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Garrett ATX Review - Beach Detecting In Hawaii

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Read your report and promptly bought what might be the first used ATX to come up for sale. Some guy didn't like it and traded it for a couple of Tesoro detectors - a Sand Shark and something else. His loss and the dealer's gain (and mine!).

Now I need so sell my DF PI, a Goldmaster 4b chest mount, an MXT and possibly my TDI to pay for it!

Look forward to hearing more. Hope you also continue to use the ATX for nugget hunting so we can hear more about its ability to find "crumbs" as well as how it handles hot rocks and bad ground.

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Guest Paul (Ca)

Outstanding Steve!

You did extremely well and your intentions of using the ATX in areas other detectors may have issues was right on!  And thanks for sharing your adventures in detail very well written.

My feelings exactly on using the 8" mono coil and shaft assembly as the sacrificial lamb  :)   You made the right decision going with the 8" mono/shaft for ocean wet sand over the stock.

Have the 8" mono shaft assemble on back order so that's what I plan on doing not only to use it in ocean wet sand but to also disassemble the 8" mono coil and shaft for a spare shaft on future Infinium coil swapping instead of using the stock coil/shaft, Still may disassemble the stock coil and use the larger coil on a different rod setup but that will be a last resort if the 8" mono does a decent job may not have modify the stock coil.

To be honest, I prefer the smaller Infinium DD coils over the stock coil for land hunting so I'm looking forward to getting the 8" mono coil to try out in ocean wet sand and low surf.  Your post is a breath of fresh air Steve!  My first ocean wet sand encounter was not favorable and actually was still new to the ATX,  Next time going better prepared.

Thanks for the wonderful ATX post!

Paul (Ca)

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Excellent post as always Steve.  You really have a knack for expesssing your views in an easy to understand and entertaining way.

Thanks for taking the time to share with us.  Made me want to run out and buy one even though there is no way, shape or form that I need or have a use for one of these.  Sanity kicked in just in time... whew!!!


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Thanks Kenny. A problem I face is I am very passionate about my metal detecting and I can get pretty excitable over things. So I am making more effort to temper my posts to try and not make detectors appear to be something they are not. Not to pat myself on the back but I am very good at detecting and work hard at it. I can make almost any detector look really good, but it honestly is less the detector and more the person using it. That is a basic truth of the metal detector world that often gets overlooked - it is the operator that makes the detector, not the other way around. Just getting a good detector in no way assures that a person will do well metal detecting. It is all about knowing your equipment, site selection, and hard work.

Although I was involved in detector sales for much if my life I never had to sell a detector. What I am really doing is selling metal detecting. I think it is one of the most exciting, fun, and truly challenging things a person can do. It can lead a person on adventures all around the world and bring you face to face with the most fascinating people. Detecting cuts across all walks of life and when you put a dozen true enthusiast together you will be amazed at the variety of people and what they do in "real life".

Metal detecting has been incredibly good to me and I really enjoy sharing the passion I have for what for me is not a hobby, but a way of life. If I can turn just a few people on to what I have enjoyed my entire life I will have paid back the many people who helped me along when I had questions and needed help.

The bottom line therefore is to not run out and buy a detector because I had success with it but to read between the lines and look at what it is I am really doing. I am out metal detecting and the detectors are just a tool of the trade. There are many, many fine detectors on the market now. We are blessed with a multitude of great machines. Part of the fun is learning about new detectors and what they do best, and they all are pretty good at something. Thanks to the Internet we can share that knowledge freely with people all around the world. It is a far cry from the day when I was a kid in Anchorage with a metal detector and nobody to talk to about it!

Thanks for reading and sharing.

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Wow steve what a haul,

sounds like you figured the horsepower out quickly with this det, with you doing all the heavy work testing new equiptment and reporting like you do your saving the average guy like me very valuable time and patience in the field to say the least. Sounds like a very stable detector for those conditions.

I had a dfx over there in the sand a few years ago, wouldnt get very deep there for sure.

By the way the drywasher book showed up a few weeks ago, very good info, I didnt know if you seen my post where I thanked you so thank you again. By the way did buy that tdi, no one told me you could pick out beer cans at the chineese border. I love it so far


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Hi Rick,

It was my best outing ever water detecting. But the cold water of Hawaii and rough surf is keeping the ladies from getting into the water as much. My rings from Hawaii over the years include few women's bands, and not from lack of getting small rings. I have no problem hitting little toe rings and such.

Like I said, it is all about site selection. I told my wife we need to go someplace with warmer water and a more affluent clientele. She is game of course. Those days I do not feel like it she is always like "get your butt out there and find me a ring!"

You are welcome for the book. Hope it helps. The TDI is a good detector. I am not ditching mine yet just because I got an ATX.

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