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Alaska Mining & Diving Supply (AMDS) is proud to be a premier dealer for Ski-Doo, Can-Am, Evinrude, Honda, Kingfisher, Lowe, Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, and Yamaha. We offer snowmobiles, ATVs, boats, generators, metal detectors, mining equipment, outboards, snowmobiles, and watercraft. We service what we sell and have done so since 1976. We are an Employee owned company and you can be an owner too. Check out our latest products and services on our website: http://www.akmining.com 

 We are hiring: Mining Department Expert

  •  Provide an EXCEPTIONAL customer experience.
  •  The Mining Department position has the opportunity to interact with hundreds of customers to assist them in purchasing metal detectors and recreational mining equipment. The goal is to create an exceptional buying experience and to build customer loyalty.
  •  Accurately price parts and accessories
  •  Promptly assist both the online and retail guest in a friendly and courteous manner.
  •  Answer telephone calls promptly, courteously, and make every effort to satisfy the caller's inquiry.
  •  Stock incoming inventory in the correct location.
  •  Maintain the Mining Department in clean and orderly manner.
  •  Provide customers with needed information and offer additional sales opportunities.
  •  Create and maintain merchandising displays to promote product sales.
  •  Demonstrate communication and interpersonal skills
  •  Ability to use social media channels and online sales tools for market and selling products
  •  Strong sales ability including ability to learn new products a must! Any prior knowledge of metal detectors and recreational mining equipment a very strong plus.

 This position pays an hourly base + commission.

Download a job application here

About Alaska Mining & Diving Supply (AMDS)

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Long story short Brian Berkhahn, the current department head, is moving on to other things. I don't make much of it here on the forums but I am an original founder of this company. My partner and I financed the sale of the company to the employees, and it is now run for the direct benefit of them and their families. It is structured now as a federally mandated Employee Stock Option Plan and therefore is not your typical mom and pop company. I still sit on the corporate board to oversee and advise when needed. That being the case I would be available in an advisory role to help this person get situated. A passion for metal detecting and social media communications skills would be a great thing here, and this job can provide a lifetime employment opportunity for the right person.

The company is a multi line detector dealer - Fisher, Garrett, Minelab, White’s and they just took on Makro/Nokta. Primarily Keene mining gear with lots of other misc vendors. I should point out that the job affords many opportunities to use the latest and greatest machines.

Visit the website links above to learn more about the company and its extensive product lines.

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Wish i were younger.  Been to Alaska once and loved it.  I like the sound of the job.  Too bad I can’t apply.  

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    • By kac
      They still around? Wonder if they will start building new machines since Tesoro is out of the picture?
    • By Steve Herschbach
    • By Condor
      I briefly mentioned my problem with the GPZ 7000 14" stock coil.  The problem was I dragged it behind the Rokon completely unaware of doing so and wore through the plastic cover exposing the copper windings inside.  I contacted Friendly Minelab Dealer "Rege in PA" about getting a replacement.  He put in the order but as time was drawing near for the OZ trip, there was no sign of a replacement coil in the pipeline.  Rege was able do some gently encouragement and the Minelab Repair Center stepped up and found me a coil.  I got it last week and have been using it all this week for my practice sessions for the Summer of OZ trip departing this Sunday.  It seems they sent me the "super" coil because I'm having some incredible good luck this week on the local Yuma gold.  Minelab, you have saved me from my self-inflicted misadventure. 
      Gold photos of the last 2 mornings of detecting.  I've been detecting some heavily hunted areas and finding gold around old dig holes.  I'm using pretty standard settings, HY, Normal with Sens 15.  I've gone back to the high dollar Etymotic in-ear monitors (earbuds).  The Ety 4S model has much higher inpedance compared to typical earbuds.

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      Here.  https://tarsacci.com/

      Tarsacci MDT-8000 metal detector
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      White's Electronics is having their fall Garage Sale that features some deep discounts on select products. There is one deal in particular that nugget hunters may want to be aware of.
      The White's Sierra Gold Trac was a Jimmy Sierra limited edition product not carried by regular White's dealers. They were only sold by a few west coast dealers and White's themselves never really promoted the machine. That makes them a rare item, and with Jimmy now having left the scene it looks like White's wants to liquidate the remaining units.
      I only bring this all up because the SGT is basically a stripped down White's GMT with only two control knobs - on/off/gain and threshold. That's it. the detector runs at 48 khz and is locked full time into ground tracking mode. There is no discrimination. Just a hot on tiny gold all metal detector. Nothing to get too excited about normally but at $289 brand new with a 2 year warranty this might make a decent inexpensive nugget detector for somebody. Sale discontinued, now $399
      I will have to do up a product page on these for historical purposes since there is so little information on them.
      White’s Sierra Gold Trac (SGT) Data & User Reviews
      On Sale at White's Website
      Review by Mike Hillis

      White's Electronics Sierra Gold Trac Metal Detector
      All Metal Operation: Hear all metal targets.
      Auto Trac: Iron mineral interference from soil and rocks is tuned out automatically.
      Only Two Controls; Gain & Threshold: Threshold adjusts the background hum. The Gain control adjusts for maximum sensitivity in your conditions.
      48 kHz Frequency.
      Waterproof 6x10" inch Elliptical DD Search coil.
      Slide-In 12 Volt AA Battery Holder: 25-40 hours of hunting. (varies depending if you're using headphones or the external speaker)
      Approximately 3.5 lbs with batteries: The SGT is light weight and well balanced for all-day hunting.
      Can be used with any Goldmaster Series (48 kHz - 50 kHz) Search Coils.
      Optional Accessories (Sold Separately): NiCad Rechargeable Battery System
      Two Year Transferable Warranty
      MSRP 599.95 normally discounted to $499.95.
      White's Sierra Gold Trac Owner's Guide
      White’s Sierra Gold Trac (SGT) Data & User Reviews
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      What's everyone thoughts on Garrett nowadays..in my opinion they are falling behind the others these days I've been waiting to hear something from them for a new prospecting or even coin machine to compete with whites and minlab xp etc but nothing ... I mean the at series were great in there day but now things like the xp deus nox 800 macro all blow them away and the atx was good but lacked coil options and weighed more than a fat hippo .. . I personally liked garret the old infinium ls were ground peaking in there day fully water proof etc be ashame if they dont put something out soon ....
      If anyone knows any rumors etc feel free to comment below 
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