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White's Goldmaster 3 User Guide 621-0412 9/96

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White's GM/3 Goldmaster Operator's Manual, 1.6 MB pdf file, 24 pages

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Edited by Steve Herschbach

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    • By Desert Dweller
      I got a Goldmaster 2 it has the long scan coil which is bad, I swapped the one off of my Vsat and the box works fine so I need a coil.
      Which should I purchase for use mainly  in the Old Dale area.
    • By Desert Dweller
      Hi, I am new to metal detecting and have a question.
      We have two Whites Vsats and I was wondering how far apart do we need to be to keep from having them interfere with each other while detecting?
    • By Valens Legacy
      My neighbor who was a friend of my grandfather needs some advice to improve his old Gold Master detector.
      He is wanting to know if a different coil will help him in finding gold and other items better.
      The detector is a TR-Discriminator Model 66TR with a D stamped next to the model number.
      He is wanting to go gold hunting with me and wants to see if there is something better than what looks like a 8 inch coil on it.
      My question is would a different coil help him or not, and if so which one and where to get one.
      To everyone who reads this I thank you for any help you can give.
      I forgot to mention that the detector used to be his fathers some 40 years ago and he wants to use it if possible.
    • By Bruskihi
      New to this site.  I have a whites goldmaster GMT that I bought over 20 years ago and recently began using it again, nugget shooting in SE Arizona.  Having been away from the hobby for years, I noticed there are so many new detectors that seem specialized for gold nuggets. Is my machine obsolete compared to the newer detectors, or is it still considered a good machine for nuggets.  Also looking for a used drywasher to play with when I get tired of digging up lead bullets.  Anyone out there know of a good place for used drywasher in SE Arizona.  Thanks
    • By Smithsgold
      Plans dont always work out but the Gold we found metal detecting an old Gravel bar sure didnt disappoint !!!! 
      Me and Gary ( Two Toe's ) had planned to do some Hydraulic Pit detecting in one of our favorite spots but old Mother nature had other plans.
      After a lot of discussion and a long drive we decide to Metal Detect an old Gravel Bar to see what Gold it might be hiding in its bedrock crevices.
      This time plan B worked out pretty good !!!!!!
      SG 034
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