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  2. Cool man...I found one of those rings years ago! At first, thought it was some sort of middle Eastern wedding ring, lol.
  3. It's not called "Double Image", it's called "Double Vision", the name is right on the bottom of the car in the photo posted by Kaolin washer.
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  5. Thank you very much everyone @Steve Herschbach I think you are right.
  6. No, I hadn't seen that, yours appears to run much nicer, I was happy with my DD as compared to my mono threshold that DD threshold on mine is fantastic but now hearing yours I'm not so sure, could be the different power networks though. I've never had such little confidence in a detector as I do my 6000 I just see it as an unstable detector that finds gold if you're willing to put up with it. 🙂 Hopefully I start to like it more when I get my aftermarket coils I've ordered.
  7. Geomorphology also affects the size and distribution of gold and alluvium in a stream channel, especially by the size of its watershed and the degree of its slope. Wineglass valleys form by cutting into very steep slopes, often along steep fault scarps. They have narrow and very steep alluvial fans at their base, and a steep funnel shaped valley above it at the head, and are subject to high velocity flows with poorly sorted materials when it rains. Wineglass valleys may possibly be good places to prospect if access is good as the alluvium is poorly sorted and any gold and other heavy materials is more evenly mixed in, whereas those large alluvial fans that spread out almost flat across a valley from large washes are formed by lower velocity flows of well sorted alluvial materials with larger heavier materials, including gold nuggets , becoming more deeply deposited.
  8. I dug an 1800's San Francisco dog license and sent a photo to the dog license guru just to see if he had anything on it. His only reply was "I'll give you $150 for it!". Maybe I should've sold it, but I've never sold any of my finds and odds of digging another 1800's San Francisco dog license are slim to none, but ya never know I suppose.
  9. I just put my spare essentially new Mi6 up for sale in D-P classifieds. I am keeping one and an Mi4 that I have. As I may have mentioned previously, I alternate between the Mi6 paired and the Mi4 ( which I prefer when there’s a high number of targets. Sometimes I leave it on getting 2-3 targets done before it turns itself off- I hold I. Under my arm Pit so it doesn’t sound off in between. I I love the xp pinpointers and only use pitch mode. My only issue is with my Mi4 the volume seems a bit low. I’d use the Mi6 unpaired before switching to different brand. It’s often advantageous to run the coil over the open hole if the PP isnt detecting the target- a quick pass with the coil helps, and you can’t do that paired unless you turn it off/on.
  10. Great hunt and I bet afterwards you forgot just how hot it was out there. Good luck on your next outing.
  11. That is a Double Image Hotwheel and they are on Ebay for around $30.00. They are also hard to find in good condition. Nice find.
  12. The answer to most of your questions is "it depends where you are at" and there is no real exact way to answer them. Dependent on the amount of precipitation and severity of seasonal flooding, most nuggety gold is still found towards bedrock in these sorts of washes in US desert areas, or at least deep enough to be within the undisturbed hardpack that escapes churning during flooding. The finer gold can be commonly dispersed through the entire depth of the alluvium though. In some places you definitely can strip the first 75% or so of alluvium from a wash without too many nugget losses, but in other places you cannot. If you get out of the washes then things get more complex. Landslides can leave nuggets dispersed randomly. Eluvial processes can leave nuggets dispersed towards the surface of hillslopes, or towards the surfaces of flats due to soil deflation. This is a very common occurence on the benches/terraces of these washes in Arizona in some places. It's impossible to give a percentage of flour/nugget gold vs gold bearing cobbles. It's highly dependent on how the gold mineralized to begin with, the distance it traveled, the rock which makes up the gravel, the ore bearing rock and it's resistance to erosion, the topography, the amount of precipitation, and probably a lot of other factors. It changes place to place - some places have almost only just nuggety gold and some places have almost only flour gold. Some places specimen type (quartz bearing) gold is quite common, other places it doesn't exist at all. I've never personally detected a quartz cobble in a stream bed that had literally no visible gold, because the detection depth on such pieces is quite low and stream beds host detectable size gold usually deeper towards bedrock. I've found it very commonly in dry eluvial placers though where it's closer to surface, or eroding directly out of the vein itself. I have detected pieces of quartz in washes that had so little gold visible that I had to scrub it down with a toothbrush to see some small shiny bits. I've seen such pieces posted before by others who detected them, that were later crushed and shown to have quite a lot of gold inside.
  13. Check ebay for Tesoros, people seem to buy and sell them quite a bit. Models with adjustable ground balance should work well in tougher grounds. Mojave will handle bad ground but doesn't have an all metal/pp and is fixed gb. Vaquero, Tejon and Outlaws are nice. Which ever you get make sure they have a concentric coil on it and not a dd. Deeptech Vista is about as close as you can get to the Tejon.
  14. Is there an internal fixed gb pot your refering to? Cibola gb at 10 ohms and works well without falsing.
  15. Thought bat mobile was black. Had one as a kid. Not sure what one that is. Love finding old toys like that.
  16. I had coil bolt as tight as I could without thinking it would break. I checked coil for tightness several times and it was stiff but still moved a little . Enough to cause wear. Sand gets trapped in there and you have to remove coil bolt to wash it all out which I did every time. So I bought the Anderson shaft so I could snug it down more since it used 2 washers. And it does get much tighter without the feeling of breaking bolt.
  17. Hi all I'm seeking input from the experts to answer an archaeological question about ancient gold recovery. As a geologist, I know the questions I'm asking don't have specific answers but I would value your collective experiences. I'm looking at a situation where gold is recovered from ephemeral streams and where mostly it will be the result of flash floods (and of course before metal detectors made life a bit easier). For those who have worked in these environments, I know the gold distribution can be a lot less predictable than in regular streams. My first question is how effectively gold is separated towards bedrock in such a setting. Can one strip off less prospective sediment and focus on specific bands the way one might in other settings? Secondly, what proportion of the gold will be in particulate form (fine flour and discrete nuggets) versus within composite cobbles with quartz and iron etc (I know primary geology will be a factor here, so assume the sources are numerous quartz veins with gold and associated sulphides). Last, whether anyone has found by detecting a quartz cobble or fragment in a defined stream bed (i.e. not at the base of slope or in gullies) containing gold that is not visible from the outside, and how rare this might be. Any thoughts, observations or questions for clarification will be most welcome. Thanks in advance for your time.
  18. I remember the first time (only time) that I met her, it was at the same time and place that I met you... the only thing louder than her hair coming down the hall towards us was the guy in the front row screaming questions up at the guy giving a presentation on his treasure hunting... I leaned over and whispered to Doc, "Who's the loud guy over there?" oh... it was you Gerry, I forgot about that.. LOL 😜 (I'm just playing Gerry, we're kindred spirits, my filter count is low as well, according to my boss). I'm sure not dogging her hair... I have the same chunky dark under blond look and whatever she was drinking, I want some of that cus she was SMOKIN hot for 73.. 🙂
  19. My take on it is that that little bushing is supposed to place tension directly on the clevis and thus rubber washer on the other side. It should hold the non-washer side away from the coil ear. It makes me wonder if possibly the coil bolt wasn't tight enough?
  20. If you sell it on eBay most likely, or sell it on Craig's List, also might get more than scrap from a pawn shop. The gold value of that ring is $60+ at today's gold price, and then whatever you could get for the diamonds if anything. https://dendritics.com/metal-calc/?RefreshEnable=on&Metal=Au&WeightU=1.856&cb=12964965001&Units=g&P=583&Purity=583
  21. Minton, You might want to look at the detectors offered by DeepTech. They are excellent modern analog style machines.
  22. Here is a couple pics of my stock Deus 2 lower shaft and inner coil ear. That's beach hunting but only a couple times. This is why I purchased the Anderson shaft.
  23. Yes sir that is correct, and all for the same price as a normal propack, that I think is already a incredible deal.
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  25. Pro pack plus Advantage package, everything you need. Nokta Makro Pulsedive Pinpointer Nokta Makro Premium Stainless Steel Digger w/ Belt Holster Nokta Makro Pinpointer Leg Holster Nokta Makro Finds Pouch – Camo Nokta Makro Black Cap
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