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Garrett 1986 Metal Detector Catalog

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Garrett 1986 Metal Detector Catalog, 12.25 MB pdf, 16 pages

Garrett Metal Detector Forum

A generous file donation by GB_Amateur


Master Hunter 7
Master Hunter 5
Freedom 3
Freedom 2
Freedom 1
Freedom Ace
Beach Hunter AT3
Gold Hunter
American AM-2
Master Hunter DS
Sea Hunter XL500
Sea Hunter XL200


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    • By Bohemia Miner
      I was thinking about buying one of these because I need a light-weight water-proof PI for Serpentine Bedrock in streams.
      Steve already gave me his opinion.  While I GREATLY respect his expertise, I'd like to get a few more opinions from the rest of you Gurus.  😁
    • By mn90403
      What is the best way to get a 24k? (or any other Garrett Detector?)
    • By ☠ Cipher
      Garrett often takes a bit of criticism for having the GTI-2500 in its lineup after so many years, particularly at the top, but I have a short list of detectors I still want to own before I consider myself satisfied that I’ve got all my bases covered. This is one of them and I’ll tell you why. It’s not so much because of what it is as a standalone hobby detector, though there may be some uses there as well. I’m looking at it because it appears to be the best option as an affordable two-box detector for larger, deeper objects and voids for which I have no unit so far. There are many people who don’t realize it’s convertible. Not only that, it seems to be the only affordable two-box detector with a disc circuit. The competition in its class doesn’t have that. My questions are, does anyone own one? Does the disc carry over to the two box setup? Even if the disc is not especially useful for that application it still seems the best option for the money. I realize most people who buy two boxes for treasure hunting don’t usually end up using them or using them long, but for my area, I’m looking for a keeper with many key spots in mind. 

    • By phrunt
      Here is the July version of Garrett Searcher, some pretty good finds, good to see the old Ace series still popping up good finds regularly around the world, although this version seems dominated by the AT series finds.
      The last page has the advertisement for the Garrett 24K, I want one!
    • By johnedoe
      Are there any rumors of Garrett maybe reintroducing the V3i?
      I hate to see such a great machine go away.
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