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  1. Finally found my fist Virginia picker with the GM 1000 on the private land that i have access too! This is my first piece of detected gold from here. Ive found lots of nuggets dredging the creek but nuggets have eluded my detecting efforts. I found this one in a small feeder creek. I have since detected most of the feeder and found nothing else. I still have yet to find any pickers or nuggets outside the creek at this location which is frustrating to say the least. I also run a GPX4800 outside the creek but no dice still. Up to 12 gram nuggets found dredging in the creek but nothing outside of it. One of these days lol.
  2. I was just wondering if there was any plans of aftermarket coils being produced for the Minelab GM1000? I can think of a couple reasons why they would be welcomed. The coils seem to be impact sensitive, and the coils do not have good edge sensitivity. Am also wondering if a concentric coil can be built to work on the gm1000? I tend to prefer concentric coils over dd's for vlf nugget detecting.
  3. Equinox 800 in the Desert, Gold Monster 1000, and Nuggets.... Part 1 Published on Jun 11, 2018 Nugget Shooter (Bill Southern) Took the EQX 800 out to the goldfields for a run, impressed so far...
  4. I have been using the GM1000 for maybe 20 hours, covered some (often difficult and shifting) ground and found what I normally would find, mostly trash, most interesting so far an old key. So far so good. It is not impossible that there might be some gold to find, but highly unlikely. I am trying to dig every clear signal. I am mainly out to find meteorites, and I am still unsure how not to overlook a possible meteorite. Very, very often I would get a clear signal with iron characteristic. When I remove the ground cover, it often slowly fades away. Not sure what that is. Sometimes I do find small corroded iron crumbs (then the signal does not fade). But most often nothing. Also, very often the GM1000 would give a really strong signal, but it is not possible to localize, because it just fades away even before I notice if it was an iron signal or not. I assume due to the auto tracking, so this might indicate a hot rock. But what would I have to expect from a meteorite? If there is iron, also as quite tiny grains, the signal should not just fade, is this correct? So I do not have to worry about the signals from hot rocks? Thanks for help.
  5. I had talked with Detector Pro on the issue of headphones for the Gold Monster 1000 and I said they would do well on sales if someone would come out with a good after market headphones. Well they thought about it and called me back informing me that they are answering the call to produce a high quality headphones for the Monster that will eliminate the external speaker sound from coming thru. These headphones are the same as the Gray Ghost headphones but were made specifically for the Gold Monster. They are the Gold Series and there will be a special headphones coming out for the Exuinox as well. The cord is a pigtail style with an 1/8" jack that shuts off the external speaker. The sound is sharp and crisp with no distortion. The pigtail cord is 6" longer than the Gray Ghost headphones and I assure you there will be no more kneeling on the cord as we all have had to deal with until we just use the Monster without headphones. I feel these headphones are very comfortable and block out external noises very well and they have a volume control on the side as well. I have the proto type as I have been asked to field test these wonderful headphones by DetectorPro.I will let everyone know when they will be available for purchase.
  6. I took my Whites TDI SL with both the stock 7.5" dual field coil and the 8"x6" NUgget Finder coil, as well as my Minelab GM 1000 out and tried them on some small 1.7 grain and 7.4 grain pieces of lead i use for testing. The minelab found both easily and at over 2" on the small one. The Whites wouldn't pick up either one with either coil. I am liking the Monster more and more. But was wondering? Should the Whites do better than it did?
  7. Hi all, My name is Joseph and am a lifelong resident here in Fairbanks, Alaska. After about 8 years of searching for gold with a pan, homemade sluice and 2" suction dredge, I'd decided to take a leap (after reading a few spectacular in-depth reviews here) on purchasing Minelab's Gold Monster 1000 at the beginning of April. I have a older Bounty Hunter tr/bfr detector and a older Fisher 1212x I'd found at a pawn shop although I learned they are both ok for finding decent size metals like keys/coins and hot rocks on the surface and the Bounty Hunter has helped me find black sands a few times, but not so good on the small sub-gram gold I normally find. The snow is still on the ground here, maybe 1ft in my yard and still around 7 feet in the area I like to spend the summertime prospecting. This past week I'd taken a short drive to one of the local fishing lakes to see if I could find some ground to get a little practice in and luck was in my favor. Not being to familiar with detecting non-ferrous metals, I thought it would be a good idea to chase after some of the tin foil and lead sinkers that had been scattered all over the beach from years of people that like to hang out there. With the large coil on, I'd held the machine off the ground to power on, let it complete the air test and started out in "All Metal Mode" at "auto plus one" sensitivity and was about 30 seconds before I'd heard the first loud beep with the meter slamming to the right, it took a few moments to find out it was the first small split shot lead sinker! So on to the next few targets I'd noticed plenty of beeps with the meter going the other direction (ferrous) I'd dug them anyway to make sure and turned out being single fish hooks. What got really annoying was how overly sensitive the GM1000 is on tiny pieces of foil and I mean tiny! It screamed like it was a large target until I turned the sensitivity to manual to the 6th bar which calmed things down and helped me focus on some actual large targets. After about an hour went by I had 14 lead sinkers, 5 hooks and a few pennies, I just had to check out the 5" coil. Round 2: I'd returned to full auto plus one sensitivity and found what cherry picking really was by simply lifting the coil up just a little to see if I could make any difference in the sound getting lighter response from the smaller targets and seemed to do the trick of avoiding some (not all) of the tiny foil pieces and continued to score some good size lead, a few dimes, nickels and then my first silver which looked to be a part of a bracelet or?? Didn't matter so much as it made my day! I was happy to then try out the "gold mode" for a while as I felt really comfortable with the full auto/all metal settings. I did not like the beep..beep sound it made while ignoring the ferrous targets after hearing a more wha-zip sound I had gotten used to and doubt I'll ever use it in that environment again. (maybe in the hills?) Although the meter seemed to be spot on still. So back to it, I got to dig a few more hooks, sinkers, 2 fly's, more coins, a broken cheap ring, some tiny shotgun pellets, a few bullets, a pellet gun pellet and then the magic happened, a beep like I hadn't heard yet... My first gold with the GM1000, first with a metal detector and first gold of the year was a 1" tall pendant (brass plate) with gold flakes and is my first Initial! A true blessing as the silver was a great find for me, it still blows my mind and if I never find another flake with this machine, I couldn't be happier with how my first experience went! Thank you to all who have posted about this detector and other forms of prospecting knowledge, I hope I can do the same as I get more familiar with the gm1000 and will do my best to help contribute to any info I may provide in the future! Joseph
  8. I am looking to buy the Universal shaft Adapter for the Gold Monster 1000, any body knows a dealer who is selling it? Could not find any dealer in the US who is selling it on the web, and also did not see it on the Minelab website any more . Help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
  9. Did some testing with my new Gold Monster. The GM1000 is easy to use and has a perfect user interface. While it can be quite compact using custom parts, I wish Minelab would provide a telescopic shaft. A better shaft would really make a big difference for usability while hiking and biking with the monster. The hard part with the Gold Monster is learning to find the tiny targets it detects, digging staple-size targets is challenging. Now I am hoping to find both huge and tiny meteorites with the Gold Monster.
  10. Lunk or someone I'm sure will be doing a comparison between the Gold Master 1000 and the Equinox 800 for hunting Meteorites. Looking forward to that comparison to determine whether I want to add the GM1000 primarily for Meteorite hunting while keeping the 600 and 800 for more general purposes.
  11. Hello everyone I am french so excuse my bad english I am a goldpanning addict and I have never used a detector before... However I am interested in goldmonster 1000 but I have some questions, despite reading various topics on the forum, it's not totally clear for me. It seems that there is not a lot of GM 1000 users in France ! Almost nobody is looking for gold with a detector here, it's not Australia or California But i know some areas with 0.1 to 2 or 3 gr nuggets on the bedrock and i want to test it with a metal detector. Do you think goldmonster works properly to search for gold in a stream (river), to examine the bedrock underwater ? I know that the coil is waterproof but the detection capacity is it good underwater? And in the wet gravels on the banks of the river ? In attachment, show you my biggest nugget (2.7 gr) and some "big" pieces of gold i have found (i think GM 1000 is able to find this type of gold). Thanks for your advices ! Vince
  12. Hi guys, We had a public holiday today. ANZAC Day. Anzac Day occurs on 25th April. It commemorates & is a day of remembrance to all New Zealanders & Australians killed in war and also honours returned servicemen and women. ... The date itself marks the anniversary of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs) landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them. We will remember them. Lest We forget. I packed the GM 1000 & the EQ 800 & headed out in search of some small tiny gold that I knew had to be lurking within the folds of schist bedrock & cracks & crevices. The area wasn't overly friendly for the EQ's 11" coil so I started out with the GM 1000 & its 5" coil to get into the tight places. Sensitivity was A combination of Manual 10 & Auto +. Not 5 minutes into it & I had my first faint little signal. Down on to the schist bed rock & the target was out. A small piece of gold. Junk targets were very few. I got another good little hit in the folds of schist. Another small bit of gold. This was the start of a bit of a roll. Rabbit hole dig to the right & a signal dig on the left A small piece of gold. Most of the signals were very erratic on the gold chance indicator. Sometimes there wasn't even any movement on it until a few scrapes had been made. Ended up with two bits from that dig. But oh so small. Another good hit A better bit of gold. I then got a signal that had me into a couple of crevices in the schist bedrock. Ended up getting 3 bits from this little area. Tiny bit I then gave the EQ 800 a run & couldn't believe the two tiny bits I got with it. Full max sensitivity of 25 & multi IQ. Prospect mode 1. Can you even see it? To the left of the center bar on the E. Same in the below pic. I ended up going back to the GM. On my way back out I got a signal that turned out to be in a crevice that wasn't even visible until I dug into it & uncovered it. It was on a drop of down into a tailing race. A small bit of gold On my walk back to my wagon I took a snap of the autumn colours looking down the river. End result for the afternoon was 12 for the GM for .32 of a gram And two for the EQ 800 for .05 of a gram Grand total of 14 for .36 of a gram. Won't be quitting my day job. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  13. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFgzy3yZCA1FdeJcOEbOYMQ/videos Just thought i would post this up, i have been watching his clips for a while now, He is the most prolific gold finder with the monster i have seen, certainly shows how good the monster is at pinging those specimens and tiny flakes. I have been loving the posts by Kiwijw & Phrunt who have been doing well with the monster in NZ but i haven't seen much of the monster in Australia and more in the more mineralised ground until i came across this guy. Cheers,
  14. From the Anderson Website: Anderson Gold Monster Shaft -0836CF Fits - Minelab Gold Monster Price- $149.99 USD
  15. So I recently had an experience where I was forced to use headphones with my GM1000, I hate headphones, or should I say I hate the cords on headphones, I get all tangled up in them. I was looking into ways to make my GM1000 have bluetooth wireless so I can use my Equinox 800 wireless headphones on it if I need headphones for any reason, this gadget seems to be the right thing for the job EastVita APTX Bluetooth Transmitter 3.5mm Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Receiver Adapter Car Aux Cable for Speaker Headphone Has anyone tried something similar? or know if this will work? Thanks
  16. Having a bit of fun with the GM 1000 so thought I might chronicle my finds in the one spot (if that's allowed??). Went out this afternoon with the literal dog, the figurative dog and the 3 hounds (the kids ). Took the GM to a spot where I had been before with the SDC and the Zed and had never found anything but rubbish. Old quartz vein site that had been pretty well smashed by the old boys. Lots and lots of targets with a little bit of sign of previous detectorists but I am assuming they were put off by the rubbish too. Today I strapped on the big coil for a bit of a change. Have almost exclusively used the little fella as I think it's a bit more stable and sensitive - although I have absolutely nothing to back that up with. A few small pieces of lead and a bit of ? tin. And one nice little specie 👍🏻 Also had a bit of a noise in the quartz wall but it was hard to get close enough so will be heading back there with the little coil to get a better swipe at it. Only out for about 45 mins so plenty more to this story (hopefully )
  17. Today I was out detecting with my GM1000 and about half way through the day the volume on it went really quiet, I don't know how to do a factory reset on the GM1000 to see if that will fix it, I have it set at maximum volume obviously and its internal speaker is just so quiet, I didn't have headphones with me so it cut the day short as it was so hard to use when you couldn't hear it over the creek noise. I got home and tried it with headphones and they're loud, normal volume levels so I think it's associated with the speaker, perhaps a faulty speaker. I quick google shows nobody else has had the same problem? On the plus side, I did manage to find a couple of nuggets before the speaker packed it in.
  18. nolan_dusty

    GM1000 Falsing

    Is falsing still a problem on the Gold Monster? Reason I ask I'm currently in the market for a detector Im looking at a GB2 mainly but I think I might get a Monster later down the road to add to the assortment of gold detectors. I have read many posts on various pages and forums saying that the coil falses a lot when brushed against something which could be a problem for me. I currently hunt in really thick sage brush an I really dont want the detector going off all the time in the brush that is one reason I plan on picking up the GB2 first because I heard its stays really stable and you can put the coil to the dirt. Has the Monster been updated since its release? do they plan on updating anything on the Monster like headphone jacks or keeping the sensitivity under control to reduce falsing?
  19. Hi guys, The other night after work I took the Gold Monster & EQ 800 for a walk. I was keen to try some comparisons. Got to the old workings & fired up the EQ 800. All was good for a few minutes & then all of a sudden the thing went crazy. Noisy as & VDI numbers all over the place. Lifted the coil up in the air & no difference. Waited for it to settle down...which it didn't. WTF. I checked my settings. Backed the sensitivity from 25 down to 15. Still no change. Did a factory preset. Was ok again for a little bit & then Bang....same thing again. I thought the worst.....that something had gone wrong with it. Didn't think it could be EMI as there is nothing out there to cause it. On getting home later I saw that Steve had done a post on interference from mobile phones. MMMMMM....maybe....although I had never had that kind of reaction like I had with the EQ that night. I do use my phone for taking photos & I do get a bit of a reaction on my PI's & the Zed when a txt comes in or a phone call. But nothing like what happened on the EQ. Well the EQ 800 was unusable so I tried the GM 1000. No problem with that. It just purred away. Sensitivity on Auto + as it was hitting better than manual 10.. got a faint as little signal. Then another Gosh...dont sneeze. Then a better signal. A bit deeper & it was still in there. Bugger the EQ, there went my comparison testing again. So I just kept going with the Monster. Another signal Another small bit of gold All up ten little pieces & no junk It was just going on dark & I decided to pull pin. I got the EQ & tried it quickly & it had settled down. Maybe it was some form of EMI. Blowed if I know from where though. I like how the EQ 800 headphones, through the cable, fit the Gold Monster. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  20. Gerry in Idaho made this comment in my previous Monster Gold Post. "Those Monster bits are very impressive. Just think of how small you can detect with the little 5" round coil? Reality is, the small coil does not even need to be used, unless in extreme rough terrain. Both machines are way better at small gold than what we expected." (Referring to the EQ 800) I replied: Hi Gerry, I have used the 5" on the monster & like you say it doesn't really need to be used. There seems to be no measurable difference in size of gold finds with either coil, it does just come down to the terrain & where one is wanting to poke the coil. Both machines are deadly on small gold, that is for sure. The real surprise to me has been the EQ with that 11" DD coil. Especially in Multi IQ. Staggering. People out there need to realise that I am able to run both, & the GB2, in maxed out settings due to our insanely mild ground. This is helping no end in me getting these tiny bits. I realise that many of you wont have a hope of running these hot settings & hence you are unlikely to be getting gold as small as I am showing what I am getting. But it just shows the capability of both these machines. Naturally the tiny gold isn't very deep. Thanks. Not having used the little 5" coil for quite a long time and then thinking about what Gerry & I commented on I decided to go back to an area where I have been finding this small gold with the EQ 800 & the Gold Monster with the 10 x 6 coil. As in my last few gold finds posts. On Saturday I went back with the EQ 800 & the Monster with the 5" coil as I had pretty much done my dash on finds in this area. I got straight into it with the GM & the 5" coil. Manual 10 was a bit ratty, as was Auto + so I settled on Auto for my general detecting but always flicking into Auto + & manual 10 on the hint of a signal just to cross reference. With the 5" coil I was able to get into places that I couldn't with the 10 x 6 coil on the Monster & definitely couldn't with the EQ 800 & its 11" DD. Gosh...first signal came in seconds. In that hole in the schist on the right of the detector. I tried the EQ 800 before digging. Not a peep. But the ground was quite uneven right on that bottom edge of the schist & the EQ's coil couldn't get right down on the ground. As you will notice there is a lot of ground not suitable for the EQ's coil. Different angle of the same spot. Small piece of gold The dirt area top right was more suitable for the EQ & is where I got 17 tiny bits with it. The rest...not so good for that 11" coil. I then got another signal with the GM & again I tried the EQ as the ground was reasonable for the EQ's coil but another zero response. Small gold it was This little spot ended up with 6 bits of gold as I dug into it. I tried the EQ on another signal that I got with the GM. It was on the edge of a protruding bit of schist bedrock. It actually got a hit on this & was reading 2 consistently on the VDI. Full max 25 sensitivity & Multi IQ, prospect mode 1 Bloody shotgun pellet. I ended here trying the EQ on further signals as the ground was not favourable for its coil. But the 5" on the Monster was doing a grand job. Down into this schist crevice. A nice little slug. One the 10 x 6 missed. And another Different angle of the above dig. Notice the briar rose bush straight up from the end of the pick handle in between those schist outcrops. This was the spot of my next signal. I had dug a signal in there on my last trip with the GM & the 10 x 6 coil. It was rubbish, but I had attacked that briar rose bush a little. The red berries are the rose hips that the miners used in the early days for making rose hip tea for its vitamin C properties. They are almost ready for picking. Just needing the first heavy frost, then it is harvest time. I did that last year but it was a real pain processing the berries for making the tea. So...got a signal & Had to lay into that briar rose bush a bit more & was getting down into a crevice in the schist Bingo I took a pic of the finds at this stage thinking I would be needing to head off. 11 little blighters. But no...it wasnt over yet. On my way out I got another signal. You will notice the green scoop standing up in the crevice dig of the last find beside that briar rose bush. This find down a bit & into the schist bedrock. Again, not a suitable place for the EQ's coil. Even the GM 10 x 6 missed this one. Well that was it so 12 bits all up. I was out of there as it was getting dark. Here are a few pics of the detected area. The earthy flat areas are where the EQ did well. The GM the rest. I was using the EQ's headphones with cable into the Monster. Gold Monster & 5" coils gold finds. So yes the 5" just gets into more spots that the 10 x 6 cant & still gets good depth on the small ones. I was happy with the result & wasn't really expecting it to be honest. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  21. Somewhere in this, or possibly another forum, I read that if the GM is in manual sensitivity that it won't ground balance (fade) out a target like in Auto???? Not sure if the GM only auto ground balances while in auto or does it always auto ground balance even in manual sensitivity???? Hope that my question makes sense...... Still snow on ground so can't test this myself just yet.... Thanks guys.........
  22. For a bit of a test of my VLF's I put the bits of gold I found on this prospecting trip into small plastic bags and put one at a time in a big bucket of gravel I got from one of the two creeks we found the gold at, I threw a handful of my daughters black sand collection into the bucket and mixed it around to make it a bit more realistic of a test. I also added a 2 gram test nugget I purchased on a local auction site some time ago for the test, in the hope one day I find one , it is smaller than the nugget John found on this trip but it must be thicker. I buried the nuggets down at around the 5cm mark, the same sort of depth we found them at as they were mostly in bedrock, one at a time and run each of my detectors over it, excluding the Go-Find as I knew it had no hope, started at the smallest nugget and worked my way up. I put the most suitable coils for Gold prospecting on each detector that I had and put them in all metal mode when available. Starting left to right Equinox 800, GM1000 with 5" coil, Gold Bug Pro with Nel Snake Coil, Gold Bug Pro with Cors Fortune Coil (Nel Sharpshooter), I also used the GBP 10" elliptical on this one, T2 with 5" Coil, Garrett Euroace with Nel Tornado Coil. I wanted to know which detectors I own would have found the nuggets I found with John to work out which are suitable to do the same job as my GM1000 in that situation with the size gold we found. All were in default settings, sensitivity at max and the Equinox in Gold 1 and all were ground balanced to the buckets gravel. Knocked out of the competition immediately was the Garrett Euroace. Nothing at all from it on all 8 nuggets. All other detectors picked up all the nuggets except the T2 missed the smallest nugget of the 8 but got all the others fine. Moved down to 10cm and had the same results. Moved down 15cm and the T2 lost the smaller nuggets and struggled on the bigger ones, the GM1000 got a erratic on its gold probability meter on the smaller ones and the bigger ones were getting harder to to get a stable probability, The GBP lost the smaller ones on all coils and was getting faint on the bigger ones and the Equinox was really struggling and only signalled on them as the center of the coil past them, the edges of the coil got nothing at all on all nuggets. Moved down 20cm, T2 was out, GM1000 lost the smaller ones completely, erratic on the bigger ones, GBP signal was getting faint but still a dig on all coils only on the biggest ones, smaller were still gone, Equinox lost all but the biggest ones. Down to 25cm, GM1000 was out, GBP still faint on the biggest ones on all coils, Equinox was faint but still there on the biggest ones. At 30cm all were out except the most faint signals on the GBP with Cors Fortune and the 10" Elliptical which I wouldn't dig as sounded too much like normal ground noise, and the Equinox was the same but giving a slightly better signal than the GBP and maybe I would dig it. These were the winners for me! GM1000, then Equinox followed closely by the Gold Bug Pro's with various coil options. With any of these combinations I could find the same size nuggets in the same ground, except the Equinox's big coil would let me down. The T2 did surprisingly well and I see why it was a popular prospecting detector but prefers bigger nuggets, however it's still the most comfortable detector I own. The GBP's are really good machines, I take back everytime I doubted their ability, it was my ability that was the problem, not the GBP, I was just in ground that didn't have big enough nuggets for them. As for tiny nuggets the GM1000 and Equinox are the only suitable machines I own. I really want Minelab to bring out that 6" for the Equinox now as I think it will do very well. This was by no means an accurate test, I was just working out what detectors I have that can find these nuggets so if my wife or anyone wanted to use one I wouldn't be wasting their time using one as the Monster is firmly in my hands when I go detecting from now on until perhaps the Equinox gets a smaller coil. The other reason I wanted to do this test was because I liked John's 6" GB2 coil so much for the task, and my Nel Snake 6.5 x 3.5 for the Gold Bug Pro is the same sort of size and shape. I will try out my GBP at the same creek sometime with that Nel Snake and see how it performs in the real world. Seeing his GB2 in action made me want a GB2 but my next and possibly final detector for some time is going to be a GPX 4500.
  23. Has the Gold Monster 1000 already been made redundant by the Equinox 800?
  24. Two Questions with two different creeks, both are freshwater inland mountain fed creeks about 25 minutes or so drive from each other. Creek #1 So I went to an alternative creek to my usual spot today to do some exploring, my GM1000 wasn't behaving at all there, I was unable to use it, I'm unsure if it was because I'm an unlicensed driver of the thing and was operating it incorrectly or if it couldn't handle the ground. I tried JP's ground balancing method numerous times to calm it down and I tried running it on Sensitivity 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ,7, 8, 9, 10, Auto and Auto+, All metal and discriminate in all the sensitivity levels, nothing made a difference I would still constantly get this Siren sound when I was swinging around. I've attached a link to a Youtube video showing the issue. I thought the siren sound was when it was overloaded such as when you put it up next to a big chunk of metal (the same noise happens on my daughters Go-Find 40 when it goes near big bits of metal and at this creek as she has tried it before here and was unusable due to the siren constantly going off) so I dug the area of some of the siren noises, Couldn't find any metal at all with the naked eye, certainly not giant bit's that I would expect would set off the siren noise. I didn't find one bit of junk at the location. The other odd thing is a majority of the time the Gold Chance indicator was indicating it was a non-ferrous target that was causing the siren noise, usually all the way over to the Gold side, you'll see in the video no doubt. I knew I hadn't found a nugget the size of a baseball, so what on earth was causing it! I gave up using the Monster and started just digging buckets of gravel and running it through my sluice and found more gold in the two hours I was there than I would normally find in a day at my alternative creek. It's the first time I've used the sluice at this location but it was nice to see a girl sluicing on my walk to the spot I went to, gave me confidence there must be gold around.. BUT and I think this may explain the siren, my sluice was getting full of little black rocks, I just kept running it for the 2 hours anyway as I could see the front of it was filling up rapidly with little bits of gold (and one nugget that got stuck in the first portion of the carpet) and when I pulled it out to do my cleanup and gather up my hoard I was struggling panning it down because these little black rocks were heavy. I eventually got out a magnet that came with my panning kit and ran it over them and wow, cleaned out my pan in seconds, it was all magnetic. I had to be careful and clean the magnet in another pan as gold was sticking to it like mad. I ended up getting a large container of the stuff in only 2 hours of running about 8 buckets of gravel and that container is damn heavy. Is this stuff the culprit of my Monsters siren noise? Would an Equinox 800 handle this soil better? Are they tiny little crazy hot rocks? they do look like little black crystals up close. All other hot rocks i've encountered in the past are big proper rocks. Is it possibly this black sand I hear about, for some reason I assumed sand would be associated with a beach, but I am new to this all. V Highly Magnetic, and for some reason Gold really likes to stick to them, you'll probably notice little bits of gold in amongst it in this photo. It looked a lot and felt damn heavy so I put it into a coffee jar I had laying around and weighed it. 2.45 Kilos! 5.4 Pounds! No wonder my backpack got really heavy Creek #2 So I've been messing around quite a bit with my GM1000 at another gold bearing creek, when I run the sluice in there I can get lots of bits up to the size of .3 of a gram but mostly the bigger bits are .1 to .2 of a gram. I've noticed in air tests if I run my GM1000 in manual 10 I can get a much bigger depth on a .2 gram nugget than in Auto or Auto+ in an air test so I'd prefer to run it in manual if possible.. I know that air tests are rubbish but it just seems like manual 10 goes deeper most of the time. When I swing my GM1000 in and around this creek in manual 10 I am getting a lot of signals around the place but mostly in clusters, but not everywhere, I can cover 2 or 3 meters on manual 10 and get no signal, then I can come across a spot where about 1 meter radius has signals, so there is some ground that comes up clean, move a few feet away and I get signals again, is it possible this is small gold its seeing or is it some sort of falsing, our ground is normally very mild and if I do dig a bucket of gravel from where it signals there is almost always gold in it. Is it possible that the signals are just the tiny bits of gold I get when I dig a bucket from those spots and sluice it, it seems to me that's the only explanation, but some of the bits are so small it would be a surprise. My other concern is these little signals are this black crystal stuff again, the creeks are near to each other and I have noticed hard to pan out tiny black crystal rocks there, but not millions of them like the other creek, usually 50 or so in a days sluicing. Thanks for any help, these situations have me puzzled, I also would like to know opinions on if the Equinox 800 would handle these situations better than the GM1000.
  25. Was doing some testing on targets with my GM 1000 the targets were clad coins,lead bits,aluminum foil and a couple of gold rings I was trying to get a feel for how each sounds different on the GM 1000 what I need an explanation on is this when I would pass a clad coin pennies,nickels,dimes and quarters under the coil they would all give pretty much the same sound but where I need the explanation is on the iron and gold chance meter on the GM 1000 they all also read on the non ferrous side of the meter why is this nails and things like that would read on the iron side but all clad coins hit on the gold chance side should the meter be reading clad coins like that I understand the nails and things like that but why the pennies,nickels,dimes and quarters the clad coins also would give of a sound on the speaker and hit on the gold chance side of the meter while in deep all metal or discrimination modes it did not matter.