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GPZ With 15" & 12" Spiral X Coil

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22 hours ago, Andyy said:

I have a 10" X-coil in the mail too.  I am curious to see how well it does competing with the standard 8" SDC coil.  Once all of these coils get delivered, we should have a pretty good idea.

This is what i would like to know too.  

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Excellent result!

I love that salt and pepper country...


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On 6/14/2019 at 8:24 AM, flakmagnet said:

Slightly off topic,

Anyone know someone who can make a patch lead in the US?


I took this from another thread where I posted it but here are some ideas about someone who could cut a coil cord, make the patch and attach a new connector:


We've had several people inquire about who could make the patch lead here in the states if someone wonders about their abilities and I've thought of a solution.  Most automotive electrical shops deal with patch leads of a similar nature so they could act like they are just making another harness.  

We also have offroad shops that install lights and things on tricked out trucks.  I even stopped by one of those in Maryborough looking for a car wash/detailer.

A final thought on the matter is to go to a speedometer shop.  I did that recently to get the lights updated on my 2003 Escalade.  I noticed that they put it on a bench and re-soldered all the connections ... not just the ones that were dim.

Those are the places I'd go with it if I bought an XCoil.


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 It's a very small area you're dealing with to get the 5 wires soldered on so if you're not confident with soldering any auto electrician or electronics repair shop should be able to take it on, it's not overly difficult it's just a small area you're dealing with so you have to be pretty neat with your soldering for it to fit back inside the connector so it's better to get someone who regularly does that type of thing to ensure it's done well.  It sure wouldn't be an expensive job they'll have it done in 30 minutes.

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I've read the instructions and it's pretty basic soldering, I'm sure I can do it no problems. The prospect of making one for someone else and ending up with the "coil not connected" error and getting blamed for it or feeling bad about someone losing a trip or buying a new coil makes me really not want to do that though after seeing the latest thread.

That aside, thinking about this all - I really don't see this as a sustainable business model for these coils. I really wonder how long they are going to stick around to replace coils/keep making new ones or honor warranties if another competitor comes out with licensed coils for the same price or cheaper which are plug and play?

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G'day Jasong

I am sure you won't have any problems making the patch lead, you have the instructions and the coils you have ordered are about to be sent to you.

I am meeting Condor (Steve) today to work out what is causing his problem, wether it is the patch lead or the coil not working.

There is no doubt that for a better "business model for these coils" would be if minelab would make the patch leads, or license the manufacture for a fee to supply and use the coil cable with the chip in the plug to fit to be fitted to the X-Coils.  Will that happen, probably not, but it would be the best solution and if Minelab is not intending to make a range of coils smaller and large sizes then I don't know why not, they will make some $ fro the license fee, sell extra lower shafts, and most likely sell a lot more GPZ7000's this is just my opinion.

cheers dave 

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Yeah we can discuss the patch lead til the "cows come home", but my 10"X coil should be delivered today, bugger procrastinating lets be positive and get the X gold. I can feel a nugget coming on...……...

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On 6/20/2019 at 6:53 PM, davsgold said:

Just back from 5 days detecting, 10" X-Coil and 12" spiral X-coil, first 2 days 12 grams on an old patch that had been done with 7000 and GPZ14 coils over the last few years.

Picture shows the type of ground and the 10" X-Coil on the 7000

2 days 12 grams on this ground.jpg

12 Grams of gold in the first 2 days here on the old patch


2 days 12 grams.jpg

5 days later and alternating between the 10" X-Coil and the 12" spiral X-Coil, ended up with 38 grams of gold.

cheers dave

Bloody awesome Dave. Good for you mate. I am loving my 10 x 9.

Best of luck to you out there

JW 🤠

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On 6/15/2019 at 11:08 PM, afreakofnature said:

This is what i would like to know too.  

Well I`ve sort of done this, by that I mean using them on separate occasions on the same bit of ground not an actual side x side test. It is my opinion that the ML 8" is outclassed by both the 11" C (Coiltek) coil on the SDC and by the 10" X coil on the Z but between the 11"C + SDC and the 10"X + Z I haven`t seen a difference as yet. I doubt I will use ML 8 on my SDC, another point for the 11"C I prefer centre mount coils. The ML 8 did get gold on this site but not with the ease both the 11"C and 10"X do. 

Side by side tests, photos, vids and other such methods of displaying my opinion are not my thing, but if you or any other private user has any questions about my opinion on the X or C coils, I will give my opinion as an answer.

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  • Similar Content

    • By Rob Allison
      Hey Steve,
          You and I have known each other for a long time, even had some great times metal detecting together.  That being said, the X-coils at this point scare me off.  I had an opportunity a month or so ago to test several different sizes from someone that is affiliated with the manufacture.  I was a bit excited at first, then found out I would have to cut/modify an adapter/chip from another GPZ coil to use one of the X-coils.  
      To me, the trade off to damage or destroy a $600 - $1500 coil to just get an adapter to work on an X-coil is not my cup of tea.  I don't need a smaller coil that bad to do this.  That being said, other guys like to modify/fix/tinkle or whatever might enjoy this.  
      I find the GPZ 7000 stock coil plenty sensitive enough to find gold down to a grain in size.  However, a smaller coil like an 11" or so would be nice for tighter areas or areas with more vegetation.  
      We were kind of promised a smaller coil originally from Minelab and that never happened.  I think one more smaller coil from Minelab would have eliminated most of this stuff about smaller coils. 
      Keep in mind, at one point I sold more Coiltek searchcoils across the US than any other dealer.  I could probably sell a ton of the X-coils, but not at the cost of sacrificing a detectors warranty.  
      For the benefit of all GPZ owners, I hope someone like Coiltek, Nuggetfinder, Minelab, X-coils or whoever can find a better way to make a coil that will just plug right into the GPZ and work.  
      Just my thoughts,
      Rob Allison
    • By Norvic
      Latest 12" X mission over, was staying out 2 nights but the frost sent me home to the warm bed, plus I lost my pick, walked couple of ks blew a couple of hours and could not find it. Yeah, yeah I know how can one lose a 3ft long pick, done it before will no doubt do it again. I am convinced there is a pick stealing triantiwontigong that exists on all gold fields I have visited.
      Lot of talk about settings and ground balancing methods lately, as we have often discussed before, these are individual settings and no one has the correct settings for anyone but themselves.
      Very simply my current, and I say current because I will go with what gets the gold whether settings or hardware. Settings are semi auto, general, no audio or ground smoothing, volume 7, threshold 24-27 depending on wind noise (WM12 no booster or h/phones) normal mostly but difficult when patch hunting usually, sensitivity between 8-20. Ground balance is.... no use of Quick track button, no ferrite simply let the Z do it`s thing, it is next to the SDC the easiest gold detector I`ve ever used. KISS (Keep It Simple Sir) occasionally as I`ve said years back I`ll go into manual but very rarely as it requires having to fool the Z into doing a Quick Track. ML if you listening give us firmware that has an option allowing us to avoid this forcing of QT. I am very sure I am not the Lone Ranger in this request.
      Crikey another photo posted, I am going soft no...……...
    • By kiwijw
      4 Sundays ago Simon & I headed off to an old haunt.

      Simon with his QED & me with the Zed & 10 x 9 X coil. I had been here once previously with the same set up & had got 8 bits of gold.

      This time the ground was quite moist from frost conditions & thawing out. So I liked my chances of getting some more as I always maintain that these moist conditions improve sensitivity & depth. I was running High Yield/Normal. Full max sensitivity of 20. Going extra slow, rubbing the ground & over areas I had got gold off before. It took a while to get a faint little hit on an old timers throw out pile.

      Down about 4 inches the signal had moved so I was convinced it wasn't going to be a pellet . Gosh...wasn't much bigger than one.

      Got another signal in the same throw out pile just above the first. I had flattened some grasses that were quite weak & folded down easily. Bang. Got a good hit.

      you will see the first dig to the lower left.
      Out popped this.

      Then above that dig I got another hit.


      So three bit in very short succession off this one pile.

      For no reason I flipped over this flat schist slab & bugger me, I got a signal

      A beautiful sweet mellow gold signal.

      And gold it was.
      Then on another old throw out pile I get another sweet little hit.

      Wasn't too deep but for the size of the gold I was stunned.

      Thats Gold Monster size gold.
      It didn't end there. On the same pile. A couple of scrapes.

      Another tiny bit

      On top of some schist bed rock another faint but positive signal.

      Another small bit of gold.


      Prior to this Simon's QED batteries had died. Bugger. Then I remembered that I had the GB2 & the Gold Monster back in my wagon, which wasn't too far away. So off Simon went & came back with the GM 1000. We then had a coffee & lunch break.
      My last bit for the day was down a bit of a gut. Notice Simon at the top waving the GM 1000. He didn't fair too well this day on the gold.

      I was surprised at the depth of this dig & the very good signal. Thinking it was going to be a reasonable piece.

      Wrong. But still gold. no catch & release.

      All up 11 pieces for 1.08 grams.

      Another successful X coil day out there on ground that had given up producing with the standard 14" Zed ML coil.  Loving these coils   Cheers.
      Best of luck out there
      JW 🤠
    • By Steve Herschbach
      It’s very nice that X Coil is getting a ton of free advertising via this forum but it appears I am the one getting the headache.  I have been doing the best I can to keep a lid on the dumpster fire, but now I am getting messages accusing me of somehow being biased simply for hosting the discussion.
      I was approached by the Russians early on but declined as it was easy for me to see it was going to be a can of worms. So I have no pony in this race. I think forum members deserve to hear all the pros and cons and I am not in a position to say who is right or who is wrong. My view is that I just try and keep it moderated as best I can and let forum members decide who and what they want to believe.
      davgold as a dealer obviously has an interest in the coils looking good. JP has brought up some issues but it seems some have problems with him doing that or the way he is doing it. I have a personal friend who has a bricked GPZ due to his attempt to use an X Coil. It’s not the first I have heard of either. You could perhaps say that his fault but really he knows his stuff so I am more inclined to say that there are risks that are real here. I can see pros and cons and am very loathe to shut down any one side.
      I am willing to keep trying my best to keep the ship on an even keel as long as the general forum members are learning anything of value. I am also just as willing to lock all the X Coil threads and ban new ones if people have had enough of it.
      Lest anyone think I am upset that’s not the case. Typical tempest in a teapot with people thinking metal detecting is some kind of life and death thing. But new members joining to pick sides and send me messages trying to shut one or the other side down will not work so give that up. I am only interested in what the longer term members think on this particular issue.
      I would like to here from longer term forum members that are involved in the threads to either give me some direction via this thread or PM me with their thoughts if that seems better. It may be that most people are fine and that would be good to know also. By most forum standards it’s pretty tame stuff but I am protective of the general forum membership and don’t want to assume I know what you all think. Thanks in advance for your help.
    • By Coota
      17 x 12 Spiral, pings tiny .1 gram bits no worries. Pain in the butt digging them but sometimes they lead to bigger and better chunks as was the case for me today. 76 grams at 18 inches, any detector would have heard it, same with the 6 gram bit. 14 gram bit was a different story, 20 inches down and very quite but definitely a dig me signal. With the X running so quiet it was no worries. A bloody pleasure to use, a complete contrast to my stock 14” which is so touch and knock sensitive, it’s had a hard life so maybe just worn out but it never ran as quite as the X.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Interesting. This new Youtube channel popped up recently for somebody calling themselves X Coils
      It appears to be Russian? and they appear to be working on coils for the GPZ. Here is a peek at the 12" x 10". Personally, that's a bit too similar to the stock coil to interest me - I would rather see a 10" x 8". Still, it's interesting that somebody has managed to make some coils that might work on the GPZ without blowing it up. This is one detector that I will have to let others gamble with first on this sort of thing but I knew you would all find it interesting.
      They also are showing a 16" round coil....
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