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    • By kac
      I read a tip on super tuning the Tesoro Tejon and didn't see any difference in depth at all. In the tip they said to do an regular gb with sensitivity @ 10, then turn the GB + 1/4 turn (approx. 8.33 on a vdi with scale of 100), then turn the sensitivity back just until the machine stabilizes. Did some quick depth tests and found id made no difference at all.
      I tried similar technique on my AT Pro and had a loss in depth of approx. 1".
      Am I missing something here? Is super tuning some sort of myth?
    • By jeff_jones_86004
      Got a used Tesoro LOBO, but with or without coil, it just screams when I turn it on. Adjusting threshold no help. Any ideas, or anyone need it for parts?
      Jeff in AZ
    • By BeachHunter
      I found this site that has posted all of the Tesoro Brochures for each model. Great walk down memory lane for those who love their Tesoros.

    • By Fskafish
      I know it needs to be in the classifieds and maybe thats where i will put it, but thought id ask what a gently used tesoro vaquero in perfect working order would sell for?
    • By Mike nelsen
      Hello, Live on the Kenai Peninsula and bought a Tesoro Lobo st last winter in Arizona, the snow is going away time to learn the machine, Anthing I should know about the soil up here and any special mode to use up here, Looking for everything from coins to nuggets, Thanks
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