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I think the cracks/holes go all the way through, the reddish stuff on it could possibly be ironstone, it doesn't wash off so it's not some sort of soil. 

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Well, after reading JP's review on the QED followed by Reg and Northeasts review and the occasional QED user popping up I decided it's time to get one.  I didn't need the full package and was on a bud

So I took the QED out today with the X-coil 12x6". I first went to a spot I've been to a number of times and only ever found 2 bits there, one a long time ago with my Gold Bug Pro, the other a fe

Yup, all further talk of sycophants, knockers, etc. just expect the post will be deleted. I am well and truly done with past history elsewhere and want none of it here. Just let it go folks. Make your

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Probably a combo of ironstone and fractures then.

Fractures, even partial ones, could in theory effectively cause a nugget to be 1/2 the size or less when viewed from a metal detector's reference frame even if the nugget is still connected with itself. If you have 2 fractures, then maybe 1/3rd the size. It all depends on the geometry though. Mag fields are also additive so there is the additional issue that fractures or even maybe other geometric irregularities can potentially cause destructive interference between two induced fields at different angles. Or at least not add up to the same field strength as it would if it were a whole nugget.

I'm just saying this based on the finite element modelling we did on iron and aluminum, but I think it would apply with gold too.

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2 hours ago, phrunt said:

I think the cracks/holes go all the way through, the reddish stuff on it could possibly be ironstone, it doesn't wash off so it's not some sort of soil. 

Does it stick to your magnet, or does your magnet slightly influence it? Could just be red stained quartz from mineralisation processes. 


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36 minutes ago, kiwijw said:

Does it stick to your magnet, or does your magnet slightly influence it? Could just be red stained quartz from mineralisation processes. 


No action at all on my magnet.  I guess it probably is just stained.  It's just so strange I can roll it around on the GPX coil and nothing at all.

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It's not all that uncommon Phrunt.

Most detectorists that use both VLF & PI detectors will have similar stories. It's a known fact that a higher frequency VLF (LF) like Whites GMT, Gold Bug, Gold Monster etc. will see some gold better than a PI will.

I had a small bit of gold that my GPX5000 (or a mates) couldn't see even on the coil but my Whites GMT picked it up no worries. At the time I was a bit perplexed as I had only recently shelled out for the then top of the range 5k. I soon found there was quite a few examples of this around & mainly on specimens where the gold was finely disseminated through the host rock or small prickly bits. I tend to agree with Jason above that your bit may have fractures/breaks in the gold making it a difficult piece for a PI.

The QED likely gets it due to the very low pulse delay utilised in mode 1. From memory it is somewhere in the range of ~7us - as a comparison the lowest pulse delay on Whites TDI Oz Pro was 10us. I believe there was a TDI mod for more sensitivity down to 8us. Of course there is more to the QED than just mode but a short pulse delay on those types of gold would be a big factor.

Be interesting to see if kiwijw's SDC can see it at all as well as his GPZ.

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Well JW and I tested my little invisible bit of gold on his GPZ and it didn't see it either, a tiny bit if you rolled it around on the coil.  I actually think the QED picked it up better than the GPZ as I get almost an inch on the QED and touching the coil on the GPZ and GPX nothing at all.

VLF's see it as if it's a normal bit of gold.

It's probably how I found it, JW's GPZ missed it and I swept it up with my Monster ?

I've found the Zeds kryptonite ?


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Guest AussieDigs

An X on the QED PL2 saw AU what JW’s GPZ n X couldnt see in NZ! ?

Time to head somewhere where the likes of the QED with X coil would be suited/not vacuumed by the formidable combination of JW, GPZ and X coil!

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There are certain odd geometries of nuggets which will hit deeper on the GPX than on the GPZ. I've found 6 or 7 with a quite pronounced effect, some were up to 15% or so deeper on the GPX. Up to 27 grams, so not just small bits. I'm sure I found more but I stopped checking. One of these I reported in quite some detail to Minelab but they didn't appear to have much interest so I stopped. 

I don't have them anymore as I sold everything, but they were...ropey/tangly? Not sure how to explain them. But divided up and with holes. Imagine pulling apart a grilled cheese sandwich and seeing the ropes of cheese, now imagine that about 5x denser and wrapped in on itself into a wad of gum looking thing, and that's the sort of gold these were.

Anyways, it's possible for a PI to hit something a GPZ will miss. Just not very common, and usually related to nuggets with breaks, open space, etc.




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  • Similar Content

    • By auminesweeper
      I have been watching a thread over on PA and it seems there are a few problems, But some of the replies from those pro qed folks seem a little daunting when you consider that the main issue is the ground balance and threshold, which brings to mind JP's review.
      I find the TDI's a bit worrisome as in when to deploy each of the conductivity settings and find it is much easier to run the SL set to ALL, the QED would drive me nuts when you take the latest reply in to account having to do a Math equation to set the GB/Threshold,
      anyway here is the link maybe one of you wiser people can translate it all in to common English.
    • By phrunt
      I've been wanting to take the QED to the beach for a while now, it has a Mode 11 beach mode which is very deep, its essentially just a mode that has ground balance disabled at 7.5uS pulse delay.
      The beach I went to was only just over an hour and a half from home.  I live about as far from a beach possible in NZ.  I also wanted to try out my new Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer as it's meant to handle salt water beaches, my Garrett Carrot AT doesn't, last time I tried to use it on the beach the wet sand was setting it off like mad and it would not balance to the wet sand.
      The good news is the F-pulse worked fine, handled the wet sand well.
      I took a photo of my QED all geared up ready to detect.

      The weather was shocking, About 3 degrees with snow on the forecast for later tonight, strong wind and showers was what I was dealing with.  I was going to be near the beach which is why I took my detector, the purpose of the trip wasn't to go detecting, the detecting was just a bonus.  I decided I'd put the X-Coils 15" spiral coil on it as it's my biggest GPX coil, it's also very sensitive and deep so seemed a good fit.  This beach is just huge and people spread out all along it as you're allowed to drive your cars on it, so there is no "good busy spot" like on normal beaches. 
      On the dry sand Mode 11 (Disabled Ground Balance) worked well, it was perfect actually and I was digging deep bottle caps.  I'm more of a discrimination type person so was getting pretty annoyed digging junk.  I was however surprised how deep I was digging these bottle caps.  It felt like I was regularly digging junk at 12".  I got sick of that real quick so I jumped back in my car and drove down closer to the water, I was using my car as a bit of a wind break the weather was that bad.
      As I was closer to the water I was no longer able to use Mode 11, the no GB mode, it's my first time using the QED where I've had a response from the ground raising and lowering my coil.  I'm not used to bad ground 🙂  The beach has a fair bit of black sand, not terrible like some of NZ's beaches that are virtually pure black sand.
      I ended up having to go to Mode 5 with a gain of 6, settings I've never used before, I always run things flat out but I didn't like the ground response I was getting, If I kept the coil level to the ground the No GB mode worked OK, although I wasn't sure if that would mean depth would be affected so I wanted to be balanced,  I was able to ground balance now after a bit of fiddling around with manual ground balance.  I'm not good at dealing with bad ground, it's something I'm not used to at all.
      My first target as I got down near the water was an old NZ 2 cent coin, then a rusty old beer bottle cap and a few pull tabs and an old rusty weird looking bit of scrap metal and a few more bottle caps and then....... to my surprise a coin I've only found two of in my entire time detecting, a NZ silver florin!!!! from 1933 too, the first year NZ made a Florin and a harder to get date.  I went to take a photo and my damn phone was flat!  It was deep too, I tilted my coil sideways in the big hole I dug with my scoop and it was almost the depth of my coil, and the coil is a 15" coil.  I took these photos of it when I got home.

      It's not all nice and shiny silver like the coins I find in the grass, I will try clean it up a bit somehow.  My silvers from the sports fields always come up looking new.
      I decided to leave after that, the weather was getting to me and the wind was freezing.  I had achieved what I wanted to do, test the QED out on the beach.  It worked well enough, certainly deep and good ground coverage with such a big coil, I'd rather use a detector with discrimination and Target ID's for beach hunts though.
    • By phrunt
      It's been announced the QED is now going to have a dealer in New Zealand, the first step of the QED becoming a real International detector.    The good bit for me is it's a local dealer so that's nice and handy.   I hope the dealer will be able to do the software updates to make that easier.  That would be the key to opening up worldwide dealers having them capable of doing updates I think.  The updates are free but I'd rather pay the dealer a bit of coin for their time to update mine than send it back to Australia.
      Here is their information for the Kiwi's

    • By Dave63
      Been a lot of chat about x coil for ML. I would like to see or read a good comparison on the X coil vs the rest on a QED. I am going on a trip to Western Australia in June, so I need a larger mid range coil. I have received advice that the 14" Coiltek is the coil  of choice. All the talk is about x coil, but there hasn't been any real comparison posted. I was thinking 15"x10" x coil could be a contender, but lack of comparison or direct info makes it hard to make a choice.
      Correct me if I am wrong
      8" Sadie = Small targets at shallow depth Low ground coverage
      11" Detech Ultra = Small targets a little more depth bit better ground coverage
      14" Coiltek = More depth start to loose smaller targets better ground coverage
      15" x 10" = ??
    • By phrunt
      Today I had to drop my wife and daughter at the airport in Queenstown near JW's house, they're off to Australia for a week to see family.  It's too hot for me this time of year over there so I decided I'd stay home.  JW had the day off work today due to the weather so we decided we'd go for a detect, it's been wild weather lately.. so much for summer, fresh snow on all the mountains this morning and during the day the snow kept coming down.  By the end of the day the mountains had a good coating.  My wife's flight ended up being delayed over six hours due to the weather so they had a boring time at the airport waiting while JW and I were out detecting.

      The snow was building throughout the day.  This was not long after we arrived, much more by the time we left.
      This area is known as my nemesis, I've only ever found gold here twice, once was with my Gold Bug Pro when I first started prospecting and another time was when I first got my 12x6" X-Coil also using the QED, both tiny bits of gold.  I've struggled to use my GPX at this location as it's right next to power lines and the area is riddled with hot rocks, really annoying hot rocks, the QED handles the power lines fine.  The hot rocks combined with millions of shot gun pellets make this area a nightmare for VLF's too.  I consider it the hardest place for me to find gold out of my known prospecting areas.  It does however have gold, and the gold is often very small stuff, it's a real challenge for me here.
      I wanted to try the new 15x10" GPX X-Coil this time as last time with the 12x6" X-Coil I spent a lot of time digging shotgun pellets, I was hoping the bigger coil may just be big enough to ignore the pellets but still be sensitive enough to find some of the tiny gold.
      The hot rocks aren't all big either, a lot of them are tiny

      This is from dragging my pick magnet across the ground for a few seconds.
      The area is quite the challenge to swing a coil too, very bushy and rocky.

      The growth of the plant life has gotten a lot worse since I was last here a month or so ago

      The rocky areas are often old tailings piles, a majority of them aren't worth detecting though as they're just rocks, no soils involved.  This one above wasn't too bad but had no gold unfortunately.

      There was plenty of the hot rocks in this area giving me grief.  I couldn't run at this location in Mode 11 (No ground balance) as it made the hot rocks so much worse, nutting off all over the place so I stuck with Mode 1, the most sensitive of the ground balanced modes and it mostly handled the tiny hot rocks fine but the bigger ones still set it off.  You can't just kick them away unfortunately as a lot of them are buried.
      I did managed to find one bit of gold, at first I dug a hot rock but after removing it the signal continued, there was actually two signals after I removed the hot rock however whatever the second signal was it dropped down further into the rock pile to be lost forever.

      I'm up quite high on a cliff edge here, you'll see the flooded river below, it's usually a really nice blue water but during flood it goes brown.  You'll see the area I dug out to get my little nugget, I have no idea of the depth of it as I may have initially been tricked by the hot rock.

      It's a tiny little thing, It had a nice target signal though.  I didn't expect at the time for it to be gold as I thought the signal was too good, I was expecting another hot rock.

      0.072 of a gram.
      The afternoon was getting pretty wet, we were at it rain, hail and shine, the weather kept changing.  At one point the hail hurt, got me right in the eyeball!

      I just put a plastic bag over the QED to keep it dry, same with the speaker and rear control box.  Someone needs to make waterproof covers for it 🙂
      That was it for me, I was too wet, I went to see how JW was doing, he of course did better than me with his GPZ / 10" X-Coil combination, I truly believe that combination should be illegal, it makes it unfair on the rest of us   I'm sure he'll let you folks know how he did, one of his bits gave me a shock.
      There has been a bit of talk with people asking if the X-coils are bump sensitive, seeing my gain and sensitivity settings are on maximum I figure if anyone is going to get bump sensitivity it's going to be me and I get absolutely none so I recorded a video showing it, the video also shows me testing the response on my little nugget after I found it.
      I really like the 15x10" X-Coil, it's such a sensitive coil with good ground coverage.
    • By phrunt
      It's been announced the QED dealers are having a Christmas Special for any QED purchased in December,  It's a pretty damn good deal with two coils included.
      The QED Dealers are pleased to announce a fantastic XMAS special that is only available during December 2019. For anybody wishing to purchase a QED during December, then you can choose a package with a Nugget Finder 17” x 13” (closed) EVO and get a free Nugget Finder 8” x 6” Sadie.   December Package Prices with the above coils   Whites “S” bend handle: $2100 AUD Whites Tower handle : $2150 AUD Detech handle: $2150 AUD (+ postage if applicable)   Of course the existing packages are still available at the standard prices.   http://www.qedmetaldetectors.com.au/dealers

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