26, marked it and kept going a few more passes. Then I went home and grabbed a shovel and my pinpointer and went back to dig it up. I was very surprised to see the Barber. All silver dimes in my neighborhood have been mercs or rosies and my neighbor was even more surprised there was such an old coin in his yard. After finishing the rest of his front yard I went back to an abandoned house that I had been over multiple times, started walking up and down from the road to the house and back when I got a nice high tone. I stopped to inspect it and it was ringing 27 when I had just the front tip of the coil over it. As I moved the target more towards the center something else was also ringing and corrupting the dime signal. I dug it and out popped the merc. A few days later I went back over my neighbors to his back yard and started walking up and down. I got a nice 27 signal and marked it, called it as a silver dime and waited for him to come out of the house to dig it. When I did, I was right and there was a rosie in the plug. Next is a TINY .97 gram sterling square wire ring marked FIELDING that I found at the bottom of a sledding hill at a local school. It rang up around 22/23 and when I first dug it out I thought it was a key ring but it definitely looked silver. I cleaned it a little and saw it was marked on the inside. This morning I went back to the local beach and had a great morning. My first target was a 10K gold ring marked WB inside a diamond that rang up 11/12. I think this is another oldie. Then I got an 18K cross that rang up as a 1, 3 silver rosie dimes that all rang different. One was a solid 26/27, one was 23/24 and its a little thin and one was 15/16 that is so thin and worn there is a hole in it. I also got a silver quarter that rang up a 32/35 in the mud but 30/31 when it was out. My settings are either Field 1 in the grass, 50 tones and the sensitivity between 18 and 20 unless there is EMI, then I turn it down until it isn't present any more. On the beach I use Beach 1, 5 tones and the same sensitivity, everything else is left alone. I always noise cancel and almost never ground balance. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is why I metal detect!
  15. I recently purchased an equinox 600 but when I go into advance settings and hit the accept/reject button the machine won't go through t1 t2 etc menus am i doing something wrong or is this a faulty detector
  16. OK so I went out this past weekend with the Nox at first, to an old townsite, lots of older trash and big iron. I started the day with the Equinox and got pretty frustrated after a few hours, granted I am still in learning mode for this machine but I finally gave in and took out the Deus for awhile and then the CTX. I tried a few settings I found online to see if it could help but it just got overwhelming trying to pull good targets out of the trash, kept getting rusty nails with a high tone even after adjusting the iron bias...Im sure im missing something and will eventually learn but Im curious to see what settings some of our US relic hunters are having success with... I appreciate any of you than can offer advice and/or settings that may give me some clarity. Thanks in advance
  17. Took a chance and bought these waterproof Equinox headphones off EEEE Bay for a fast approaching Caribbean shallow water hunt. They're from Hungary! I even wondered if I would get them in time as the estimated shipping delivery date was more than 2 weeks! All the ML retailers I contacted keep telling me 4 weeks for ML waterproof phones and it seems it was 4 weeks 4 weeks ago. I'm also told the GG phones will be out soon too. But I needed wp phones for my trip now and to my surprise they were delivered in 2 days! Amazing and I will test them later. At least I can now take an Equinox on my trip!
  18. Today I had my first opportunity to detect a site with the Equinox 600. It is a town green and has a section where and old house may have burned down or fill was dumped so one section has lots of steel and iron nails and other debris. I live in Upstate NY near Albany and places in the area have been pounded by very capable detectorists. I used Park one and began detecting. Even at a sensitivity setting of 23 it was really stable and I started off impressed. Unfortunately after several really nice tones that read 24-36 and turned out to be steel or cut Iron nails I was pretty disappointed. I had heard the nox was really good in iron but it wasn't proving to be. I turned up and down the iron bias and tried hunting in Park 2 but same results. I have never used Minelab detectors before but I have used several other detectors in the past, including Whites Classics and DFX, Shadow X5, Fisher F22, most recently an A T Pro for the first time and I didn't receive this level of falsing on nail with a higher disc that I did with the equinox. I am normally pretty optimistic and can figure settings on other detectors out pretty quick (I know I am new at using it )but I just wasn't clicking with this detector. Also even when I swung the coil at a 90 degree angle several good signals with vdi #'s 24-36, still sounded good. (Are there other setting to help with this than iron bias?) I like to give things a chance and try to learn them but the thought crossed my mind that I could sell this thing before I scratched it and I could just use the AT Pro that a buddy recently gave me 🙂 Also the ergonomics seemed awkwards, it was rubbing on my forearm and seemed front-heavy. I detected my way over to the main green where there have been recent flea markets and where I have unfortunately found newer targets down pretty deep due to the soil but I figured, "let's see how this does on some deeper coins in an area with less old iron." I didn't expect to find anything old. I found a dime down 6 in, a bottle cap down 7 in, another bottle cap down 7". The depth was decent but not overly impressive. I detected the area in the past with my DFX and never found any silver there and had to work hard gor only a couple wheaties at about 6-7". I figured I would detect my way back to the car quick and I got a really nice signal that read 24 to 26 but it had a really full tone to it that sounded different. It sounded really sweet, unlike any other detector that I have used. I just knew it was a coin. I dug down about 6 to 7 in and at the bottom of the plug I noticed another dime. I thought, "Cool another dime but this thing isn't impressing me as much as all the hype ;-). I then looked at it again and it looked a little different. The pattern was odd, it had been discolored from the soil and it turned out to be a 44 Mercury. That made me smile really wide since I never found silver there in the half a dozen times that I detected there with 2 other detectors. I found silver on the first hunt and have decided that perhaps my initial reactions were premature and I need to keep this thing LOL ANY SUGGESTIONS ON IRON FALSING ARE MUCH APPRECIATED AS WELL.
  19. On page 25 of the manual you have this note: "Beach Mode automatically senses black sand and reduces the transmit power to ensure that targets can still be detected without overloading occurring. When black sand is sensed, the Beach Overload Indicator will appear on the LCD. When this icon disappears, full transmit power automatically resumes." I added the bold to the text above because that is my concern. I've had another hunter ask IF I was experiencing overloads on the 800 and to be honest, I hadn't until tonight. I was running into quite a few beer cans and noticed the overload symbol a few times. My concern and question is (MINELAB, ARE YOU READING THIS?) when will the icon disappear? Only way we have found to actually get it to disappear from the screen is to go to user mode then back again OR turn off the machine and then back on. So, are we at a reduced power or not and for how long? Another question MINELAB, how low does the power get reduced? Anyone out there have any input on overload in the beach modes? Cliff
  20. As some of you know I underwent my second hip replacement 4 weeks ago at the ripe old age of 52 which has short circuited any detecting at all. Rehab has been going well though and I'm way ahead of where most folks are at this stage. I was able to ditch my walker after two days post surgery and have been since working up to taking a walk on the beach much less detect. All that changed today as I got a call from a young man who had lost his wedding ring on Saturday just on the north side of the Ventura Pier. He lost it in the dry sand and wondered if I could come out and help him find it. Since school is officially out for the summer I decided to throw caution to the wind and go. My concern was walking in the dry sand as a newly recovering hip doesn't like the variability of highs and lows that dry sand brings. When i met him he explained that he was putting sunscreen on his young son, took the ring off and placed it on his son's shirt. A moment later he got dive bombed by a group of seagulls hunting for a grubstake and a seagull took off with the shirt and sent the ring flying. He tried to find it but as you know gold sinks and the sand isn't your friend unless you have an Equinox 600!! I drew a 20x20 box in the sand and proceeded to detect and bam, got a nice 20-22 solid sounding tone and into my scoop came this beautiful rose gold wedding ring. So I'm one for one on my first day back detecting. Truth be told the dry sand is a bit much for me right now so my batting average may remain 1.000 for a while as I can't see myself bending down to dig 50 plugs in a park yet but man it was great to get out and do some good finally. Those of you who know what it's like to find someone's lost jewelry know it's a great feeling and put's you on a high for the rest of the day so i'm going to hold to that for awhile. Best Skate
  21. Equinox 800 in the Desert, Gold Monster 1000, and Nuggets.... Part 1 Published on Jun 11, 2018 Nugget Shooter (Bill Southern) Took the EQX 800 out to the goldfields for a run, impressed so far...
  22. Surprisingly to me, this is a feature which typically gets swept under the table. On the RH side of the control module is a toggle switch which allows you to set up a mode with particular settings, save it, and retrieve it with one push of a button. There are multiple cases where you might want to apply this option. The obvious one is when you get an 'iffy' signal in your preferred mode+settings and would like to check with other mode/settings. Different mode? Different frequency (that is, single freq vs multi), different recovery speed, iron bias, etc? I'm sure part of the resistance to using this feature is the apparent bug that when turning off the detector in this condition, problems can arrive when restarting. Hopefully that will be addressed by Minelab for future upgrades. For me, an additional issue is the difficulty in switching to this feature. It likely partly has to do with me using the detector left handed, meaning the closest digit to this button is my (short) thumb. But to make matters more challenging, the force required to engage any of the (left and right) side switches is significant, in comparison to the front face switches. Personally I wish the front face frequency change button (which I only use on rare occasions) had been swapped with the profile button. If that were the case I'm sure I'd find a way to take advantage of the profile feature much more frequently. In fact, I can imagine multiple profiles being useful, although this does complicate the switching required, both for the user and the engineers. I really appreciate the myriad of settings/options the Eqx has available. I don't know how this ranks with the universe of metal detectors but suspect it is at least in the top 10. But, seemingly unfortunately, the difficulty of using the profile option makes it more challenging to take advantage of all these opportunities.
  23. I haven't been able to hunt with my Nox 800 much in the last 8 weeks and only hunted with it a few times when I first got it. So I'm sitting on the sidelines until we get the house ready to sell. What is the consensus on high conductors, Park 1 or 2? Since many out there are getting in the field much more than I, what's your experience on deep silver and copper? If this has been answered before, a link to the thread would be appreciated, thanks..
  24. Since working with the Eqx I've suffered occasionally with poor pinpointing. I've also seen posts from others having the same problem. There are some obvious explanations: 1) poor pinpointing technique; 2) nearby targets pulling the pinpoint location to the wrong place; 3) ?? Since it continues to happen to me, even trying to compensating for #1 and #2 above, I've come up with another contender: non-horizontal target orientation. E.g. vertical. This is something a test setup/garden might be able to determine but I don't yet have one of those. Non-horizontal target orientation may be a rare situation. Yesterday discussing this with an experienced (coin) detectorist I was told that it is extremely rare in his view. Still, I have trouble figuring out why, even with careful technique, I often miss a target location by several inches. Anyone out there want to express his/her opinions?
  25. Benny  le Dous


    Can and will Equinox be opdatet in the future via computer, like XP Deus ?