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Any X35 Coil Users For The Orx Out There?

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What is the weight factor with the x 35 coil versus the hf 9”. Is it a lot heavier ?

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HF elliptical is 11.6 ounces

HF 9" round is 12.3 ounces

X35 9" is 13 ounces

X35 11" is 16.1 ounces

X35 13 x11" is 21 ounces

With the heavier Deus telescoping metal stem the heavier weight of the X35 11" is not very noticeable. With the lighter plastic stem assembly of the Orx the X35 11" felt really unbalanced and  nose heavy to me. The X35 9" would probably feel the same as the HF round.


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I should have a near new used 11” X35 coil in the near future. Got my xp orx yesterday - really looking forward to trying it out and really getting into it over the next week. 

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Holding off on that 11” X35 coil for now. Not sure if there’s enough to be gained  over the

9” hf coil, especially since I hunt mainly for relics.   If I decide I want an X35 I might favor 

a 9” instead of 11”" for weight mainly.  

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There was a post here on the Orx being blind to round objects like musket balls but can't find the link. I would try upping the frequency as that would give more sensitivity in the lower range. 

There is also this link comparing the 2 coils on the orx that TNSharpshooter posted.

As you go up in coil size you lose sensitivity to smaller objects. There probably isn't a whole lot of difference in depth between a 9" and 11" coil. From my experience I have only gained a couple inches or so 20-30% depending on ground conditions on my Tejons coils 9" elliptical and 10x12 widescan. And only real noticeable depth jump is when you hit monster sized coils that can hit 16-17" on the AT Pro with more downsides than positives as the larger coils become not only too heavy and cumbersome. They become less and less sensitive to small targets and often difficult if not impossible to ground balance in some locations. The best I have done with the monster coil is a seated and barber dimes in the 15" range.

I would think that frequency would be a better test. Lower frequencies give you more depth but lower conductors may mask items. The Tejon I favor and use the most runs at 17khz. Maybe try that as a starting point.

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