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Sting Ray

Noise / Falsing While Hunting In Saltwater

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Sorry about the abbreviations--I hear others calling them as such and do it myself without thinking.  Not on Geotech here wherein I would be the one asking for clarification....


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I like the geotech site, but a completely different audience, for sure.  I have an engineering degree yet feel grossly under educated visiting there.  Lol.

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On 6/25/2019 at 7:57 AM, midalake said:

Pinpoint mode to me is completely worthless. It has a broader spectrum signal than Disc mode and the water  seems to drive even more noise/chatter in pinpoint.  I have learned to "X" the target  in Disc mode and recover.  The more important part of the conversation is the loss of detection. How do I go forward with moving water and expect to detect targets?  The answer is: I am unable to.  


I just came back from our low tide beaches in Southern California.  I had read both of these threads before I went.

Let me just say that I have 'lost' my fair share of targets in a dig hole but later to be found with more digging.   It is annoying but somewhat understandable.  I also think that certain targets don't sound loud enough in the preset modes.  Neither of these happened to me tonight.

I was using the 15" coil without a coil cover.  Sensitivity was up to 22 in both B1&B2.  I normally hunt in the wet sand but sometimes I go out to the targets in my calf boots.  Tonight I wanted to test B2 in moving water.  It gets a high passing grade from me on moving water up to 1 foot.  I found it to be stable and fairly quiet.  Speed could be as low as 5.

Last night in B1 I went fast to make the same coil go quiet.  I was on 7 most of the time but I didn't do any moving water.

I hope you get it worked out.


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I think a lot of us miss pitch hold.... which gave us longer sounds on targets.   I cant run 7 on a recovery speed here.... ive found the tones are just to short... and if i have selected the wrong pitch or target volume i can completely miss near targets.   I have no problem in moving water knee deep either...... but i believe hes referring to the oat meal area..... fluffy soft sand where black sand and minerals or tiny flakes accumulate...... right there at that low tide line surf... where its pulling your coil going back out.

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Some key 3030 features such as pitch hold and 2-D discrimination patterns I would like see in a future, higher-end Multi IQ based detector.

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