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My detector has been having some problems lately. I have a teknetics liberator. The other night it was chirping periodically. In the morning it wouldn’t turn on. So I checked the connecting points and put a fresh battery in and the power button still didn’t work. When I put the battery in it would turn on automatically but then would turn off after a short time.

Has anyone ever had experiences fixing this?

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Could possibly be an issue with the on/off button membrane, if so I would be contacting Fisher for a  warranty repair if still covered, I doubt whether it would be user repairable. 

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if you do find it's the button and out of warranty you could possibly wire up a new switch or button to the side or somewhere to turn it on or off.  That's what I'd have to do here as I'd have to send it to USA to be repaired, never worth it so fixing yourself it often the better option.

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      I was looking around the new Minelab website and I noticed they now say the Equinox is single frequency on Gold Modes, is this some sort of error or are new Equinox 800's coming without multi-IQ on their gold modes?  I found nothing wrong with MultiIQ Gold modes so I don't see why they'd change it.
      Detect Modes
      Equally adaptable for all target types and ground conditions:
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      What are peoples thoughts on Ferrite Choke's/Core Filters on coil cables?
      I noticed that with my QED detector a Ferrite Filter came with it to clip onto my coil right up the end where it plugs into the control box.  As I have a few coils I clipped one on each of them as I had a few of them laying around, I was a couple short so I'll have to buy some more to do every coil. 
      Seeing the QED uses them I was wondering why other detectors don't so I googled images of coils, Well it turns out they do...

      Above is a picture of a CTX 3030 coil, note at the end where the cable plugs into the detector is the Ferrite.
      And then the GPZ 7000 also has one, but Minelab did it the better way by putting it on the wires inside the control box.  This method would work better as the wires there aren't already shielded so the ferrite can work its magic better.

      Above is the Wiring Loom, C-Box Coil Connector for the GPZ.   This is the perfect method in my opinion, the wires loop around the ferrite to give the best results and there is a shield wire going down onto the connector.  This could possibly be a method the QED could use in future upgrades to give the best results as putting it over an already shielded wire would limit its effectiveness I would think.
      The filters probably do a better job at helping prevent EMI out of the detector than coming into it, but it would be interesting to know peoples thoughts on them.
      I'm going to order a few more clip on ones to put on my coils I use on the QED anyway as it must need them, these are the ones I'll get, simple clip ons...  5 for $2 🙂

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      What would you do;
      Tell him?
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      I'm chasing some advice.  I've not been much of a beach hunter but do it occasionally, I started with a terrible little plastic scoop and quickly upgraded to a galvanized metal scoop as the plastic one felt like it would break every time I dug a hole in compacted sand.   The Galvanized one wasn't too bad, quick and easy to dig with.
      I quickly got sick of getting on my knees to dig every hole when I encountered a beach with lots of bottle tops so I've just bought myself a stainless steel scoop that has the option of adding a long handle to. 

      So I went down to the hardware store and purchased a hardwood handle for it, the problem now is, how long to I make my handle, this handle seems way too long as it goes up to my neck, I guess it's for a broom.
      What length is a good length for a sand scoop? I hope to use it in the water on a beach I did very well on in the sand.
      I'm 5'11" tall if that helps.
      Thanks for any advice.
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