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Personal Messaging (PM)

This announcement is no longer active

Steve Herschbach

It has come to my attention that people have been accidently using an obscure forum feature called "Status Updates" to message each other. The problem is that these messages are fully visible to anyone that wants to look at the member's Profile Page. Due to this apparent confusion I have disabled the Status Update feature, which is not relevant to this forum anyway.

If you want to have a side conversation the correct way is to use the Personal Messaging or PM system. Nobody can see these, not even me. It is accessed by members in various ways. Luckily, the Invision people have a good tutorial on their website so rather than me explain it, go here if you have not already figured it out.

I am continuing to fold the old handbuilt portions of the website into the newer forum driven part of the site. People who "follow" my new posts are going to get a lot of updates as I move these files over. Check out the new Home Page and new Meet & Greet forum.