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XP Deus Is Sweet.............


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I had a few hours out with my new Deus today. Picked it up from UPS at 0830 a.m. and I was hunting dirt by noon ;-) I had read the manual 3 times, Andy's Sabsich's book once, and a lot of posts on the internet including watching videos so I had the barest grasp of what this machine will do.

This part of the Mojave Desert had very few people in it up until the 1930's and not a large population after so the coin and relic possibilities are slim. I had decided to detect around an old club house that I was certain had been pounded. I am staying in the clubs RV park so I walked out the door and fired the Deus up. I was not to concerned with finding good stuff, I just wanted to learn to navigate the menu tree, settings, and the tones. I started detecting in a fairly clean area then as I familiarized myself with the machine I worked my way towards the club house and into more trash, changing settings over targets to see the effect of different combinations. I ended up only recovering one silver coin, a 1950 quarter that was almost touching a nail and about a bucks worth of clad. The education I received from the Deus was the prize of the day. I used 4 khz to discriminate iron, I did the backwards wiggle to discriminate bottlecaps and to pinpoint. I dug a lot of pulltabs since there wasn't much for coins but plenty of co-located tabs to learn on.

Most of my detecting has been gold nugget hunting with PI machines. I have 3 VLF's but don't use them much. I had tried a F75 about 3 years ago and never could seem to master it, to be fair I did not use it much as I preferred my GPX 4500. If it beeps, dig it. I was a little nervous about buying the Deus for coin and relic and ending up with another machine that did not suit me. My fears were unfounded as that Deus is one sweet machine. Although I only have a few hours on it, the programs, tones, and settings all make sense to me instilling confidence that this machine will produce some finds.



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Guest Paul (Ca)

Thanks for sharing your first experience with the Deus Merton,

I here that is one fast machine, Lot's of positive talk on the forums.  Never owned one but recently order the GoldMaxx Power from across the pond,  Should be here next week think they are both made by the same company.

Mojave desert is a beauty place, Used to dirt bike ride out there 8-15 miles east of California City back in the early eighties.  Then rock hunted in Red Rock Cannon and Last Chance Cannon for yellow.  Never got gold there but the fun and adventure to be out there was priceless,  Relic hunting was my favorite pass time out there.

Maybe someday our paths will cross,  Maybe already has we just didn't know it 

Please keep us posted with your Deus, And I'll do the same with the GoldMaxx Power.

Take care,

Paul (Ca)


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Nice report, Merton, thanks! There is no doubt the XP is a top performer. It was good to hear from someone with you past experience and how easily you took to the machine. That says a lot about the detector right there.

XP Deus Data & User Reviews



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