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Hello From Northeast Alabama

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Hello all, new to the forum, at least actively.  I live NE of Huntsville, AL and formerly lived in E. TN.  I mainly dig relics, but have enjoyed coin hunting as well.

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Welcome Jason.


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Welcome to the forum from SoCal. Sorry I’m so late to the party Jason. Good luck!

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    • By Danté
      Hi all.
      Been lurking a while now, and thought it was about time I Joined up.
      Tend not to post a great deal on forums, as having read threads of interest to me, I realise how much time has passed, and get back to work 
      Using my trusty T2 (version 6.0) on mainly arable and pasture. Generally fly solo, but occaisionally join up with a local Facebook group for the odd dig.
      Many thanks to Steve for sorting my account.
    • By History Surfer
      Ola Amigos!
      Just wanted to introduce my self.  
      I'm a surfer who usually MD in the summer because the waves go flat where I live in Santa Barbara.
      This summer I got an Equinox 800 and have been pretty stoked using around town and on the beaches.
      I've found some cool stuff.  The oldest coin is a 1890 Indian head penny in a vacant lot downtown Santa Barbara.
      And a nice vintage silver ring missing the center diamond but has two diamonds on each of the sides. 
      Anyways I never see anyone MD in Santa Barbara and just wanted to say Hi!
      History Surfer

    • By Luv863
      Hi everyone,
      I decided I wanted to get into the hobby of metal detecting so I recently went out and bought an Equinox 800 from my nearest local metal detecting dealer, was still an hour long drive lol, but it was worth it and the shop owner was very knowledgeable and helpful in helping me select a detector. So I'm about as fresh of a novice as it gets. I've been scouring the internet for tips and suggestions on the this hobby and have learned quite a bit. While searching I came across this forum and thought it would be a great idea to join and see what else I could learn from others in the hobby. 
      In the couple of weeks that I've had my detector I've been out a few times and have started getting used to the machine. I have also upgraded the shaft on the detector and have gotten myself a pinpointer as well. I've been using a small shovel that was in the shed and have also bought a sand scoop. As for finds, I have found mostly trash, some modern coins, a bent half dollar, a zippo lighter, and a couple bullets.
      It's been a lot of fun so far and I'm glad I got into this hobby. Any advice is much appreciated and hopefully I can contribute to this forum too.
    • By Westy27
      Hi All,
      I have been trawling this site for a number of months and figured it was about time I started contributing what I can! (which is not much at this stage).
      I have equipped myself with an Equinox 800 and hope to be able to make the most of it! Focus will be on relics/coins/jewellery for now with a goal of heading into some gold country. Not sure the equinox will handle the hot earth of the Goldfields so there may be further acquisitions before a trip to the Goldfields. 
      I'm enjoying hunting the parks at the moment so i'll stick with that.
      Thanks for all the information so far!
      Cheers all
    • By Joe L
      Upstate NY, Albany area. I have been detecting for years, relic mostly. (my Interest)
      Been doing a lot of reading on prospecting with a detector, panning, mining lately. I would love to look for those tiny nuggets with my detector and even though I live in NYS, I just may. It's the hunt that counts, right....
      Anyway,  I can keep on reading and dreaming.  GREAT pages here and glad to be a part.  Thanks
      PS, having a hard time to get my wife to agree to retire in Arizona, she's a mid Atlantic coast kinda girl. Oh well.
    • By nature lover
      Hi, I'm a Californian & newbie to prospecting & metal detecting. I'm working on a metal detector that I've designed and am looking forward to testing it out in the wilderness. I found this awesome forum while searching for info on geology.
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