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Nokta/Makro CF77 Coin Finder User Guide 2015

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    • By EL NINO77
      It looks like the F19 - what I evaluate very positively ... Is there any closer information? Link to the leak.

      Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro metal detector - new for 2020
    • By Tony
      As mentioned in one of my earlier posts and as much as I love my TDIBH........the coil at 12” diameter is just too big in my generally rough ocean conditions....the swell and waves knock it around too much and with zero visibility due to stirred up sand and white water.......anyhow I have managed to secure myself an unused (outdoors) Whites’s Surf Pi Pro that a very nice person called Eric Foster currently owns. It’s had a few changes too by Eric.
      The unit will be outfitted with a recently hand made coil by Eric......a 10” centre mount / 3 spoke coil (Full epoxy fill so no buoyancy problems) with an inline waterproof connector to be able to swap out coils if needed. The coil is in the style of the old Aquastar detector. Centre mount coils are awesome and are very physically stable. I think the AQ will have such a coil. Eric has tweaked the internals of the detector for better gold response.....I think similar to the mods done by Mr. Bill on the Surf Pi Pro. It will be powered by a 10 cell NiMH battery pack or a 3 cell Lithium pack. I’m not going crazy with extra voltage such as the TDIBH so the standard 12v nominal will be more than adequate. I plan to keep the headphones stock.....I’ve always liked White’s 🎧 
      Pictures will be added as soon as possible.
      I was thinking if the Surf Pi Pro is good enough for Steve in Hawaiian conditions then its good enough for me 👍
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Last year Costco had the First Texas Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 for about $129 if I recall correctly. This year I am seeing a pallet full of them at Costco for $99.99

      Costco #1233678 First Texas Products Metal Detector Discovery 3300
      That is honestly a steal for a ground balancing VLF four tone metal detector. From the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Data & Specifications page:
      Manual ground balance Zero in with microprocessor-controlled discrimination Deep-seeking one-touch pinpoint 5 Modes of operation 4-Tone and 11-segment target identification The Discovery 3300 is basically the same detector as the $249 Fisher F4 (up to $399 at some dealers). The F4 comes with an 11” DD coil instead of the 8” concentric on the 3300, plus the F4 has a three piece instead of two piece rod. However, the target id scale on the F4 is compressed from 0 - 99 compared to the amazing 0 - 199 scale on the 3300... see the post below.
      Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Owner's Manual

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Owner's Manual, 3.31 MB pdf file, 24 pages
    • By Steve Herschbach
      From this post by Tom Dankowski:
      “Because there is a lot of good data available (now) on the Tarsacci MDT-8000...……. I am going to lift the restrictions on "seasoned detectorists only". If anyone is interested in the MDT...…. just give me a holler. The cost (including shipping & taxes) is $1539”
      Tarsacci MDT-8000 Data & User Reviews

      Tarsacci MDT-8000 metal detector
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