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    • By KD0CAC
      Dropped the headphones in salt water ;(
      Has anyone taken these apart ?
      Want to try to clean , also I assume [ always dangerous ] that this is not covered under warrantee ?
    • By dogodog
      I've been detecting for awhile now and have in the last couple of years started to use headphones, I always like to hear things around me. So my Question is who makes a quality single muff headphone ???? Or can you macgyver one,  The headset can be designed for metal detecting or for audio use, I don't care, I Just want a good quality headphone. Any help would be much appreciated (cost is not an issue) durability is. Hopefully this is not a dead horse. I'm new to the site so I apologize if this has been discussed before.
    • By MannyScoot
      Got my new steelPHASE 01 enhancer from Rob's today.... Let's try and see if it helps the 4500 find elusive gold....
      Anyone using these ?

    • By Redneck
      I will be taking the Simplex swimming this summer, and looked into some underwater headphones.  N/M makes UW phones for the Kruzer and Anfibio,
      and they will also work on the Simplex.  On some of the forums some of the owners of the N/M  UW phones mentioned they are not loud enough.
      I ran into the same issue with the nox phones from Minelab.  Too quiet for my 60 yr old ears. I ended up getting some LS Pelso phones and they had nice volume.
      But I sold them along with the nox last year.   I checked with kellyco who is a distributor for Pelso, and they did not know if Pelso made the UW phones for 
      The Simplex, Kruzer and Anfibio.  I went on Ebay. and sure enough there was one set for the Simplex that the manufacturer in Hungary had listed. 
      Cost $94 with one week shipping.  Well they arrived today.  I plugged them into the Simplex, turned it on, still had the volume in the machine cranked up to 4, swept a quarter past the coil, and my head almost exploded. 🤢!!  I turned the volume down in the Simplex to 1, and the volume is just right for me now.
      If you need a louder set of UW phones, check out the Pelso brand. A nice snug fit, good quality as well.   HH & Swimming.
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Using Wi Stream module is helping me vs Bluetooth wireless headphones.
      Like to hear some other folks reports using Wi Stream with Nox in difficult sites.
    • By GB_Amateur
      Just ordered these:

      and paired with one of these portable chargers (for example)::
      am wondering if it will work prospecting in the US Southwest desert.  (If not it won't be the first time I've wasted $10, even this month.)  I'll report back when they arrive, but given it's Christmas rush for shippers it may not be until after Christmas.
      Here's a link to a Google Search which shows several places to buy the above speakers.  And just one choice of the USB charger/power-pack of many on the market.
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