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Can I Reduce Gpx's Mind Blowing Sensitivity

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Can I reduce the sensitivity of my GPX 5000 but still keep good depth. 
I'll show you the problems I'm getting in this video


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My GPX 4500 with 14x9" EVO coil is the same, I can't carry my pick on my hip, it sets it off so I carry it over my shoulder, I can't have my carrot in my pocket or my phone, sets it off every step, especially if walking uphill.

I've got used to it, it's the price you pay for having a powerful machine.

Other coils like the 11" Commander don't cause the problem but aren't as sensitive I guess?



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You can go to smaller DD coils but that kind of negates why you use a GPX - the power. Basically, no, you can’t reduce sensitivity without reducing depth.

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