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  3. More timings maybe? The GPX 5000 wasn't a giant leap from the 4500. Maybe they've been working on better discrimination with word Fisher is doing similar. If they've done target ID's on a PI I'm in πŸ™‚ I am in fantasy land, but it would be outstanding.
  4. First test's of MD (6,7 kHz) with better discrim on big iron with mono coil, for quiΠ΅t work on super trashy areas. 1st video small cooper coin and gold ring 1 gram near solid iron. 2-3rd. video medium size bronze coin and large round iron with hole.
  5. Rick I believe battery life and waterproof depth should be major concerns for Fisher. Is there any news on the subject ???
  6. Finished up both waterproof batteries this past week, and had the inline battery out in the water about 12 hours now with no issues. Both will cover my hunting needs for a while. Both batteries packs charge to 16.8 volts...the inline EBL batteries are 5000 mAh, the Samsung 35E 3500 x 2 = 7000 mAh......Stock battery will go into storage and saved only for warranty issues. Cost wise the inline is the best investment...A little more work charging..but lighter then the stock battery. The 8 cell battery has a longer run time, and much easier to charge..heavier then the stock battery ..the charger runs the price up on this setup...24 dollars plus 12.oo for the M-8 female fitting.. I may try and make a shorty 4 cell of this kind since I have the charger already. Runtime would be around 5 hours plus using 3500mAh batteries....3500 divided by 9.8 mAh = 357 +/- minutes runtime.
  7. My understanding is that performance on PI's is getting maxed out. And simply just updating to a new case, attached battery, and modern screen hardly seems to justify anyone paying $8k to upgrade from the 5000, or $8k to get those features from current 7000 owners. GPS are cheap, and not a significant upgrade to detectors today. Minelab has never released a gold machine since I've been detecting for gold that is a downgrade from the current flagship. Not that I can recall anyways. It almost certainly has to have some totally new something or another that the 5000 doesn't have, and maybe that the 7000 doesn't have either since $8k is a premium machine price targeted to serious prospectors. Most serious prospectors already own a 7000 and would need some reason to buy a PI again. GPX = PI. So, I'm guessing this machine will incorporate this "Geosense PI" technology we heard about. And I'm still guessing it's something to do with correlating the coil position to the ground and to the target in order to get a better ground balance such as in the patents I posted previously. Or maybe something with improved target signal processing.
  8. If you hunted in 4kz. for silver coins in a bottle cap infested site it would drive you crazy and you would be constantly be checking in multi to see what it is.If you hunt in multi first then check in 4kz. it would be much easier. You are doing it the right way Simon. If caps are not a problem 4kz first is fine as long as you are not getting to many up average targets which will hinder you in getting more silver because you will be digging more junk..
  9. I like the built in batteries.I don't have the pain of changing them like my AT Gold which can be difficult now because my battery door has trouble popping off.Nox is being charged as a type. You also can hook up a battery if you land hunt .
  10. Has anybody compared the 2 since the digger coil has a reputation as a silver slayer in the trash and both machines are a Minelab.I was going to get the digger coil but it went from 189 to 269 bucks.To steep a price for such a small coil.I heard Mars makes a 7'' 3kz dd coil for the xterra at a good price but have not seen any feed back on it.Since I got the Nox I haven't used the xterra.I might get the Mars coil just for fun.I think they call it the Lion coil. Madison Maine youtube has some footage of the digger coil.He gets a deep half in one.The digger coil is orange.
  11. Air quality in Melbourne Australia is very good today, fresh and high velocity from Antarctica. Great weather for testing the GMX, but because I want to do a comparison video I'll have to wait. All camera gear and other machines cannot handle the rain and hail . These are probably my most used coils on the Vlf machines, they are great and if the ground will let me I will keep them on the machine. Super hot on small gold and great until things get too noisy and I swap out for a small DD. Simply comparing all the 6 inch concentrics on the XL Pro, MXT and GMX. Tdi Pro and Tdi SL thrown into the mix with Tdi Coiltek 6 inch mono. Not interested in getting too complex, simple 1 grain gold ingot, half gram gold coin and half Sovereign test targets. I know the GMX hits harder on the smaller gold but there will be a point where things equal out. Air test for entertainment value only.. just need the weather to co-operate..The GMX almost demands a comparison, a variety of operating frequencies etc A bit of fun.
  12. Well, I sold the Harley yesterday in anticipation of it happening πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ˜Ž
  13. I forgot to mention that the hunt will be in May of 2021, of course the exact dates will come from the people who are going to it. Thanks for the interest and for those who go please have fun and success!
  14. Another approach is to use a smaller coil, lest volume pushing the coil up.
  15. Yes GB, I wear UV protective, light colored, quick dry, long sleeve shirts, when i hunt! Pretty much year round! And i would do the same anywhere else, with as much sun as we get! But the high humidity here, won't let the shirts dry very much at all! For me anyway! Hence the spares! And also, skin cancer sucks!! Just as much as the rest of the cancer's that plague us!πŸ‘πŸ‘
  16. I used to fill the lower rod with lead fishing weights. The egg sinkers about 3/4 oz. then then pour melted parafin wax to keep the sinkers from moving around. You can slide about 8 - 10" wooden dowel in first, then sinkers, then wax. When you want, just warm up the lower rod and pour it all out. Cheap and no extra resistance in the water.
  17. are they going for the mid range between 5000 and the 7000 time will tell
  18. Record high today in gold. Silver on a tear! How high might it go?
  19. I know what you mean. I bought a blue tooth external speaker that I could use with my phone. It works ok with that so I connected it to the 800. It is not usable with the detector.
  20. Pouch here or just carry it in the same hand as my digger. At the beach I don't bother with a pp, sand scoop is enough.
  21. The 6" coil was even worse. I had to lower the sensitivity down to 10. Yes, that's what I was talking about. All those marginal "Rusty" targets. I once had a pipe cap read as a 50 cent piece. Whether you believe your knowledgeable or not, I've enjoyed your input the short time I've been on the forum.
  22. All Bluetooth devices don’t automatically have the Qualcomm aptX low latency codec. The headphones have to support it thru additional hardware/firmware... The stock ML headphones that come with your Nox do have the aptX LL circuitry and will have audio lag in the low 40’s milliseconds (highly desirable), as opposed to regular Bluetooth, which will have latencies well over 100 ms, which is very noticeable when you wiggle your coil over a target.
  23. Then you'll have 8 million prospectors swarming the gold fields and every last speck will be sucked up in 4 months. 😁
  24. I so detest built in batteries....... Your dead in the water till it recharges...... Give me replaceable battery packs of give me death...LOL
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