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Fisher F22 User Guide 060215

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    • By auminesweeper
      I found this site while doing a search for detection depth in dry sand any way it is a good read but they have some really Wild looking detectors with some crazy frequencies listed in the chart link also check out there machines under the heading at the top left,
      I would like to hear what you Guys think of the first link.
      Enjoy,, John.
      Please note that in this first link there is a link to the Boot of Cortez which is worth a read.
      Detector Chart
    • By Cal_Cobra
      I think the F11-F44 was their futile attempt to go after the all terrain market that Garrett, and now Nokta Makro and Minelab have all entered and dominated.  I have a feeling that, aside from the new coils, the F11-F44 wasn't so much of a new design as it was incorporating existing off the shelf designs from existing detectors to make a weatherproof detector.  IMO they missed the mark,  and I don't think these machines ever really took off. To be honest there just wasn't anything that stood out about this line. If you're the last one to enter a crowded market, you need to make something that stands out as different from your competition be it a far more competitive price, better features, or better performance, and I don't believe this line adhered to any of those factors. 
    • By Roughwater
      Just when I was finally starting to spell Nokta right somebody comes out with a another company to challenge my bad spelling (Deteknix).  They have a website (http://www.deteknix.com/ ) showing 3 models of their new detectors including a 19khz gold machine and a waterproof (we hope) beach machine.  The pics of them look very modern with wireless headphones etc. and very light (under 3lbs).  They also make pinpointers too.  It's said they are made in China but there is a company address out of California so not sure on that.  Do your own due diligence but they do look nice.  
      Attached is some more info below mainly about the Quest diver model and a bit more about the company:
      They are being sold on ebay already at 600 dollars:
    • By walkerrj
      I see the Garrett website is now advertising the new ACE 400 for an msrp of $399.95.  Probably a "lightweight" machine compared to most of the detectors talked about on this forum but could be one to consider for general purpose detecting such as parks, dry sand beaches, etc.
    • By Azavsfan
      Wife got our son a toy that will help him find "big gold" like Dad and Grandpa (he says that even though we've yet to find the mythical big gold). That thing sounds off with or without a target but the light will change from green to red when it goes over metal. Of course it's nuts inside the house with all the metal throughout. He likes it though so I'm not complaining. I'd love to find something big enough to fill the back of the truck.

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