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Fisher CZ-3D User Guide 102612 Rev 2

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      Man, I need to keep up. First Texas introduced the Teknetics Patriot in 2017, a direct clone of the Fisher F70. I did not notice that they quietly discontinued the Fisher F70 in 2018, because they are still list on the Fisher website as current models. That and there were enough models left in stock that you can still find some new with some dealers to this day. But they are very near sold out now. Anyway, the F70 is definitely gone but not really, because you can still get it at a lower price as the Patriot. The Fisher F5 and Fisher F4 models have also been quietly discontinued, replaced by similar Teknetics and Bounty Hunter models at lower prices. These Fisher models also can still be found new at some dealers but are almost gone.
      Anyway, I updated the Metal Detector Database to reflect this oh so not late breaking news. 
      That leaves the Fisher F11, F22, F44, F75, F19, CZ-3D, Gold Bug, Gold Bug Pro, Gold Bug 2, 1280-X, CZ-21, and Gemini 3 as current models. Of those only the F11, F22, and F44 are relatively new models, with half the current Fisher lineup being old carry over models from the First Texas acquisition of Fisher way back in 2006.

      Fisher F70 metal detector

      Fisher F5 metal detector

      Fisher F4 metal detector
    • By Ridge Runner
      The Garrett Apex will be out the middle of next month but we don’t know just when the N/M Lightning will show up. We do know it should be out before the years end .
       Garrett been giving us a sneak peek of the Apex . It looks with what I’d call a door knob on the face may be saying it’s maybe not totally digital.
       Like so many I’m wondering if it will be multi frequency are just be able to select what frequency you prefer to run .
       Garrett will have to pull out almost what I’d call a miracle to overcome the obstacle like the Nox. Now here comes Nokta/Makro with their new detector the Lightning and they know it’s got to be better if not equal to the Nox.
       I see myself waiting on the Lightning but it don’t make my dream come true I can always get the Apex.
       I keep forgetting a great low cost detector I don’t have and that’s the Vanquish. I already have the Simplex + and I think it should add another + with the 2.77 update.
       Being my Birthday is on the 15 th of May I really don’t like cake and who knows I may be eating crow . That’s if Garrett comes out with something great and at a great price.
       Garrett I truly wish you the best with the Apex.
      PS I know most of you want to know why I’m using the name Lightning. It’s the name I picked and it has a great ring to my ears.haha
    • By phrunt
      Garrett’s Ace line is under serious attack from the Simplex and Vanquish.  Even the new Bounty Hunter (F19 paintjob) will make the Ace series seem pretty pitiful although slightly more expensive I think.  Entry level detectors are now stepping into the domain of the AT Pro if not surpassing it.  They need to focus on how to stay in the game as I would imagine the entry level models were their biggest sellers. 
      I would guess not too many people would be rushing out to buy an AT Pro at the moment.  I don't know about in the USA but here a Vanquish 540 is cheaper than an Ace 400 and would walk all over it for performance.
      How would the Simplex compare to the At Pro in performance and features? I'd guess not far off it.
      In saying all this, I quite like my Ace 350.. a real soft spot for it.  My first decent metal detector and from memory found my first silver with it in my front yard of all places, it's a depth demon in my soils with the Nel Tornado coil.  If an Ace 400 came up really super cheap for sale near me, I'd not want to buy it and that says something 🙂
      I'm no doubt wrong about all of this and their Ace series and AT's are selling well.
    • By Noah (FL)
      Has anyone ever heard of these and if so were/are they any good?? I’m guessing it was a flash in the pan otherwise a good functioning low priced PI would still be around.  
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Nokta/Makro TMD-101 metal detector
      OK, this is kind of cool. The main target market is utility and police departments and such, but I think there are lots of other people who might like a simplified version of the Nokta/Makro Anfibio 14.
      The Nokta/Makro TMD-101 is 14 kHz, fully submersible (10 feet), with built in rechargeable battery and wireless headphone capability (proprietary). The main difference between this detector and the Anfibio 14 is a simplified control set and a really simple display that personally I think is just great.
      The controls are just Mode (two choices, all metal non-motion or two tone ferrous/non-ferrous disc), a sensitivity control, and a volume control. The unit also has a frequency shift function. The TMD-101 is in ground tracking at all times for ease of operation.
      The Anfibio 14 sells for $679 and the TMD-101 for $594

      Nokta/Makro TMD-101 display and controls
      The TMD-101 has two search modes. A monotone static non-motion all metal mode for maximum depth. This mode will offer as much depth as is possible for a VLF to deliver, but has no discrimination and due to the non-motion aspect only suitable for hunting relatively small areas. Constant manual updating of the preset threshold is generally required when using non-motion modes.
      The Dynamic Mode is a two tone discrimination mode. Ferrous items give a low tone and the meter deflects to the left. Non-ferrous gives a high tone and the meter deflects to the right. Interestingly enough they use a prospecting type icon for the non-ferrous indication, and I was thinking this would be a pretty neat VLF gold prospecting unit. But good for anyone wanting basic ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination. This may be a sleeper relic detector. Nokta/Makro Info Page

      Nokta/Makro TMD-101 Quick Guide

      Nokta/Makro TMD-101 metal detector included items and available accessories
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