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An Update On The Journey And A Look At The Finished Product!

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Wow, it was about this time last year that I first got to thinking about designing a shaft upgrade for my Equinox! It was initially because I was detecting in and out of the water frequently, alternating between the two environments. Each time that I'd get in-or-out I would disassemble and remove the middle rod from my stock shaft (to make it short enough for water use) then hide it on the beach... jump in the water, and then re-assemble it when I wanted to detect normally again. Hence, our first priority was improving usability for both land and sea detecting.

We started out by making about 70 of the V1 design before we then got busy further investigating materials, parts and sampling Carbon Fiber. We made some great contacts and continued to further develop the design. I trialled and tweaked the no-wobble custom clamp system and we also made sure to focus on the little details that will give durability and longevity to our products!

Details like; tweaking the ideal low gloss finish (for better scratch resistance), sourcing materials and hardware that can handle corrosive, salty environments. We even focused on setting the rubber coil washers 0.5mm further out to increase friction on the rubber. This was to provide a solution to reduce coil-ear wear (and prevent the dreaded coil-ear snap) in turn minimizing the torque needed on the coil bolt!

This journey started on ‘Detector Prospector’ so I want to say thanks to Steve Herschbach for hosting this awesome forum and to the supportive fellow detectorists who have read on, commented and made suggestions! There is no doubt Detect-Ed would be in a different position today if it weren’t for you all!

It’s been a long time coming but it’s my pleasure to share with you the finished product… There are many more plans for Detect-Ed’s future endeavours so please stay tuned!

If there’s any questions, of course feel free to comment or PM me 








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I have one of your shafts and it's great. With the large coil on it will sometimes want to twist a little...should I try tightening the clamp some?



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Hey Strick, Thanks for your reply and really glad to hear you like it! Yep just tighten the tension on the clamp and you shouldn't have a problem ??

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Thanks I see you make the lower shaft as well. I'm using the minelab lower shafts on mine. did not see that you were selling the lower shafts. Bought it off an e bay vendor...Very happy with this set up.. Thanks!


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