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Heh, 5ozs in 2 months aint that bad really...…….. it is bloody good going for a first trip to OZ, you must have the golden touch or a direct line to the GoG. ?

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Yeah very nice!

Show some pics!

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Welcome back, Condor.

 I hope Minelab can and will fix your Gpz. According to Paul they have a heart these days.

good luck 


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Condor,  There are dreamers and then there are do'ers.    The do'ers (when they get old) are the ones who sit back in their rocking chair and tell stories to all the dreamers.  The dreamers sit back in their chair and say "I wish I would have done".  Well it is to late by then.

Thanks for keeping us informed (good and bad), and thanks for letting some of us read along on your journey to the land down under.

My only trip there (Kalgoorlie/Leonora) had big expectations and after I returned and looked at my 3 ounces, I realized the adventure and camaraderie was worth it.

After all, what keeps us going?  The next hunt.

Glad you made it home safe and have a new doodle to spoil.

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What year was that (Kalgoorlie/Leonora) Gerry.

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6 hours ago, geof_junk said:

What year was that (Kalgoorlie/Leonora) Gerry.

April 2006,  The GP-3500 was the king of machines at that time.  I'll make a new post of the trip as I do not think I ever did.

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On 7/11/2019 at 3:41 PM, Gerry in Idaho said:

There are dreamers and then there are do'ers.    The do'ers (when they get old) are the ones who sit back in their rocking chair and tell stories to all the dreamers.  The dreamers sit back in their chair and say "I wish I would have done".  Well it is to late by then.

The exact reason Mrs JW & I are doing our Vegas, Nevada, California trip. We both aren't travelers & hate cities & crowds but love what nature has provided & puts on show. We are very spoilt here in New Zealand with what nature offers. From glaciers to volcanoes & a bit of everything else in between & don't have to travel for days on end to see it all. But I have always had a wanting to see the Grand Canyon & visit Yosemite National park plus a few other of nature's wonders over that way.

Somehow in conversation between myself & Mrs JW, Vegas got mentioned. I don't think I need to tell you why I was keen for Vegas but Mrs JW was keen to see Lady Gaga. The ticket prices were through the roof & Mrs JW was showing uncertainty. I told her that you are a long time dead & there is fat chance she will come to NZ. Lets just do it. We have of course heard other great things about Vegas, so have to check it out.

I hadn't planned on doing any detecting or even taking a detector, but a few kind folks from this forum have offered to take me out. So how can I refuse. Thanks guys. Will be in touch with you individually on this matter. 


Good luck out there

JW ?  

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JW I hope you had better luck than me with Grand Canyon. We stayed there for 3 Days but it was fogged in and plenty of snow, visibility was not good enough to see the bottom. Niagara Fall made up for it as  stopped for us (froze over:smile:) Our USA,  Canada and the South Pacific lasted 10 weeks and was the trip of a lifetime.

If our cruise in August goes OK we plan a cruise to KiwiLand for our 50th Wedding Anniversary in mid Feb. Don't worry we wont steal any of your NZ GOLD supply.:laugh: but hope to see your two main Islands.

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4 minutes ago, geof_junk said:

but hope to see your two main Islands.

GJ, just don`t blink or you`ll miss em…………... put the axe down JW pleeeeeze...…..the devil made me say it, see you at Lords on Sunday, 

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Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Better luck next trip. Ready for an adventure in Kentucky?

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  • Similar Content

    • By ColonelDan
      I received a text message from a friend yesterday telling me that one of our neighbors up the street lost his wedding band while playing on one of those large inflatable water slides.  He asked me if I could help.  Of course I said yes and my friend picked me up in his golf cart and we headed to the man’s house.
      Our neighbor was standing by the water slide staring pensively at the ground--his face and body language told me the whole story. 😰
      He pointed out where he was standing when he shook the water from his hands and felt his ring fly off.  He and his young son had searched the area for over an hour...even using a magnet in desperation--not very effective on a gold ring. 🥴
      Fortunately, the suspected area was only about a 10 foot square.  I cranked up the EQX in Park 1, noise canceled, lowered the sensitivity since this would be a surface find and started to grid the area.  I hadn’t gone 3 feet when I got a nice solid mid tone.  I pulled out my Pro Find 35 and told him to look exactly where it was pointing.  He parted the grass, which was about 3-4 inches high and there was his ring.  The look on his face was one of total relief and incredulity.  
      He couldn’t believe I found it that quickly (neither could I). I’d spent all of 1 minute at the most swinging the EQX before it sounded off.  
      To say he was mightily impressed would be an great understatement.    He then asked me all about my equipment and detecting since he knew zero about any of it.  His wife came running out of the house and thanked me profusely saying her husband was no longer in the dog house!  
      Quick find; quick return and all is well. 🙂
    • By TreasureHunter5
      I found this in April of May of this year. I cleaned it, my brother put it on the grinder, and showed it to my dad. It looked shiny then, but since it darked and starting to chip. My dad looked at it and said it was probably my grandfather who had lost it in the 1980s doing yard work. He used to wear old jeans and maybe fell out of his pocket. My dad told me used to clean his pipe with this knife. My grandfather had passed in September of 2018, so I never got to show or ask him. It is a Trim pocket knife by Bassett. It was made a producer of beauty products I believe and my grandfather ran his own barber shop. I believe he got it through that business. It will never be like new, but it holds sentimental value. I only wish I could have showed him.

    • By mn90403
      Here is a project that is on gold in Victoria.  It is an interesting read from the gold stand point as well as the offerings to come.
    • By UtahRich
      Last weekend concluded Monte's 12th Welcome To Hunt Outing (WTHO), a gathering of new and old detectorists looking to get together and spend some time out testing their detecting skills against some Western Ghost Towns. This gathering centered around Wells, NV. I was really looking forward to getting away after being cooped up at the house for the last couple months and working from home due to the pandemic. The outing came at the right time.
      We ended up having 18 detectorists from the Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Texas. More were scheduled, but some had to cancel due to the impact from the Virus going around  I hope they can make it next go round.   

      I arrived Saturday, May 30th, to help Monte and OregonGregg scout out places most everybody would likely want to hunt. Metropolis, Tobar, Shafter, Tecoma, Cobre and Toano are the most popular.

      I hunted with my Deus, EQ800 and Nokta FORS CoRe.  All three made some good finds. 

      For me, there were lots of bits and bobs found. I'm amazed at the number of little ornate buckles that turn up. And the bullets, the never ending run of bullets and empty cartridge cases.   

      And it is always interesting to watch other detectorists at work and observe detectors, coil choices, search rods, gear, hats, finds pouches, swing rates and methods and all the rest of it. 

      Two of my detecting goals this year are to turn up a Seated Quarter and a Half-Dime. Neither surfaced for me at the outing.. An 1876 Seated Quarter did make an appearance for DanO. A big congrats. I was fortunate to turn up some early date Wheat Cents, the most notable a 1910-S, an 1880 IHC and a very nice 1864 2¢. An unexpected but appreciated surprise. It is my second deuce. 

      Tokens and coins seemed to be coming from under every piece of sage for a while there on Thursday, the 4th.  We kept hearing reports of something else turning up. OregonGregg and I were commenting that the detecting door to Toano and Cobre was open there for a short time. Lots of smiles going around. Then it seemed to close. 

      Friday, I was flat out skunked; hard. After I finished in the Toano / Cobre area I even went back out to Metropolis and hunted till dusk trying to find something, even another corroded wheat cent. No go. I guess the universe needed to balance itself after Thursday.   

      In summary, I have a couple old coins to add to my finds. And a very cool WTHO shirt that abenson printed up at his business. First Class,  thank you Andrew. And I met some new people, and got to catch up with old friends and acquaintances  with some good meals and time chatting around the table.  And whenever you get detectorists together there are always discussions over brands and models and coils and such. It is fun to listen to the detector banter. 

      I have some very old detectors, a couple discontinued detectors and a couple new detectors. I have to admit that I am impressed that OregonGregg hunted the entire time he was there with 1 detector and 1 coil; his Nokta FORS CoRe and the small OOR coil.    Cudos to Gregg. Gregg pulled off a dime trifecta with an 1845 seated, 1916 Barber and 1917 Mercury, as well as a toasty Shield nickel, an IHC and some wheaties. Oh, and he might have found a Nevada trade token. LOL.  And I owe him a steak dinner for losing our bet for oldest coin with a date. 

      His 1845 Seated Dime beat out my 1864 2¢. 

      This is a good thing. Now I have a good excuse for another road trip. And another opportunity to find that Seated Quarter and elusive Half-Dime. 

      And finally, a big thanks to Monte for bringing everyone together. 
      There were several Seated coins, IHC's, Shield Nickels, trade tokens, and some stellar military buttons found. Most everybody posts their results on Monte's forum (AHRPS.ORG) for those interested in having a look-see. I hope Steve doesn't mind the off site reference. I beg your pardon if I'm out of line Steve.
      These WTHO's move around some and are a great venue for bringing a friend to introduce to the hobby, have a first experience at a Western Ghost Town where you can gather some pointers and see how others do or to test your skills with your detector against some very difficult sites.
      And if you're interested, you might even be able to chat up Monte a bit. 

      Hope to see all of you out there exploring the Western Frontiers. 

      UtahRich -

    • By Skullgolddiver
      This will be the only option to post an update, as I can't show anything but the sea bottom for today😒...
      It happen too many times to prepare yourself, to check at least three times by day the wind radar, to follow the moon progress, to timing the tide for hunt in the right area.... 
      When all the factors are aligned and you also find the expected conditions in the place you was avidly following...
      This can happen....
      Nothing...Absolutely nothing......💀
      A coin, a fishing weight  and silence...so much silence to destroy the patience....
      Now, being a so called "pro" (this only mean for me "no gold no bread") this really usual condition creates sorrow....
      To be in the only good place to hunt around and find nothing else than a miserable coin can hurt to the soul..
      In a way or another after years, all we are used to fill the calendar with more winning days than defeat days...
      Funny thing is my curse of camera on my shoulders, as everytime I have with me the way to film the session, absolutely nothing relevant appears!💩
      Black cross for today....💀
      Cheers all of You!

    • By mn90403
      I got up early this morning and tried to sneak out to a local beach but I was stopped.  My 2.4 year old son came out and I just couldn't leave.  Most mornings lately we've just headed to the park to feed the squirrels.  He has gotten good at feeding them by hand either a walnut or a peanut.
      Today the tides were right and we were 'marine layered in' with a light mist so it was time to drive to Huntington Beach.  That is about a 40 minute drive in light traffic so off we went.
      This was my second trip with him to this beach since the lockdown was over.  The first time I found just a few coins but less than $1 in change.  This time we went past the little playground and on to the beach.  I let my son determine the direction.  He headed north.  It was a great day for him because it was a large, flat beach at low tide and he could run.  That he did and I was swinging behind him.  We went up into the dry sand and those were my first targets, just a couple of pieces of foil.  After 45 minutes I had nothing!
      We went out on the wet sand and did a little bit of learning of the alphabet.  I got a few letters in and we sang 'ABC' before he was off to the south.

      We were going to go in that direction when he saw a little kid in the distance and off he went back toward 'ABC'.  I lagged behind and saw the other little guy was with his parents but about that moment I heard a little signal near the 'ABC' and I dug it.  It was my first wet sand signal.
      Meanwhile my son had found a play buddy.

      It turned out this little guy was younger but his dad was an older guy like me out with his first and only son.  😀

      They both had a good time for 20 minutes or so before the parents had to go.  This picture looks back towards the south and the Huntington Beach Pier and back to 'ABC' where I found the target.

      As I got back near the location I found it I put it down on the sand and took these two pictures.

      It is just a little cross/crucifix that is 3g and .417/10k.  I didn't find any other wet sand targets.
      Sometimes you have to forget all the knowledge and all the clues and just let someone else lead.  It doesn't have to get any better than this.
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