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Nokta/Makro AU Gold Finder User Guide 2018

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    • By goldbrick
      I am copying part of a post by Badger in NH on the Dankowski forum. Will this beach performance transfer over to hot dirt and more nuggets? I don't know but this guys results are certainly interesting.

      For the depth testing I had a silver quarter, a silver dime and a medium sized mans 14k gold ring. I had drilled tiny holes in the center of the coins, ran a nylon string through each one and tied a knot on the end. This is to ensure that coins stay flat when buried. I would bury the coin at 15 inches and slowly pull the coin towards the surface a little at a time until it just came into detection range. When I reached the edge of the max depth that the coin could be detected, I grabbed the string where it came out of the sand, pulled up the coin and measured the length of the string. It worked perfectly. The gold ring is attached to the end of a fabric measuring tape. 

      I tested the Tarsacci MDT 8000 against the Minelab Equinox 800. 

      Settings were - 

      Tarsacci - GB 600, SB 26-30 depending on Freq, Sense 7, Threshold 0, Disc 0, Mix mode. 

      Equinox - Beach 1, Sense 23, 2 tones, AM on, recovery 6. 

      To achieve a max depth designation, the detector must have a clear repeatable non-ferrous tone and reasonably accurate numerical ID. 

      Tarsacci max depth on the silver Quarter was 13". 

      Equinox was 10". 

      Tarsacci max depth on the silver Dime was 12.5". 

      Equinox was 9". 

      (All the Tarsacci frequencies picked up the coins at max depth but 6.4 kHz sounded best.) 

      Tarsacci max depth on the gold ring was 13". (All freqs picked it up but 18 kHz sounded best) 

      Equinox had an iffy signal at 11" and 10" but only got a decent tone and ID at 9". 

      I tried radically changing the GB number on the Tarsacci to see what that would do but came back to 600 because it got the best depth. I forgot to test Black Sand mode but will do that another time. 

      So the Tarsacci wins the depth test by a large margin. I am extremely happy with it. 
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