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    • By phrunt
      The QED had what I call quite a significant upgrade in August, I was very eager to get this upgrade so I sent mine across to OZ straight away.   I was pretty impressed with the upgrade.
      The upgrade included a new method for the detector to ground balance which makes it handle variable ground better and an extended ground balance range which used to be 1 to 200 now it's 1 to 300. 
      For me this allowed me to run in beach mode in a lot of places around here.  Beach mode is essentially no ground balance like the coin and relic timing on the GPX.  I'm not quite sure how this ground balance update did this as I'm turning ground balance off by going into Mode 11 so I guess the update changes more under the hood than I understand.
      The other update allowed it to accept DD and Concentric coils as earlier model QED's only accepted Mono's.  I've tried a DD out on my QED now, I was surprised how quiet it ran, the QED is already great with EMI except in the most extreme cases but then the DD fixes that up.  There was a bit of confusion early on after the update about the Concentric's not working after the update but it appears that was only on some very early model QED's that needed a minor hardware modification to resolve it (desoldering a bridged join I believe) and that's been ironed out now.
      Anyway, now with this new update comes a new manual, so for existing QED users or those who just like to read about detectors and how they operate the manual is available here
      I heard a latest model QED has now been used in USA and the modifications to it that were required to match the EMI immunity that we in NZ/OZ benefit from worked a treat, the QED was able to run right near power lines there too.  The US power network runs on 120v as you know, in NZ and OZ we run on 240v so I guess something needed changed in the QED to allow for this difference.
      There are two shaft options now too

      Photo taken from the QED website.
    • By phrunt
      Great news for all the QED owners, it was announced today the QED has been updated with new ground balance firmware along with support for DD and CC coils like the new Concentric coils from Detech that have just been released.
      Here is the official announcement from Howard, the God of the QED.
      Interfacion Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that the QED has been modified to allow the use of DD (double D) and CC (Concentric Coplanar) coils. This change involves a simple change to the electronics within the control box.
      The firmware has also been upgraded to include a further improved Ground Balance.
      All detectors being delivered to new customers from Monday 5th August 2019 will already have the above upgrades included.
      As a show of commitment to all QED owners, the hardware modification to allow use of the DD and CC coils will be provided at no cost.
      Of course and as per the QED warranty, the firmware update is provided free of charge, except for P&H.
      Any QED owner who plans to attend the Laanecoorie Bash is encouraged to bring their detector along and have it upgraded at no cost.
      Awesome news, I'll be sending mine off ASAP. 
      You can find out more about the QED on their official website here http://www.qedmetaldetectors.com.au/
    • By Reg Wilson
      The new compact, super light PI from Ballarat, Australia. This machine uses any Minelab PI compatible mono coil and is dynamite on small as well as larger gold. It is almost totally unaffected by  EMI enabling it to be used near or practically beneath power lines. All hand built, on a limited production scale, this little beauty is creating great interest in Australia, where it can handle the highly mineralized soils.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      I wonder how it would do on Florida beaches? Very light weight, super hot on small stuff, can use Minelab compatible coils.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      AussieMatt pointed out on another thread that lo and behold, the QED has appeared. I am not going to mess with all the long back history. Instead, it looks like we may finally have a new detector model from an independent designer after so many false starts over the years. If nothing happens to upset the cart reports should be coming in from Australia in the near future.
      Anyway, congrats to bugwhiskers and company. I truly do wish for it to go well for all involved.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      "Righto, this is based on my last 4 or 5 trips combined. Today was the 2nd time I've been able have 2 QED,s on the ground as well as a GPX 4500 and a souped up GP 3000 to compare."
      QED Thread On This Forum
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