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Action Mining 2017 Catalog 1.0.0

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    • By strick
      I'm not much of a sluicer. I'd rater be looking for nuggets with my detector. I like gold I can pick up with my fingers lol. My wife bought a small Keene sluice box several years ago and we set up a recirculating system at home where we could run some dirt at our leisure just for fun. I never really liked my home made set up. Although it worked it was slow..It was like a mini high banker made with stuff I got at the local hardware store. I  was wanting something more efficient. In my search I found Gold Fox USA. There is also an Australian version that is the same company with a dealer who distributes for them in Oz. 
      I wont go into a lot of boring detail...you can go to their web site and face book page or youtube for that...However I would like to say that so far I am very happy with this little set up. I can run unclassified material through this sluice extremely fast. The trommel is five inches in diameter. I've only used it three times so far and time will tell on how durable it is but it seems to be very well built. The company has many different sizes and options available. They are fast and get the product to you when they say they will. If you have a question Kelly the owner will get on the phone and answer it for you. 
      The Lil Monster Deluxe comes with a 12v 2000 GPH pump. You supply your own power. I am using a RV deep cycle battery that I had laying around. I also bought a 700 GPH 12v pump and am using the two pumps together. The reason being is the material I am running is mostly clay and I wanted more water to help break it down. The only thing you have to watch is that the jets that supply the trommel will get plugged with organic material. They are easy to clean. In fact if you turn off the water supply to the hopper so it feeds the jets only...the water pressure is enough to flush them clean most of the time.  Give them a look. 

    • By tvanwho
      I was just curious about the history of gold mining contraptions?
      How long have gold pans been in use?Who invented them?
      What did the Romans and other ancient people use to get gold?
    • By geof_junk
      This has a different type coil, weight is no problem.
      I need one.pdf
    • By sjmpainter
      Found this cool magnet while looking for other stuff. Thought I would throw it out there. Cheesy plunge magnets for black sand and what not always drove me nuts. But this is well built and for its size has impressive power 60lb pull and 17lb shear. Turn the switch to release the magnetic pull. Very cool.
    • By spencer@wy
      Caught some info online today about an inventor named ..............He spoke of a patented a process that treated black sand concentrates with gamma rays. this was said to have greatly increased recoverable gold.
      this ties in to a hypothosis i have abt "growing" gold.
      does anyone know anything about this process?
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