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Teknetics Eurotek Pro User Guide 020915 Rev 4

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    • By phrunt
      My new T2 arrived this week so I decided I'd take it out for a test run today, I haven't bothered detecting football fields before, it never really crossed my mind to do so especially small town football fields that barely ever get used.  I think the last time I even saw people on this thing was about a year ago and they were riding a horse 🙂
      I guess back in time it was probably a popular place and my results today show this.  This is going to be more of a picture story as the pictures tell 1000 words! 
      I started using the T2 with Mars Tiger coil and within two minutes of arriving I had my first coin, then another, then another..... it was nuts, coins everywhere and very little junk, I was finding nice old coins, possibly one of my oldest in a while too

      Silver 🙂

      1938 British Penny

      The T2 was getting good depth, easily hitting on coins with good ID's, another silver!

      1948 Penny -  Now NZ currency, not British like the older Pennies, we used some British currency until 1967. 
      Prior to 1933 United Kingdom currency was the official legal tender of New Zealand, although Australian coins and notes were also generally accepted.
      The first New Zealand penny was minted in 1940. The penny ran until 1965, when New Zealand stopped minting pre-decimal coins in preparation for decimilisation in 1967.

      I have no idea what this thing is

      This is the football field I was detecting, under the goal posts and along the end of the field had a good collection of coins,  I guess from all the diving with the ball and coins in the players pockets, I don't know much about football, probably the only NZ male who has no clue about the game 🙂

      My oldest find of the day, a British 1912 One Penny

      It was quite deep down but the T2 banged on it real hard with a solid ID.  At this point I decided I'd go home and gear up better as this place obviously has a lot of good old coins.  I was only using my T2 with Carrot and Lesche digging tool which was hard work with all the coins being so deep.    I wanted a bigger coil to cover more ground but there was no way I was going to strap on the 15" Teknetics coil to continue using the T2 as it weighs a tonne.  I opted for the Equinox with it's 15" coil  and almost straight away after turning it on, another coin

      1950 NZ One Penny.  I left the bit of dirt on the coil up the top it came out of, I love when you get the impression of the coin in the soil.

      Another silver, 1934 Shilling

      This is the hole it came from, I always recheck my holes and I'm glad I did, another target in the hole, then another... this was crazy

      3 Silvers in the hole so far, 1934 Shilling, 1934 Shilling and a 1946 Sixpence, I was sure this was it but I did another check and off to the side of the hole, ANOTHER SILVER

      Another 1934 Shilling, 4 silvers in one hole, incredible!   Someone had a bad day.

      1964 Sixpence... the coins just kept coming, all old ones.  No longer are they made of silver in 1964...

      Nice and deep though
      My first modern coin, a $2

      But look how deep it was, it was deeper than a lot of far older coins.... weird!

      Another two in one hole, just one cent coins from back when NZ had one cent coins.

      Another coin leaving a cool impression of itself in the soil, just a one cent I think

      It sure a lot of ground to cover, I'll be at this place for weeks... plenty more coins to find I'm sure.  Time to head back to the car, with my coil to the soil.

      Another for the road 🙂 Double sided impression on the soil with this one.  I couldn't possibly put up a photo of every coin find as there were just too many, all in about 3 hours detecting.

      The good stuff

      The bad stuff... not a bad ratio, good stuff far outweighed bad stuff, unusual for me.... I'll be back there tomorrow.... and the next day.... and the next day 🙂
    • By RobNC
      Does anyone know what other coils the Teknetics Minuteman is compatible with?
      Got one on the way for use as "Level 1 Investigator/Scout". This is going to be the little dude that I take to any new site first. It will be used to see how trashy an area is and remove any shallow items like clad coins or garbage before bringing in the XP ORX for deeper items. This little detector seems like it should fit the bill nicely for feeling out a place. It's simple enough to be fun, powerful enough to be useful, and cheap enough to be thrown into the vehicle as a workhorse. From all I've read on it and seen the detector appears to be fairly decent at getting things done without a lot of guesswork. Anyone here have one or have used this model before?

    • By devilsrenegade
      Was nice day with the t2 going over some sidewalk strips. 

    • By RobNC
      I received my new Teknetics T2 SE Thursday. I also ordered a Cors Shrew coil to go with it. Was using the Cors Shrew for everything in these pictures EXCEPT the bullet, which was found with the stock 11" coil. There will be another Cors coil in the future for me. They make an excellent product.
      I'm very pleased with the T2, it's an amazing detector and today it showed me what it can do with less than 4 hrs total time on this machine. It pulled nickels out like no other detector has ever done for me. Lots of power under the hood, and I didn't even run it past 65 on sens. Had really good results cranking disc up to 40, ran 2 tone and 3 tone. I've finally found what I was looking for in a detector.
      All the coins and junk are from roughly 3 hrs metal detecting today, bullet is from another site visited today less than an hour. Nothing but clad here, and loads of nickels that are very discolored.I've hit this area earlier this year with the Equinox 600(now gone), and XP ORX. The bullet I found at another place today, but was not even there an hour due to rain. I'm looking for some identification on that lead bullet so if any of you can help with it I'd be glad to hear it. Any idea on age of the bullet?

    • By phrunt
      I have a lot of time for my T2, it's my most comfortable detector and was also one of my first.  I've had a love hate relationship with it from day one, mostly because I struggled to use it.  It has however found me a number of good finds especially old coins.  
      One of the biggest issues I've had with it has been EMI and bad Target ID numbers and a lot of that has been my insistence on running it at 99 sensitivity like I do with my other detectors, I recently found I had a loose shielding wire inside my T2 by hearing a rattling noise when I was swinging it.  I've glued the wire back down to where it's meant to be how it arrived from the factory and EMI has improved greatly.  I'm still going to experiment on improving that with EMI shelding paint, but that's another story.
      Seeing now EMI isn't so bad anymore with that fixed I've been experimenting with settings, especially in relation to the discrimination.  I've left the detector on the default 60 sensitivity for this experiment.  I have a NZ $1 coin buried at 6 inches and a NZ $2 coin (slightly bigger size) buried at 11.5 inches which have been in the ground for over a year.  I think they will be laying flat but I'm not certain as I didn't lay them flat but I stomped on the ground a lot when burying them so I would assume that flattened them out.  They now have grass over them like it never happened.
      For this test I used the Mars Tiger coil.  Now if I have my discrimination set to 0 I get really bad EMI, I assume this is noise from the electronics in the detector along with the usual EMI around my area.  It has very good detection depth with discrimination at 0 however, much like in all metal but the Target ID's are all over the place due to the EMI.  As I slowly change the discrimination up to 10 the EMI noise quietens right down but still has a bit of chatter, the depth goes down a tiny bit but Target ID's improve drastically.  Both targets are getting pretty good ID's. 
      By the time I get my discrimination to 20 there is no more EMI noise at all, even in my front yard which is right near power lines and my Wifi modem and so on it stays stable, Target ID's on deep targets are fantastic, sitting right within a range of 78 to 80 on both coins. In an air test both coins come up at 79.
      I am surprised that at 60 sensitivity I am able to pick up the deeper coin with my discrimination at 20.  If I wind my discrimination up to 40 and leave sensitivity on 60 I can now barely detect the deeper coin, the other coin detects fine with reasonably good ID's but not matching the ID's when I have my discrimination at 20.
      Now here is the weirdest bit, If I go to discrimination of 49 the deepest coin is now terrible target ID's, can barely detect it, the shallow coin still detects fine but ID's aren't great, within a range of 70 to 85
      If I move the discrimination up to 50 EMI comes back with force, basically exactly the same as it was with the 0 discrimination setting, the machine goes nuts, even on 60 sensitivity.  I have to take sensitivity back to 30 to make it stable again.   If I go a long way from EMI I am able to run my discrimination over 50 and it appears the depth of detection comes right back again that is lost with discrimination between 30 to 49.  It's like running in discrimination 10 for depth which seems to be about the deepest discrimination level.
      As I wind the discrimination up further the EMI calms down again, by 70 it's completely quiet like it was prior to 50 even in my front yard EMI effected area.
      At the moment I'm finding sensitivity of 60 with discrimination set at 20 really makes the machine into a monster, it's Target ID's even with a 11.5" coin are great to the point I can confidently know I'm going to be digging the coin.
      My question is, is there some sort of sensitivity boost once you reach 50 on the discrimination that makes the EMI come back again? or is it an issue with my T2?
      The depth at 50+ discrimination is noticeably deeper than at 40 discrimination and much more like at 10 discrimination which is why I ask about the sensitivity going up.
      I hope I've explained it all well, but as it stands now I'm going to stick with sensitivity of 60 with discrimination at 20, it's working better than in all metal mode (better ID's) and better than any other setting I've come up with, It can get a better target ID on a coin in those settings than with sensitivity at 99 and discrimination at 20.  As it stands in those settings on my test coins the T2 is pretty amazing.
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