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    • By phrunt
      There is a new show coming to TV called Aussie Metal Detectives.
      And they use Equinoxes 🙂
      Introducing the Aussie Metal Detectives - Leon Deschamps and Shayne Thomson. Two Aussie blokes digging for the greatest treasure of them all, the lost stories of the men and women who built Australia.
      I'll be watching this one!
    • By Steve Herschbach
      XP Metal Detectors - Technology and performance at the heart of your passion. Discover our brand new film! A Patrick Foch video.
    • By auminesweeper
      Hey folks, I just watched this Video and it has to be one of the best on Gold Mining I have seen, it is very factual and funny at time and they have some great Gold too, and there is a Q&A session at the end of it, The Info they share is first class and easy to understand,
      Enjoy,,, John
    • By Sourdough Scott
      Saw this on Facebook. Steve, Kevin Hoagland, and Chris. Are you able to get a copy where we can watch the show?

    • By Gold Hound
      Hi Steve, Guy's
      We posted 2 new videos on or youtube channel.
      Access our channel through the link in my signature.
      We appreciate feed back from our viewers so don't be afraid to leave comments or like/dislike our videos.
      There's also a third on the way soon so just subscribe if you like our vids.
      Thanks guys hope you enjoy!!!!!
    • By mn90403
      Parker has been put on to some Australian gold.  They are great looking nuggets!  We'll have to wait to see how he did it.
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