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  2. X may not be the best in 3D..test according to me this Gold gain 30khz will do better ...
  3. On the chest like in Jason's photo above, has anyone tried it with a Pacemaker or have they not lived to tell.😭
  4. Steve,i really do like reading these topics that you post,the images that you also add really complete the story so we can fully understand how these early classic detector and equipment was used.It all makes so much more sense when you can see the images as well. Bravo,another classic article.
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  6. Boom Baby! What a great way to break in a new machine! Very Nice!! Sent you a email on your battery..
  7. I ended up not liking my cheap fix enough, sure it worked and it was not a problem but I'm fussy. I had a local guy custom make me a GPX cover to my specifications. I really like it, he's used a super tough canvas material, inside it he's done a padded lining with another layer of the material on the other side of the padding. The DD cover from Australia available which is similar has big holes and a big cut out where the coil cables and power cable go, the guy put slits for me so they close up over the cable once inserted to keep rain out rather than having an open hole bigger than th
  8. I also sent my first one back and this one has no issues at all. I wear it high on the strap nearest the 7000 on the same side as the HipStick and I have had no problem feeling encumbered. I guess I am one of the lucky ones because I do agree that if you are distracted in any way as you focus on what you are doing, it is hugely counterproductive.
  9. You might be onto something there, I turned the WM12 on, did a reset on it using a paper clip, it's green light flashed to say it was reset, I turned on the GPZ, went to connect WM12 and it connected without me touching the WM12. I now put the WM12 behind my body, and while it does the occasional drop doing so it's nowhere near as bad as it was. I can walk about 12 feet away from my GPZ before it starts to drop signal now although if my body goes between it and the GPZ as the distance increases the signal becomes more troublesome. A feature people may not know the WM12 has is the l
  10. I assume Dave Johnson was still at Fisher (first time around) and had a major hand in the original Gold Bug's design. How long after it came out before the Gold Bug 2 was released? Is that gray cable on the coil in your photo actually shielded, double coax?? If so that sure seems weird. And if not shielded, even weirder!
  11. Simon - The context I answered your question was from the perspective of the typical Ace user. Not you nor me. This person typically does not have unlimited means to own mini - monsters or detectors north of $5K US or to get a Vanquish for primarily coinshooting a favorite football pitch site or in my case to get a Tarsacci simply to see what it can do, not because I need one. They are looking for value, 2 x $400 is a lot of money to them. The are looking for a performance/feature bump and ease of use and have jobs that limit their detecting time in the field, so don't have the luxur
  12. I managed to open it up. It's a trace antenna, and it looks like it'd be pretty directional to me the way it's designed. So how much it cuts in and out might depend a lot on the orientation of the WM12 to the GPZ. If so, it might come down to finding the sweet spot and angle. Also, the speaker partially obstructs the antenna for front facing transmission. The way pictured here in the center of my chest works fine for my WM12. Almost never cuts out while detecting. Unless you are quite a bit bulkier than I am, yours should be working ok like this too. If not, I'd suspect th
  13. If Africa really is the main market (overall, in terms of $) then ML probably has to screw up pretty badly to lose their position. Apparently the best/only advertising there is word-of-mouth which boils down to reputation. Once you've got the reputation it's difficult to be overtaken. Fisher is going after the water hunters. Garrett seems satisfied to just be going after their loyal customers.... Nokta/Makro continues to chip away at the IB/VLF market which has done pretty well for them so far. Hopefully they have more (e.g. multifrequency and PI) to continue to gain ground. Does an
  14. I'd like more feedback on if peoples drops out regularly as mine may well be faulty, if I'm confident it's faulty I'll send it in to be checked under warranty. Even on my shoulder with my swing arm mine tends to drop out quite regularly. Mines been this way since I got it, I've never been happy with it.
  15. Interesting topic. I just received my Vista X yesterday, with 11 and 6 x 8 coil. I replicated the test above with the 4 inch dime, and 2 -3" nails each 4" from the dime on the surface. I put on the 6 x 8 coil, and I set the first disc level at 20. It low tones on the iron nails perfectly, but I could not get a squeek out of the dime. Moving the nails away, it hammers the dime. Now if I turn the coil 90 degrees, It detects the dime almost every sweep with the nails in place. Next I removed the nails, and laid a staple on a piece of plastic directly over the dime, and the detector nails th
  16. Re (Or maybe some WM12's are different than others.) My WM12 does not cut out at all, however I detect with the Z on the left and the WM12 is on the right shoulder.
  17. That happened to me last winter, was a hollowed tree that fell, I had just dug a 2 cent at the end of it and got a strong signal near the middle but couldn't find it. Next run out I had cracked a coil on my AT Pro and went home. Last spring I went back and sure enough way down inside was a bunch of squashed cans. Got to admit they do sound good at times.
  18. Might be able to add an antenna to the WM12. Even just a tiny bit of wire inside the case of proper length might help if they just have a chip with no antenna or a board trace antenna. I don't have a torx bit small enough to open the case and see. 1/4 wavelength of 2.4GHZ wave is just over 3cm. Might also be able to up the power output of the BT chip if ML has it set below 100mw. Mine doesn't seem to cut out much mounted on my chest. My first GPZ/WM12 seemed worse, I had to reset both of them the first week because I thought they were broken. I might detect with my arm more forw
  19. I have a Nox 600 control housing only that was purchased new in Feb 2020, in excellent condition. I used it as a back-up while my 800 was being replaced, unit has very low miles on it and was never used in the water. Asking $328, Paypal friends and family or add 3% for regular PP. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am not looking for any trades at this time, thanks for looking.
  20. Don't know how I would go, finding the loop ( on my back) to slide the pick handle down, but I suppose practice makes perfect maybe in front of a mirror at home. Carried the pick on my shoulder when I had the 45, now that hand has the hipstick. https://www.bunnings.com.au/toughbuilt-modular-hammer-loop_p5820995
  21. The things we have to do to be even remotely comfortable using a detector 🙂 The Quest is the key for me to being happy with this rig.
  22. I see your harness is beginning to look like the rest of ours . Now just get that HipStick hooked up and you'll be right to go...
  23. Congrats on your first time out and the gold bonus! Good to hear you're liking the machine. That's quite a ring!!
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  25. Something I will do that I didn't think of at the time is move all the audio stuff over to the other arm, that way it's out of the way of the bungee, with the Quest it doesn't need to be on that side of your body close to the detector, makes no difference.
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