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Steve's Mining Journal

Gold in Alaska! Thousands have spent their lives searching for the elusive metal in the Great State. My name is Steve Herschbach. I am fortunate indeed to have been born in Alaska, and to have been introduced to gold mining at an early age by my father, Bud Herschbach. Prospecting has taken me far and wide across Alaska and to this day I am still actively involved in the search for gold and other minerals. Most of my spare time in the summer is spent gold dredging, metal detecting, and prospecting. While the extra income is nice, it is the search itself that keeps me going... the adventure of prospecting in Alaska!

Steve with 14.1 Dwt Nugget found at Ganes Creek, Alaska
Steve with 14.1 Dwt Nugget found at Ganes Creek, Alaska

I plan to update this page after each outing I make in the future, and I will also backtrack and document some of my earlier mining adventures. I hope to give you an idea of what can be done by one person with relatively inexpensive equipment. Keep in mind I have been doing this most of my life as a professional, and that I am familiar with the areas I am working. I don't want to imply you can just jump right in and have the same results I have. On the other hand, if one works at it, the rewards of gold mining can be immense. I'm not talking about just the gold, but the sheer fun and adventure of the search! So here we go, with the successes, and occasional failures, of a prospector from Alaska.

The reuse of these stories and images is strictly protected under the copyright laws. You may not do so without my express permission. Image reuse on other websites will normally only require a credit and a link back to this page... but only if I am notified in advance for permission.

This Journal is dedicated to my lovely wife for encouraging and supporting my adventures, and to my father for getting me started on the search for gold.  ~ Steve Herschbach

new Steve's 2014 Alaska Gold Adventure

new Steve's 2013 Alaska Gold Adventure

Gold Nugget Detecting with Garrett ATX
November 20, 2013

Gold and Silver with the Garrett ATX
November 2013

Fisher F75 Strikes Gold in Alaska!
June 2013

Making Lemonade Out of Lemons
May 2013

Alaska Gold Dredging Adventure 2013
January 2013

Last Visit to Ganes Creek Pay-To-Mine
June 2012

new Steve's 2011 Australia Gold Adventure

Fisher F75 Special Edition & Gold Nuggets
June 2011

Ganes Creek Gold with F75 and GPX 5000
June 2011

Ancient Coins at Colchester, UK
October 1, 2010

First Alaska Gold with Minelab GPX 5000
September 2010

Moore Creek Gold Treated with Acid
May 2010

Detecting Micro Nuggets at Crow Creek
September 13, 2009

White's TDI at Moore Creek, Alaska
Summer 2008

Minelab X-Terra 50 at Cabo San Lucas
Spring 2006

White's M6 & Surf PI Pro in Hawaii
December 20, 2005

Beach Detecting with Minelab GP 3500
Fall 2005

The Bulldozer Adventure (Moore Creek)
Fall 2004 & Spring 2005

White's Surf PI Pro & Platinum in Hawaii
December 18, 2004

George's Moore Creek Nugget
July 2004

Coin Detecting with Garrett Infinium

Moore Creek Permits & Gold
June 2004

Thirty Years with White's Metal Detectors

Garrett Infinium at Moore Creek
Fall 2003

Minelab GP 3000 at Moore Creek
August 7, 2003

Moore Creek, Alaska
June 28, 2003

GP 3000 & MXT Get Fortymile Gold
June 6, 2003

GP Extreme in the Fortymile
May 23, 2003

Garrett Infinium in Hawaii
February 18, 2003

Shadow X5 at Crow Creek
September 18, 2002

Infinium & MXT at Ganes Creek
August 29, 2002

Detector Reps at Ganes Creek
June 17, 2002

Memorial Day at Ganes Creek
May 25, 2002

First Gold with White's GMT
May 11, 2002

Minelab SD2200D at Fortymile
August 18, 2001

Lode Gold at Hatcher Pass
August 12, 2001

Exploring Petersville, Alaska
August 5, 2001

Detecting Gold at Ganes Creek
June 22, 2001

Gold Layers at Crow Creek
June 15, 2001

Crow Creek Nugget Rescue
November 4, 2000

Fall Mining at Mills Creek
September 16, 2000

Detecting Gold in the Fortymile
September 1, 2000

Where Gold Comes From
August 13, 2000

Detecting Gold at Chisana
July 21, 2000

GPAA Claims at Mills Creek
June 24, 2000

Minelab SD2200D at Crow Creek
June 10, 2000

Spring Gold Dredging at Crow Creek
May 2000

Gold in Hawaii
Winter 1999

Sniping for Gold at Mills Creek
October 24, 1999

Sluicing Gold at Crow Creek
October 17, 1999

4" Subsurface Dredges at Crow Creek
October 9, 1999

Metal Detecting at Mills Creek
October 5, 1999

Gold Dredging at Mills Creek
October 2, 1999

Gold Mining at Mills Creek
September 5, 1999

5" Subsurface Dredge at Mills Creek
August 21, 1999

4" Subsurface Dredge at Mills Creek
August 15, 1999

Mills Creek Cooperative
July 17, 1999

Old Stream Layers at Crow Creek
July 10, 1999

About Subsurface Gold Dredges
June 24, 1999

Detecting Small Gold at Crow Creek
May 30, 1999

Detecting with Tesoro Lobo at Crow Creek
May 23, 1999

Flooded Out! of Crow Creek
Goldmaster & SD2200D Detectors
May 15, 1999

Origin of Gold at Crow Creek
May 8, 1999

What's Placer Gold Worth?
May 1, 1999

Canyon Gold Dredging at Crow Creek
April 24, 1999

Winter Gold Dredging at Crow Creek
Fall 1996

First Gold Nugget with a Metal Detector
1973 - 1989