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They were obviously squeezed out.  Just no room price wise at the bottom for them to go.  Workers have to be paid so they can eat.  Sounds like a mortgage call going on too.

Mohave may have been thought to be the savior.  I could have told them that wasn’t going to happen.

Looking back they should have exited few years ago.  When Xp got more established in USA, they should have quit.

There will likely be others too.

Deplorable conditions to say the least.  Might not could afforded a janitor by the looks of things.  Definitley shoe sting looking operation going on.

I hope their employees all have found decent jobs.  I wish them the best.

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I think that the retailers need to change some of their advertising for available stock concerning the “lifetime warranty” since it’s non existent.

I’ve noticed on eBay, used Tesoros are selling fairly well. People are bidding on them. I just picked up a Mojave which I’m pretty happy about.

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Glad you were able to get that Mojo BeachHunter!   Best jewelry hunter Tesoro ever made IMO!!!    

Just a shame they never got the marketing right on the realities of detecting and how an old single tone analog detector can still be extremely productive!!

I am sure it’s a hard pill to swallow, having to close up a long standing family business.   Just wish someone would have made an announcement of some form. 

Hopefully all of their employees were able to land on their feet and all of our Tesoros will last as long as we do!!!!

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Thanks Noah. I was surprised by how it can disc out bottle caps (with the foil on them) and still ring loud and clear on a gold ring. Can’t wait to do some beach time with it.

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Hi guys.  I'm a retired Scot over in Australia and about to buy my first detector.  Very few detector shops here and only 1 who stocks Tesoro within a 100kms radius.  Can anyone tell me for definite if Tesoro has gone bust before I part with my pension?  Shop guys won't give me a straight answer as they are more interested in getting my money.  Thanks in advance.

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55 minutes ago, Derek said:

Shop guys won't give me a straight answer as they are more interested in getting my money.

Do you have other shops?  If so I'd move on.  If not I'd buy on the internet.

I'd say the chances of Tesoro returning are so low that you'd be way better off buying a lottery ticket.  I say that because of their recent (6+ months) of silence.  They did make good detectors but their ship (unfortunately) has sailed.  Still lots of players to choose from.  This forum is a great source of info on all detectors still being sold. 


If you have trouble sorting all that out, which is understandable, there are a lot of people here willing to help out.  The market is loaded with good detectors so it's not an easy choice, but also hard to go wrong.  Still, "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing".  Fortunately there is a lot of knowledge here.

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Derek, I have a tesoro detector and always liked it, but I would not recommend one. They basically haven't changed at all in 10+ years but they also didn't lower their prices.  They are basically old technology for new prices. If you found a used one in good shape at used prices, or a shop clearanced them out at 70% off then maybe, but even then repairs are a big mystery right now.

I think your better off with an equinox or other new cutting edge detector.

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Your detector prices are 15% less than we can get them in the US. It seems like you guys get screwed on almost everything else,  so that's nice.

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Depends where or what you are going to use it for.  If you are looking for a Compadre or Mojave for park/playground gold jewelry hunting then by all means get one!  Beyond that I’d say it’s up to personal preference.  Any Tesoro, even a 20+ year old model is still capable of finding treasures despite what anyone tells you about the necessity of multi-tones and visualID numbers.   Just depends on what you prefer.  They appear to be going under as a business but no one really knows for sure.  Odds are that a new machine from a dealer will give you years of trouble free use but there is always a chance of needing repairs.  

P.S.     if the dealer you speak of has any new Compadres in stock please message me their contact information so I can buy another spare for the closet!!!

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      New technology for Gold and the US is put on hold. Why is ML bein so bold in putting US on hold? It's because ML cares mostly for their own money$ and don't really care about US consumers gettin our share of golden honey.😋
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      Hello fellow detectorists, To anyone thying to decide what metal detector brand to choose in my opinion MINELAB is great , just wanted to let you know about Minelab service and people who work for them in USA. I have a ctx3030, In January 2021, when my warranty was about to expire, my ctx control box got wet I sent it to minelab service . I talked to a lady named Molly, she was great. I was then instructed to sent the detector to service to a man named John DeAmeritt ( great guy ). He tested and replaced the LED screen and sent the machine back , again the machine did not work properly so i sent it back. After much testing John could not find the reason for the problem so they put a whole new control box on it in May. The unit cost $1200 - 1300 for part and stilled covered cost Thank you MInelab
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      Just for grins I call Minelab in Australia and they promptly answered the phone and listened to my issue contacting Customer Support for the Americas.
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