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Fav. Mode & Sensitivity

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Been out awhile end of year at school has kept me busy. 

Thought it would be interesting to hear everyone’s favorite go to.

I primarily hit coal mining ghost towns and run 

Nox 600 

Field 1 and 2 all metal 50 tone

sens 16-20

recovery 3 


I try new setups but end up back to where I started, some days are better than others.

hope everyone is getting out and enjoying!



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Hey there Glazed Tofu. 

600 here also.

I run primarily in Park 1, high sens as long as it is stable, 0 IB, 0 disc, 7 threshold, recovery 3, iron volume on 3, 50 tones.

I've hunted in all modes but keep going back to Park 1, most likely out of habit. I haven't noticed digging anything better or worse in either mode. I hunt in high trashy parks and lot sites in L.A. & burbs and I love this machine in 50 tones. 

I have hundreds of hours on this machine and my coin/relic finds have been awesome. I'll have to show off my 2019 collection at years end. 

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As primarily a relic hunter, I favor field 2, sens 18-20 in heavy iron rarely exceed 22 except in fields. Thresh 7, iron on low volume, 50 tones, GB 0, recov 5-6, IB 1-2.

    Alternative to park 2, I run park 2 or field 1

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Nox 600 user here. My "go-to" mode is Field 2 with sensitivity 18-22 (depends on soil conditions), 5 tones, IB 0, Recovery 3. Occasionally I'll shake things up and switch over to Park 1 with the same settings.

Something I've been experimenting with on sites I've previously searched with Multi IQ is to switch over to 10 KhZ single frequency and boost the sensitivity as high as possible, given soil conditions. I then go low and super slow listening for squeaks and iffy signals. In this type of search I'm not particularly concerned about VDI accuracy, I'm looking for audio clues to deep targets that were previously overlooked.

I did OK with this technique over the weekend. I used it on an old school lawn and came away with 4.5 wheaties, a tax token, and a souvenir pin from the 1909 Seattle Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition.

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Far from an expert, but for coins, this works well for me.  Sensitivity depends on situation (usually 16 - 22).  Equinox 800.



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5 hours ago, SnohomishDigger said:

...Came away with 4.5 wheaties,...

OK, I have to ask:  how do you get half a Wheat Penny?


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7 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

OK, I have to ask:  how do you get half a Wheat Penny?


Committing coin toss suicide ... Heads You win, tails I lose? That still doesn't work out.

There are two sides to every coin with one exception?

 I dunno. I think I'll sleep on it.

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On 6/11/2019 at 4:45 PM, GB_Amateur said:

OK, I have to ask:  how do you get half a Wheat Penny?


It was clipped by a mower.


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