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Etrac Comparing 2 And 4 Tone Ferrous As Well As Multi Tone Conductive

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When I refer to lower ferrous could be confusing.   I actually am talking about ferrous line being lower on screen hence a higher ferrous number.

Depth itself of a nonferrous target can effect how high a ferrous reading is provided on Etrac screen.
Iron, rust, nail or nails can also drive ferrous number higher.

Ground mineralization levels will drive ferrous number readings.  Higher mineralization soil will usuallynread higher ferrous numbers on targets of equivalent depth vs soil of milder mineralization.

The orientation, size of target can drive ferrous number also.

So the total detecting scenario will be evaluated by what the Etrac feels as to how the ferrous number reads.

New folks to Etrac will find this video definitely helpful.  There are some myths out there as far as using 2 tone ferrous especially.

What the video shows I have indeed seen in the wild using Etrac and comparing.

Etrac users wanting more detailed info on this topic see this link (Etrac Manual) pages 63-66.
Innthe video I stand to correct myself.  I state the tone break built in Etrac using 2 tone ferrous is 19, it is actually 17 ferrous where the detector transactions as far as reporting a higher tone or lower tone.
https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/4065/4901-0065-1.3 Instruction Manual E-Trac_Screen.pdf

A few additional comments.
Use of 2 tone ferrous.
Sometimes a user may indeed get a good signal (due to ferrous number reporting in the zone).
However coil sweep speed and or coil position, coil height— if out of whack somewhat, this could drive ferrous number of what Etrac provides  hence higher ferrous number reporting could be had hence if ferrous number is high enough user will get a lower tone vs higher tone and user will keep walking.

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Little different test comparing the tone ID profiles


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