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Found these two targets while relic hunting yesterday.  The first item looks to be an aluminum cloths pin.  This is the second one I've found at this site.  The second item has be buffaloed.  At first I thought it was a 357 magnum cartridge but its not.  It tapers from right to left.  There is a hole that goes all the way through. The hole also tapers from the larger to a small hole.  Appears to be non-ferrous in nature.  Very strange.




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Is it brass?

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I think so, it doesn't stick to a magnet.


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Could it be a drapery pull weight that attaches to the end of a chord to keep the chord vertical and easily locatable?

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      I knew my house was old, but just recently found out the owners had this property in 1850. So far no silver, or old coins even, but some interesting finds. I just bought a White's MX7 back in May, and haven't had the opportunity to use it a lot, but I'm giving it a workout lately.

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      Here's a little somenthing my Danish friend Alan Farskov and a fellow detectorist recently dug up in their native Denmark.  
      When I was there a couple of years ago the best thing I found was an 1880's US Indian Head Penny - go figure.  Of course, I got to keep the penny.  The sword is "National Treasure and belongs to the Danish People - but I know Alan is both OK with that and proud of his contribution to his beautiful country's history.

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      Thought I would hit it early this morning and go back to a spot I found a nice piece of gold and get me so more . But no luck  , four hours scanning tailing piles only produced this, what I think may be either a button or a part of a two piece belt buckle. Anyone have an ideas of what it is or was part of. Pretty sure its mid 1800's navy something.....pretty cool anchor and rope. 

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