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  2. Pulled these from a very early site. My buddy pulled the bottle..
  3. In the US they are sold (nearly exclusively) by a company named Predator: https://www.predatortools.com/. The box mine came in was autographed by George Lesche. His daughter runs the company, I think. Pretty sure he sold the rights to the now universally named 'Lesche' digger to someone else, but could be wrong on that, too.
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  5. I do not believe (please correct me if I am wrong) Nokta has confirmed that legacy Nok/Mak coils designed for the Kruzer/Anfibio series like the 7" concentric referenced here will be compatible with the Simplex. A recent Dilek post indicated that Nokta is releasing some dedicated Simplex compatible accessory coils including a few smaller than the stock Simplex coil and one additional larger coil, but beyond that details (e,g. concentric vs. DD and explicit sizing) are lacking as they are still under development. I would expect a smaller concentric would likely be offered, based on Nokta's track record of previous releases. Making the Simplex compatible with the legacy coil line would be ideal. But if that was the case, I would have thought Nokta would have announced that as a selling point and also why then, would Nokta be developing additional Simplex coils as I would have thought the legacy line covered most of the bases?
  6. There are great number of these "Lesche-alike's" out there, everyone from Garrett, Whites, Deteknix/Quest through to Predator, Raven, and names that you've never heard of. The detail is what's important - in this case it's the blade material and any associated heat-treatment/induction-hardening etc. It would be pretty easy to make a copy cat tool from mild steel, maybe make it thick to make up for the lack of strength, paint it a cool colour and sell it. Far better to make it from something like 4130 cro-moly steel, but the public don't seem very clued up on materials. It's commonly thought that stainless steel is really strong stuff .... no it's not, really. It's better than plain carbon steel, definitely, but still some way below 4130 cro-moly. It would be too expensive to make these tools out of anything more exotic, I think, like EN24; and the fancy maraging steels all require careful complicated heat-treatment, liquid nitrogen baths to do the age-hardening, and of course being very hard, they require more effort to bend, punch, cut, grind.
  7. Fairly new to treasure hunting/metal detecting. Have had an old Garrett and Bounty hunter but never really messed with them. Then I stumbled onto a Tesoro Compadre. Bought it over the internet rather cheaply. What a piece of junk I thought as I took it out of the box. WRONG!!!!!! I've found more with it than everything combined. It talked me into a big brother so I picked up a Vaquero, which I'm still learning. Didn't ever think I'd get excited over a chunk of scrap in the dirt but here I am.😊
  8. Well they fooled me, I don't know what it's like finding big gold
  9. You mean they did all that without making it an entire new model people need to buy? That's a breath of fresh air. Rubber boots on the tracking switch or a software update would possibly call for a new Deluxe model to be released in some brands. I am thinking a Nokta will be my next detector, I can't buy one locally, the local dealer doesn't want to sell detectors, I've been waiting almost 2 weeks now for a reply about buying one. If you recall I've had this problem before and ended up buying from you instead that time, unfortunately buying a full detector package is going to attract too many $ in customs duties and taxes to buy from Oz, cheaper to fly over and bring it back on the plane with me which maybe what I do in the end, a holiday and a detector for the price of the detector + shipping + crazy taxes 🙂 My wife got tickets to go over in November for $300 return, I decided not to go as it's too hot for me that time of year, I might get her to bring one back if she can fit it in her suitcase.
  10. Hey guys, I was curious and emailed White's to see about the new coil on the TDI SL. If anyone is interested here is what Jack from White's said.
  11. At that price I'll probably pick up a couple if I see them.
  12. Gerry - The flyer doesn't make it clear what the bundle offer entails or at least I couldn't find it. Are the bundled accessory items included free with detector purchase or is there an overall discount vs. the total if the all items in a particular bundle were purchased separately? I have heard both versions through the grapevine. Thx.
  13. Anyone with a suitable detector would be nuts not to jump on this, the Snake is a brilliant little coil.
  14. Hahaha.........no other gravels just huge nuggets At 6 minutes in the video if you look at the boulder in the background it looks as if they just laid the nugget there. Who would do that with a real nugget? What a farce!!
  15. Bummer, it's a good tool, it's available at Walmart, Lowes and Sears and a bunch of other shops in USA still, plenty on Amazon and Ebay.
  16. That's especially true prospecting, you'd be surprised how often a deeper small nugget starts it's life in the ferrous region. I can't imagine a deep gold ring would be any different, on the edge of detection I'm near certain a gold ring could show up as ferrous.
  17. I searched the US Stanley site, multitools not listed. Then I searched the New Zealand Stanley site, not listed. Might be discontinued everywhere.
  18. Don't some deep non-ferrous keeper beach targets sometimes start out indicating in the ferrous bin? I keep reading about such beach recoveries on this forum. If you disc those out, then those will never be heard. Though, if you are encountering a lot of true ferrous targets, it may not be worth the effort for such a low likelihood "false ferrous" find, so you might want to take the risk of missing that target for the sake of covering more beach area. It's all about tradeoffs, I suppose.
  19. Steve should delete this thread then, we don't want to give any publicity to hoaxes 🙂
  20. There are several channels with constant bogus gold videos.
  21. What you are describing is basically what phrunt and Steve H. are saying about larger coils being more reactive to ground noise, i.e., a smaller balance sweet spot. As long as the ground phase is not highly variable (typically but not always caused by variations in soil mineralization and which can be mitigated by using tracking GB), then I wouldn't worry about it, as long as you are not getting a lot of ground feedback noise (lots of -7 to -9 TIDs and associated ferrous bin grunts) while swinging the coil in the search modes while in all metal. Furthermore, Multi IQ does a great job compensating for less than optimal ground balance settings vs. single frequency detectors or single frequency mode on the Equinox, so that can be helpful in this case. BTW, for my enlightenment, why do you never use auto pump single point GB? I like that it locks into a single number fairly quickly vs. me trying to hunt for it myself (especially if the last balance point number is significantly different from the new balance point), but agree you would get a better idea of the "sweet spot width" doing it manually. Though, to me that would be more of a curiosity than something I would need to know. I suppose that it also allows you to manually bias the balance point to trade noise for depth in single frequency, for example, which can be advantageous in very unusual situations But is there another advantage to doing a manual vice auto GB? The Equinox manual explicitly states Auto GB is the recommended method (see excerpt below). I'm constantly learning something new about these detectors, so am curious about your preference to do a manual balance. Thanks.
  22. R33 Pot got ya, right! but which way again? I did hear from others turning the pot is a bad idea but I got try the unknown . Now my biggest problem is where to get it fixed now that Tesoro's is gone. My Lobo ST needs someone, anyone at this stage to fix her up after an over voltage was applied to it. Anyone out there know how to fix a LOBO ST ? Please. Thanks' L.L.& B.G.
  23. That's a bugger you can't get the Stanley anywhere, it's such a good tool for an amazing price. I don't know how they could even make it for the price they sell it for, especially with a lifetime warranty.
  24. I stumbled across this video on Youtube, I'm not sure if it's real, it seems unrealistic, far too much gold and huge bits.... The killer is the 90 gram.
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