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  2. Sounds like a winning philosophy to me. All the best, Lanny
  3. That's a very well done picture Joe, I saved myself a copy of it πŸ™‚ I went back again today as I'd done about 2/3 of the goal post area yesterday and wanted to start off where I left off going over it again. I left home and it was sunny and feeling like it was going to get hot, I arrived at the field only 10 or so minutes drive away and it was in a fog with a lot of dew on the grass. I like when this happens, not only does it stay nice and cool it also allows me to see where I've walked. I'd only just turned my detector on and taken a few steps and I had my first signal, a 14/15/14/15, this can be a silver threepence or a pull tab, on this occasion it was the threepence πŸ™‚ This was only about 20 steps after starting for the day.! Nice and deep too A 1933, NZ's first silver sixpence. Next up was a bit of a weird target, I dug it to investigate more than anything as the numbers were 20 to 26, a bit unusual to have such a wide spread but there was no iron tone and it seemed like it might be something unusual worth checking out And it was some kids little purse, it still had their lolly money in it too! When I first found it before opening it I was hoping it was full of silvers! I could see the coins in it But no, they were just a few 1 cent and 2 cent coins along with the big one, a shilling/10c transitional coin. Judging by the age of the coins all being from the 60's I think the purse was likely lost in the 60's. Even when I was a kid in the 80's 1 cent bought you a lolly, some lollies you'd get two for a cent so that kid lost a fair bit of lolly money. You can see in the photo I've done a walk up and back and I'm about to start the next walk, I'm not going far into the field, just sticking near the goal posts. It makes it easy to know I'm covering the ground well. Next up was another silver! Not even very deep, when I find these shallow silvers they tend to be from the 1940's, not as long to sink. It was a 1943 threepence. The next good coin was another siilver, this was just odd, so many silvers so quickly! I really hadn't moved far, I was only on my second trip Not too deep either Surprising a 1933 sixpence was so shallow. NZ's first silver sixpence. Next up was a little cupro threepence, the coin I consider the hardest to find, ID anywhere from 1 to 5. Pretty deep for such a little thin coin too, it ID'd at 3. Next was a UK half penny, I don't have too many of these, I tend to find a lot more pennys than halfs. It was very deep! way deeper than my Carrot. A 1932 UK Penny. It had been about 10 minutes since a silver, starting to slow down, but not for long πŸ™‚ The close up photo of this one didn't work out, it was blurry! It wasn't very deep either... strange. Then another silver, this was getting silly! Not deep either, but it was a 1946 threepence, it seems normal for 1940's threepence coins to be less than Carrot depth. This is NZ's last threepence coin that has silver content. I looked down at my watch and it was only 10:13, I'd arrived at about 9:35.... crazy to get so many silvers in such a little time. Next cool thing was a bit of a coin spill, unfortunately not great coins but still fun to find. You can see them all through the bottom of the hole when my plug popped out. And once recovered, five two cent coins and a one cent coin. About 5 steps later I had another good signal, 21, 22, 21, 22 so I was expecting a $2 coin but it was deeper than I would normally find a $2 on the depth meter. And to my surprise it was another coin spill, this time two UK Pennys. You can see the imprints where I got them out, a 1913 and a 1919. Strange how that grass survives next to the coins like that, I've captured that a few times now with copper coins. I rechecked my hole as I try remember to do every time now and had another 21, I knew what it was going to be πŸ™‚ And it was my 3rd UK Half Penny from the same hole, a 1920 this time. See the intact grass again next to it! I've got more UK Half Penny's today than I've got in a long time. I decided I'd call it quits, as it was warming up and I was expecting a parcel in the mail so I had to be home for the courier. My junk, mostly old pull tabs and a flattened toy car. The purse contents πŸ™‚ The pointless coins. The Pennys, cupro sixpence and threpence coins and half pennys. Also the green shilling from the purse that's also a 10 Cent as it's a transitional coin when the currency changed over to decimal. And the silvers, another great hunt for the Vanquish, that's a lot of coins for just over an hour in ground I've already done!
  4. Thanks for your great technical insights, JP, as always!
  5. 2 x shillings = 1 florin (now 20 cents) 2 x shillings and sixpence = 1 half crown (equiv to 25 cents) No quarters in NZ or Ozzy. 12 pennies = 1 shilling = 10 cents 3d or threepence (pronounced thruppence) 2 to make 6d or 4 to make 1 shilling. (1/-) 5 x shillings = 1 crown. (not used since the 20s 0r 30s and equiv to 2 x half crowns. (Still found if you are lucky.) 20 shillings = 1 pound (now $2) 10 shillings (now equals $1) (we called it 10 bob.) 21 shillings = 1 guinea Pretty much faded out in the 1940s. From memory the sovereign was equiv to the guinea. So the slang was 2 bob, 5 bob, 10 bob, and sixpence was a tanner. NZ and OZ are getting rid of small coinage. No 1c or 2c and 5c will be gone in Oz soon. No longer in NZ. NZ and Oz money (Coinage) can be used in either country although Oz dollar is worth a little more. Our notes are quite different.
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  7. Thanks for you feedback, it seems that if you sell your gold through a mineral or gold dealer they only want to pay you half or a little more than retail pricing on unique gold specimens that can range in pricing based on 2x to 10x or more on gold spot price. I know dealers have to make profit, but at that pricing maybe the auction house is the better way to go. Thanks again for the feedback!
  8. OK, I can't hold back anymore. I just needed to share some of my finds with my ( as I like to call it Mega Kruzer) HA HA. I'm not the best at this , but I'm pretty proud of the roughly 9 hours total on this machine. Bunch of clad , pewter spoon, Merc dime, silver ring, two old buttons, bird band , a weird button ? with the inscription FRANCOR"REX FRANCISG"DC with a crown and dragon symbol. And what I believe to be a suspender buckle S&G.M. CO. Patent 1871 #186, The super clean clad I found at a play ground in the mulch. DID ANYONE LOOSE A CHRYSLER KEY FROM A 1984 LE'BARON??? don't ask how I know the vintage of this key HA HA. I'm sure I missed more than I found but this is what keeps you going !!!! Oh I forgot Mickey mouse.
  9. The larger concentric might be better but the stock should cover the majority of your hunting even the woods. Only real benefit of the concentric is when you hit flat iron like bottle caps so if you plan on hitting areas that are infested with those then it may help. For woods finds tend to be much shallower than fields. Do a quick dig and see where that clay line is and measure that, I'm betting the stock coil should hit that with no problem. My Tejon barely hits a dime at 10" with the larger coil and often much less. Low conductors are no issue. Figures they built on an old site. Up this way there was a civil war training site on an old farm. Most of the farm has been subdivided up and they stuck crappy mansions on it. Only a small patch of dirt is left for the site. Can't even sneak in and check because the contractors dump so much fill and loam the original ground is long gone. Same thing has happened to a nearby powder house that was litterally moved across the road so they could stuff some crap houses in! I think the powder house dates back to the 1600's.
  10. I got 5 silver coins in about 35 minutes today πŸ™‚ I was never that interested in getting a GPZ before I saw the performance JW was getting with his 10" X-coil, when he was going to spots with me early on and he had the standard 14" coil sure he was getting a few bits more gold than me on my GPX and he handled the power lines better but he wasn't getting 10 or more bits of gold than me. That changed when he got X-coils and he was just killing it on the gold in the same old spots where we were both very much struggling before, spots we'd basically both given up on he was getting 12 bits. It was like we'd gone to new fresh ground so if I was ever going to get a GPZ I was going to get X-coils for it straight away. No point swinging the 14" coil on ground JW's been doing with his 10"... I'd be no better off than I was with my GPX.
  11. Your on the money Fred, over here in NQ OZ, although there are a few private properties that allow fossickers on for payment, most of our gold country is on private property where only a few are allowed and that is understandable as they`ve experienced enough of the "average" disrespectful sly fossicker. Gerry & Lunk go with Freds advice, WA has the laws that allow fossicking, The Kimberleys are simply magic and is a massive area, advice...…. get very experienced with your GPS device, OZ gold loves remote massive empty dry areas and perhaps look at paid tours, might cost but you will not be using time up ensuring your legal or safe and should be put onto chance of gold every tour day. The tag-along-tours Missus & I went on in WA in the 90s all were paid for by gold finds, but unfortunately that top tour guide has retired, thus I have no reco re. tour guides.
  12. Cheers Duck! Didn't think you'd have any wood left over there..thought it all burnt. Got three bits which went about 2oz each from the same area last year but just never got around to going back there. Thought I better flog it before the masses arrive this season. Say hi to Deb for me!
  13. I've had money saved for awhile for this machine. I'm now to the point that I don't care that much about it anymore. There's been so much talk about it over the last few years that it's actually old news at this point, most of the excitement for me is over. If it gets released, great I'll most likely still get one at some point, if not, I'm sure something else will come out I can spend my money on. Maybe Minelab will come out with a lightweight waterproof GPX that does well both inland and on the beach. I think I'd rather have a multipurpose PI anyway.
  14. Way cool, brethren. Over 90 grams, and hard-won, too. Thanks for sharing. HH Jim
  15. One of the things I like about this site is that you get so much coverage from all angles and types of detecting. I wish we had more young people like Simon -- that would give us another dimension to cover and learn from. As an example, most of us here are suffering from a malady known as "senior moments". Recently (was it last week, last month, neither, all of the above?) I could swear Simon was putting the freeze on buying more equipment. Now I see not only did he get a GPZ, but then before the paint was dry he ran out and bought multiple accessory coils! I guess it was a different Phrunt/Simon that posted those "my wife has put me on hold" posts. On a side note, glad to see you are succeeding in both forms of detecting (coins and native gold). It could be I'm just envious. On one thread you say you've found five silver coins in two hours before your back got sore, then on another hunt, two pickers before you got too hot to continue. Must be rough for a young guy in NZ. 😏
  16. Rich, if you mean mine, it went back. They had to change some stuff to get CE certification and they didn’t want any non-conforming units β€œin the wild”.
  17. Yes, for one of the first leading detector companies they sure have fallen by the way. 40 years ago I loved my Whites detectors. They performed well and I found thousands of coins and dozens of nuggets but nowadays I would not give Whites a second thought sadly.
  18. Aie tis tops for us MD users, because of golds price gains over the years the average weekly weight needed to make our game an income source has steadily dropped, a good living, now say 2 0zs a week does it nicely, but for this old codger that earning necessity is no longer a priority just the luxury/privledge of being out there "havin a go" is magic. Come on winter...………...
  19. Just curious, Chase. How does a 1944 (well-worn) Mercury dime end up on a Civil War battlefield?
  20. I realize we in the US aren't very transparent, still using non-decimal units (inch, foot, yard, mile; oz, lb, ton; etc.) so this isn't a complaint. But could someone explain how many X's make a 'Y' in the old British monetary units? For example, how many schillings in a florin, how many florins in a crown, and how many crowns in a sovereign? Also, when the Commonwealth countries (especially Australia and New Zealand) used those units for their own money, did they completely conform to the British standards/conventions?
  21. Gee mate, that is rough looking stuff isn't it. Broken out of parent rock but hasn't been water worn etc. BUT, who cares. Great finds.
  22. I think I found all the florins mate... sorry. I have quite a lot of them. Might put up a pic sometime to make your blood boil. LOL Lots of half crowns too. I did sell a few kilos of silver years ago but still some in the safe. Also sold heaps of pennies as most are only scrap value but I still have a couple of hundred somewhere. Nothing special amongst them. Thanks for posting your adventures.
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