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    • By Mike Hillis
      I've always liked the Tesoro Cortes.  I like the design intent.  I like the way it looks.  I like the Sum mode with the audio tones.  I like the graph.   I like the Target ID range.   I like pretty much everything about it except the single tone hunt audio in Disc mode and the overshoot null in the non-motion all metal sometimes gives me a fit.   I've had six of them over the years and I usually part with them mostly due to the single tone hunt audio.   But I get nostalgic after a while and end up getting another one every now and them....which is what has just happened.   I saw one for sale and started looking at it again but didn't jump.  Then a NIB unit came up for sale at a very good price and I couldn't help myself and jumped.   Welcome home number seven.  HA.
      I think I will put the Cleansweep coil on it and just hunt athletic fields with it where beep dig single tone is ok and all I really care about is ground coverage or places  that I've already cleaned out and just want to run through for recent drops.  Hope to hunt it next weekend and share thoughts and results.
      Wife is probably going to wack me, though.   Only been two months since the last new purchase.
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    • By Tony
      I’ve been doing some freshwater hunting with the Excalibur lately but I’m finding that the old girl nulls quite a bit due to the lake floor being quite mineralised...it is a clay base. I can turn the Sens into Auto but that really dumbs the unit down and depth really suffers. I have been thinking of getting the Tiger Shark but not sure if the GB will be effective enough and whether it can handle the minerals. The Excalibur in PP is quite effective but there is too much iron junk to contend with.
      Any thoughts out there.......
    • By BeachHunter
      I’m interested in finding a used Tejon. The Tesoro’s remind me of the Sovereign GT in some ways.

    • By devilsrenegade
      I found this nice tesoro compadre at the local goodwill today for less than $20. 
      I couldn't resist buying it. Took it home and put in a new battery and it works great.  it must be an older one because it has a metal coil screw.  

    • By osbod007
      I need a little help here in understanding the primary discrimination knob.  Here is my observation.  8X9 coil, Using a lead pellet as a test target, buried 3", when placed in All Metal the target sounds off loud and clear. When switched to the discriminate mode, knob far left (zero discrim,) I don't receive any signal. I would think that at the lowest discriminate setting I should be getting a signal from iron on up. Is it possible the internal discriminate circuit out of adjustment?
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