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    • By Andyy
      Well, I tried a new way to get out to this new gold area I found.  The gold seemed fairly small, but I had to hike in at least 3 miles to get there.  So I tried to drive in another way in hopes of only having to hike in a mile.  Of course Google Earth made things seem better than they were (almost like I could drive right there), but in the end I only cut about a mile off the hike (one way).  So now I had a decision to make … take my GPZ 14" coil, the GM1000, or what I call my Midget Coil (10" Xcoil).  GPZ 14" about killed me getting out there last time so that was out.  I love the GM1000 on bedrock, but some of the bedrock here was very hot.  Usually in those cases, I will go to my GPZ 10" Xcoil, which I venture to say is at least on par with the SDC 2300 (with the exception of being a little bigger).  And the Xcoil is still a pleasure to hike with.  So off I went.  
      I started out hitting the areas I had been to before and got some good signals.  First piece was only about .1g.  Then I started finding slightly bigger .2g pieces.  Most of these seemed to be what I call runners.  Those are the ones in washes that I find on the sides of the wash, trying to run away when they see me coming.  The larger coils tend to lose a bit of depth when checking the sides and depressions.  The 10" Xcoil, however, does very well getting in there.  
      Overall, 5 pieces were found (total .75g).  Not a lot, but at least half of these finds were detected very carefully with the 14" coil and were missed.  The Xcoil was very clear on all but a 1 grainer piece that was about 2" deep on it's side.   All in all, it was just a fun day crumb chasing.

    • By nugget hunter nz
      So I couldn't resist having a crack at my own adapter soon as my x-coil turned up today. 
      I was pooping my undies on the enitial turn on but all in all wasn't to bad to do it you take your time I started with number 3 blue wire at bottom first as hardest to get to to solder then worked my way up to 2 and 1 the 4 and 5 spent a good 20 mins thoroughly checking for any shorts or anything when I was happy I hot glued all wires and invetween stopping them from being able to move or that in future then heat shrink followed by lots isolation tape I then put the female plug back on the std 14 and works like charm  I also waterproofed the xcoil by adding marine silicone in and around the plug and a thin layer along the joining lip were skid plate goes
      all and all thought for a first attempt wasn't to bad and I didn't make it go boom so that a bonus 
    • By nugget hunter nz
      So my gpz turned up on Friday and I'm super loving it and my 10"x-coil should be here Wednesday, as soon as I got it out the box I grabbed my we test gold ranging from 0.025 to 1.71 gram and shot out to my we test area that happens to be gravel pit in known gold area.. I found for my area in NZ I was geting the best depth and response on general and high yield with audio smoothing off.. I had a play with the ferrite ring with ground balancing then factory reset and ground balance with no ferrite ring.. So my question is does the ferrite ring gb affect depth and sensitivity at all in low to medium ground. What I noticed was our soil and were I hunt in creek beds you hit pockets of high black sand then less etc. I didn't realy notice any difference in performance but I do think that the ferrite gb did run quieter in the ground over all. Does anyone have any tests or input on ferrite balancing vs no ferrite? 
      I plan to get out this weekend for my first hunt with the 10 xcoil all going to plan. So will be sure to put up a link for the YouTube video when made and my finds if any lol I'm checking out new spot 
    • By mn90403
      I have received the 15x10 Spiral X-coil.  Here is what it looked like when I picked it up.

      My initial reaction when I was given the box by my mailbox center was that it was 'light' and did they have another package coming?  haha  Well, it is all in one box and well sealed.  It is not packaged like a great looking Amazon box with hardly anything in it.   This is a custom box with a lot of tape.

      Inside the black plastic was a white box that was also well taped.  That box contained a sandwich of the coil with coil cover and an extra coil cover.  Thanks.

      The coil is terminated with one connector just like all the GPX coils when you buy them.

      Tomorrow I'll take the coil, the 19" coil, the 14" coil to my local car stereo installer who also works on battery scooters and electric bikes.  If they don't want to do the job then I have called an electronics store that said bring it by with the instructions and they might have someone do it as a side job.  The final destination for tomorrow is a radio store here that still has ham and cb radios.  One of these places would do a better job than me.
      I've read all the instructions multiple times now and I haven't had the 'practice' of using that connector and there is not a lot of extra wire to play with so someone around here puts these on all the time.  I just need to get these coils to them to make the dongle.  Chet, Andy, JW, Simon, Dave and Jason have all said they would help.  We'll get it done.
    • By phrunt
      I'm probably a bit slow with this and some of you may have already noticed but I stumbled across some awesome gold photos on the X-Coils website of gold found with the coils.  Even a few of KiwiJW's photos made it on there, he should be proud!  😄  Western Australia seems to dominate it, I guess that's no surprise.  The gold photos can be found here
      I don't even know if the website's been posted on here as it seems most of the stuff around it happened while I was away for Christmas and I haven't yet caught up on all the goings on while I was away so if not it's address is https://www.x-coils.com/
      I'm stuck in my chair at the moment with a sore back so I've had plenty of time to browse around entertaining myself.
    • By nugget hunter nz
      So I herd we rumor and please take it with a grain of salt. But it got me thinking the russian outfit that made x-coils could they be bringing there own pi gold detector to the table sometime soon.. One would think if the can come up with the x-coil that I'm most account's seems to out do most other brands in  all aspects.. Could they be the dark horse and bring a high end pi to table to challenge minlabs reign in high end pis. One does wonder 
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