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Fav. Mode & Sensitivity

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Been out awhile end of year at school has kept me busy. 

Thought it would be interesting to hear everyone’s favorite go to.

I primarily hit coal mining ghost towns and run 

Nox 600 

Field 1 and 2 all metal 50 tone

sens 16-20

recovery 3 


I try new setups but end up back to where I started, some days are better than others.

hope everyone is getting out and enjoying!



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Hey there Glazed Tofu. 

600 here also.

I run primarily in Park 1, high sens as long as it is stable, 0 IB, 0 disc, 7 threshold, recovery 3, iron volume on 3, 50 tones.

I've hunted in all modes but keep going back to Park 1, most likely out of habit. I haven't noticed digging anything better or worse in either mode. I hunt in high trashy parks and lot sites in L.A. & burbs and I love this machine in 50 tones. 

I have hundreds of hours on this machine and my coin/relic finds have been awesome. I'll have to show off my 2019 collection at years end. 

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As primarily a relic hunter, I favor field 2, sens 18-20 in heavy iron rarely exceed 22 except in fields. Thresh 7, iron on low volume, 50 tones, GB 0, recov 5-6, IB 1-2.

    Alternative to park 2, I run park 2 or field 1

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Nox 600 user here. My "go-to" mode is Field 2 with sensitivity 18-22 (depends on soil conditions), 5 tones, IB 0, Recovery 3. Occasionally I'll shake things up and switch over to Park 1 with the same settings.

Something I've been experimenting with on sites I've previously searched with Multi IQ is to switch over to 10 KhZ single frequency and boost the sensitivity as high as possible, given soil conditions. I then go low and super slow listening for squeaks and iffy signals. In this type of search I'm not particularly concerned about VDI accuracy, I'm looking for audio clues to deep targets that were previously overlooked.

I did OK with this technique over the weekend. I used it on an old school lawn and came away with 4.5 wheaties, a tax token, and a souvenir pin from the 1909 Seattle Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition.

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Far from an expert, but for coins, this works well for me.  Sensitivity depends on situation (usually 16 - 22).  Equinox 800.



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5 hours ago, SnohomishDigger said:

...Came away with 4.5 wheaties,...

OK, I have to ask:  how do you get half a Wheat Penny?


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7 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

OK, I have to ask:  how do you get half a Wheat Penny?


Committing coin toss suicide ... Heads You win, tails I lose? That still doesn't work out.

There are two sides to every coin with one exception?

 I dunno. I think I'll sleep on it.

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    • By ColonelDan
      In a previous post of mine, I made the case for using 3 tones based on Low, Medium and High conductive targets; a system I routinely use in hunting our Florida beaches.  It's simple, effective and gives me the information I really need.
      The videos below however, make a strong case for 2 tones and the "Dig it All" approach when using the Equinox series detectors.   Why?  As you'll see in those videos, the tested targets span the VDI spectrum based on metallurgical composition, shape and size. Granted, these are nothing more than air tests which aren't affected by depth, moisture or ground mineralization but they at least provide some indication as to how a variety of targets range the VDI scale based on their individual characteristics.
      If using 2 tones, I would personally set the tone breaks at -9 to 0 using tone pitch 1 indicating probable junk and the second tone break at 1 thru 40 using tone pitch 25.
      If I were interested only in a more detailed target description, I would lean heavily toward the CTX 3030.  However, in the type of beach hunting I do, I favor the Multi IQ, faster processor, enhanced sensitivity and weight of the EQX over the CTX...just my personal preference or as I always say, "Just the view from my foxhole."



    • By Rosemary
      Need help. My equinox 600 doesn't change discrimination patterns when I switch detect modes. I am always in all metal mode. My boyfriend has the same machine and his changes with each mode...he doesn't know why mine does not. I can't figure it out...help please.
    • By sdbirder
      I was having a relatively slow morning detecting at La Jolla Shores Beach in San Diego today, about $1 in clad and a euro coin when a young woman came up asking for help finding a ring. She was frantic and her husband was second guessing, saying it must be at home and asking when was the last time she saw it? She kept insisting it was here right here, next to the seawall. With just a couple swipes of my Equinox 800/15" coil I had it in the scoop. She was ecstatic and gave me a big hug. I've always dreamt of finding a big expensive engagement ring whilst detecting. I've gotten a few gold bands but nothing like this! I obviously didn't get to keep it, but it seemed to bring some good karma to the day and I found two large silver rings shortly afterward. She insisted on getting my info and address so I might be getting a reward or thank you letter later. Here's a couple pics of the expensive ring, the happy owner and the two silvers I got afterward.

    • By Daniel Tn
      Editor note: split from https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/9945-my-salt-water-report-card/
      I agree with ya on some of your points and grades.
      After a year of using the Equinox, I can give a fair assessment on where it ranks and how it compares to other detectors for the uses that I do.  If I were solely a beach hunter, I would personally feel more confident with a CTX 3030.  I personally feel it has more depth to it in that arena.  Even in freshwater, I put a good season of water hunting in with the CTX and all last year with the Nox.  I found more rings last year with the Nox but I also found triple as much small junk that slowed me down...stuff that fell through the scoop, and or just disappeared.  This alone has me wanting to snag a good used CTX.  
      On saltwater beach...this is an even stronger feeling of favoring the CTX to me. I personally didn't mind the weight of the unit. I find the screen is easier to see on the Nox, particularly in direct sun light.  I even like the feel of the Nox.  I just feel from what I see, that the 3030 has more muscle to it in that area. I can't ever remember having a target that disappeared/vanished on me once I scooped a hole while hunting with the CTX.  I had some I almost gave up on cause they were so deep though.  The Nox will do the Houdini act in salt sand and in dirt....it doesn't like open holes at all.  
      When it comes to hunting in mineralized soil and coin/relic hunting back home...this changes big time. Even though the CTX is revered as a great coin machine, it is handicapped a lot by red dirt.  The Nox runs circles around it there.  Like night and day difference.  Hunting in iron...same thing.  Heavily favored to the Nox.  This leaves me in a split mood.  Most of my summer hunting IS in the water for jewelry, albeit freshwater.  The Nox will find the same rings as the CTX...but it also wants to lock onto those small pieces of crap that fall through the scoop. I need to figure out a way to have both and hope the wife doesn't find out 🙂
    • By dan_h
      Received the Equinox Handbook a few days ago and modified Park1 on my E600 per the Cherry Picking program.  Local parks dry out this time of the year plus we had below-average rainfall.  One park dates from 1920, is one city block, and surrounded by power lines on all sides.  Yet the detector was completely quiet but I Noise Cancelled out of habit.  I found a Sargent key, an eye glasses temple, 2 pennies and assorted junk.  The Cherry Picking settings will prove very useful as dried out parks become the norm.   There is a modified Beach1 for land that might be interesting to try as well.
      The Handbook generated a sale.  From Doc's detecting supplies I bought the cover for the control pod and cuff.   Docs is mentioned in the list of vendors in the Handbook.
    • By Deep1
      Been working an old railroad freight yard. It is covered in trash, mainly iron. I cannot find an area clean enough to ground balance, I just run at 0.
      I've found a few railroad tags and fell in love with them. The rarest local history I've ever found. I want to find more.
      I've dug a few coins from the site, but they are few and far between and come up in very poor condition.
      I want to concentrate on the tags.
      They are made of brass and range in size from 1X2 to 2X3 inches and are 1/8 thick.
      What is the best detect mode to use for these conditions?
      Any recommendations on settings?
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