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    • By PG-Prospecting
      From back in May when i first found my little nugget patch.  Some of the smaller pieces of gold in this spot would ring up to the iron side, but since almost every target in this spot is gold, it shows you that on small gold the probability indicator should be ignored.  Some nice gold for only an hour or so spent detecting.  Will have more videos to come, im slowly working through my backlog.  
      Thanks for watching!
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      I've had some crazy happenings around me when out detecting, but this one sometimes gives me the chills.
      Do you think there was a Dog Snatcher in the area?
      Have you ever had a weird detecting experience?
    • By mn90403
      This is a History Channel video describing the geology associated with deposits in California.  I found it entertaining and informative without the heavy handed geological perspective.
      I am willing to watch more about the gold in Nevada but the video cuts off there.
      Does anyone know where the next segment is?
    • By phrunt
      I've been wanting to film a video of myself finding a nugget with my QED but things have been a bit dry on the nugget front lately for me, I managed to scrape out one a couple of days ago using my GPX but that's it for a week or so now.
      This guy was doing a video on showing various mode and threshold settings with an in ground untouched target when his cameraman proceeded to tell him to dig up on camera after saying he's sure it's a nugget.  He seemed a little hesitant but went for it, and sure enough, a nice nugget.
      I thought some might like to see the video to get a bit of an idea of a QED in action and how it sounds.
    • By Jim McCulloch
      Spud Digger Johnson has just released the latest video on his "Spud Diggers" YouTube channel about hunting for gold, relics, coins, and bottles at the 1860's mining camp "Diamondville." One of the highlights was a lady who, using a detector, dug up a diamond ring... and then her boyfriend proposed marriage! Lots of good gold was found. HH Jim
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