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There is a glimmer of hope.  A fellow who not so long ago advertised mods on Tesoros has relocated and although he isn’t set up yet he expects to be able to offer mods and perhaps repairs in the not t

Other than my minding the store here for historical purposes, the world is moving on. Soon Tesoro will be just like Compass Electronics... a fond memory for us old-timers. Hmmm, maybe I should ch

On another note I just picked up a great little Compadre on the bay a few minutes ago. Looks to be in solid condition and has a return option. So that’s cool.

Asking $1.4 million that’s over $100/sq. Ft. - doubt they’ll get it. They took out a $200k mortgage on it a couple of years ago, some bank will want their money back,

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They had a listing for business status in the past here but not sure how old that posting is:


Not sure with 4.8 mil in rev what a 200k mortgage would do. Maybe building maintenance ie roof or something?

I think they just lost heart in the business after Jack passed.

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Very sad, they made some of the very best audio machines I've ever used.  Very distinctive audio ID.  Loved the Tejon.

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The should at least give a statement on where owners stand with the lifetime warranty and repairs.  My guess is neither will happen or be honored, though would be nice to at least have a definite yes or no and then people can move on.

Personally I think they just don't want to have to confront or deal with any potentially angry customers who may have bought a Tesoro late in the piece just before they closed shop (with a worthless warranty).

Even though our local agent carries out repairs to the Tesoro range, don't know how long that will last regarding sourcing parts or whether they personally have any in stock. 

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3 hours ago, Goldpick said:

Even though our local agent carries out repairs to the Tesoro range, don't know how long that will last regarding sourcing parts or whether they personally have any in stock.

From the video it looks like they just abandoned the place with all parts and equipment sitting there as if the Andromeda Strain had moved through.  I would think there will be an auction of the contents with proceeds going to creditors.  Someone is going to get a bargain on the parts, but turning that into a repair business is unlikely to be much of a money maker unless they already are doing such.

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What I am surprised by is that they even managed to last as long as they did. Coasting on 40 year old tech can only take you so far - and they aren't alone in this - hire a decent Electrical Engineer and try and make some real progress. Too much of what you see out there is just a rehash of the same old tech and designs. 

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They can't compete with the beginner market where machines with a vdi is more appealing to people starting. They could have competed on the mid to higher end and could have done better than what Blisstool has come up with. There is still a niche market for analog machines  but certainly not on the scale of any of the other makers. Riding on older models and too many models with no real future product development is always bad.

Goldpick, if your local agent is still doing repairs maybe you could post their contact info for those that need it?

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It sucks that they couldn't leave with some dignity to their followers. My Tesoro's are worth ZERO along with the fact that my newly acquired Makro Multi Kruzer's price just dropped 15% a month after I bought it doesn't please me. I never buy things like this thinking they are any kind of investment but I ain't buying any more machines in the foreseeable future unless they are Minelabs. They really hit the market hard with the Equinox series. I can see Whites folding in the not too distant future too. Sad because I was raised on Whites machines. Survival of the fittest I reckon.

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If they can still be repaired to some degree then they are still worth something. Finds I got with my Tejon in matter of months far far exceed what I paid for the machine.

Garrett is still a solid company and probably the best customer support I have seen in any company. Heard Fisher is great too. My buddy has had good support with Whites.

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      Just letting everyone overseas in Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania,Canada and everywhere else outside of the states know that I got the shipping rates corrected  for The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide, and reduced. Even the rates for ordering in quantity is way less.
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      Minelab has just applied for an Australian Design Patent for a "Tray".
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      Sorry for the cross post in meet and greet.
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      Wondering how good Kellyco customer service is. Ordered a new MD from them and after 10 days of patiently waiting, I was sent what Is obviously a used machine. I paid for a new one so I'm a bit irritated about it. It's Sunday so I have to wait until tomorrow to call. I could have ordered one through Amazon, but thought I'd give them a try. Any issues with Kellyco before? Not looking to bad mouth anyone, just wondering if this is common business practice. They have been around a long time I see, so I guess I expected more from them.
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      Got word recently, that both Tim Mallory and Mike Scott have lost their jobs at 1st Texas.  I think it was, maybe 2 years ago when Gene Scullion and others lost their jobs too.  That makes me wonder about Lupe, who is one of the workers at the main plant.
      I guess Covid has affected more than just a few businesses. 
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Now that White’s has closed the factory in Sweet Home, these are the officially designated places to have warranty work and service done:
      Centreville Electronics (East Coast)
      9437 Main Street
      Manassas, VA 20110
      (888) 645-0202
      (703) 367-7999
      Fax: (703) 367-0868
      Centreville Electronics Northwest (West Coast)
      1550 Maple Pl.
      Lebanon Oregon 97355
      Ed Sebulski
      21920 44A Avenue
      Langley, British Columbia,
      Canada V3A 9J3
      Use this Service Center for Older Water Detectors
      Specializing in repairing legacy White’s water detectors. Please call for other repairs.
      Warren’s Repair Center
      Freeport, Florida
      (850) 835-3344
      At last report the White’s facility in Scotland closed in November and is no longer accepting items for service:
      White’s Electronics (UK) Ltd
      35J Harbour Road
      IV1 1UA
      Email: info@whites.co.uk
      UK Customers: 01463 223 456
      International Customers: +44 1463 223 456
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      An intrepid forum member passed this along. Interesting, as the name does not sound “recreational” to me, more like something for geologists or exploration companies?
      November 29, 2020 note: We know now this is related to the new GPX 6000 introduction.

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