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    • By garikfox
      I was wondering if the aftermarket coils were that much better than the Minelab, i.e Coiltek.
      I'm very hesitant to go Coiltek because the GPX was designed to use only Minelab coils?
      My fear is i don't want to hurt my GPX 5000 in the long term by putting a coil on it that Minelab doesn't like?
      It seems like everyone with a GPX is using a aftermarket coil. I especially like the Coiltek 9" Elite
      I'f you were me would you get a Coiltek coil?
    • By phoenix
      I saw the prototype of the first coil that will be released for the 2300.  10x5"  The tester really likes it and apparently it is dynamite on the jagged bits.   And the main  thing I wanted in these new coils, it is centre mount .  I will probably start using my 2300 a bit more 
    • By phoenix
      Maybe something to think about. Bearing in mind I am probably going to get these new coils for the 23 and 7 myself, people should at least consider, a lot of people are saying something along the lines of "my detector is out of warranty anyway, so I`m not risking anything fitting these new coils", but, it is Minelabs policy to not repair any modified Minelab detector.    I daresay that if you were to send a out of warrenty 2300 or 7000 back to Minelab for repair and Minelab saw you were running a unsanctioned coil, they wont repair the detector.    You could end up with a 4K or 10K detector that all it`s good for is to fill it with concrete and use it as a anchor.
      Like I said, I am probably going to get the coils myself, but I will be doing it with the idea that if either detector fails I will probably have to throw it away, and that`s on me and no one else.
      I have no reason to suspect the coils are going to cause any damage and I wish Coiltek and davsgold nothing but success with these new coils.
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      My Order of Coils for the SDC-2300 landed.  I'll be shipping Friday and Saturday.  Let me know which ones you want and be sure to get a Hardware Kit too.
      I look forward to hearing and seeing your Success. 
      Photo is one of my Field Staff and some of the SDC-2300 gold he found with the stock coil.  Just wait until he gets to swing one with the other coils.
      Gerry's Metal Detectors

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      As most of you know, I have these new coils on Order and will be getting them in soon.
      Many of you have asked to see a video on how to Assemble and here it is.
      If you have not contacted me to get your name on the list (not collecting $$ until I have the coils), then please do so.
      A recent 4 gram was found at a reported 12".  I was and still am pretty excited to see more gres gold discoveries as folks get them and start making posts.
      Gerry's Metal Detectors in Boise, Idaho at www.gerrysdetectors to get on the list.  Or just call/email me.
    • By Motherlode Mike
      My favorite detector looks to have just gotten a lot better with Coilteks new line of coils for the Minelab SDC 2300. Not sure how it works changing coils yet but I’m excited. Now I just need a 10” coil for the Zed. 

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